Hi, Fishblr

I have a recently vacated 40 gallon long tank that used to house Axolotls before both rather unexpectedly passed away today.

I have a sponge filter for it (well two 20s for it but yeah) and decor. 

I was wondering what I could house in there? Nothing saltwater, I’ve not quite graduated to that yet with fishkeeping. I’ll consider any fish. I already have bettas, tetras, cories, and mollies in other tanks, but I’d be willing to do more of some of them. 

Just toss me some suggestions and hopefully I can find something I like in them. Thanks. <3

So I Was Cleaning And Found An Old Bottle Of Dechlorinator

Probably from when my sister and I kept fish as little girls(yikes)

So yea looks pretty dated but nothing odd right? And then u look at the back and-


Ok. Thatโ€™s fair. A little blunt and dark. But fair.

People ask me why I find myself hopelessly in love with biology and want to major in genetics. Here’s why:

I have this fish tank. A glass box of water I put sand and rocks in. But the point of a fish tank are the things that are alive. I have plants that reach outstretched hands to the light and grow to the barrier between the clear fluid they live in and the clear gas we breathe. In one single leaf so much chemistry takes place, photosynthesis makes ungraspable light into life supporting substance.

And in my fish tank I have a fish. A fish that can be found lifeless in cups in pet stores, but I’ve seen this fish thrive. I’ve seen him change color due to jumping genes. I’ve seen him play in the filter meaning he makes decisions. Something so small exists and lives and makes choices. It baffles me, truly. Such vibrant color that I can only compare to something man made and yet it was nature that did it first.

I see this little world that I have placed on my shelf. Cared for by me; dependent on me. It amazes me the human emotion I have for them, and how far humanity has gone that I can dose the tank and manage it on a delicate scale.

And sometimes I wonder, what if we exist on a glass box on someone’s shelf? One way glass we can’t look out, but if we could, everything would be different? What if we are all a fragment of someone’s novel or a C+ science project? Life is so so amazing, it’s baffling.


Holy moly guys, this was a doozy of a project and I am so so excited to show it to you finished.
Thank you @fish-plants-somuchmore for sharing your beautiful babes with the world and being a fantastic friend. This was a huge challenge, and I appreciate your support with this 😀
Onto the next project!

Reliable Pet Youtubers

It’s very hard to find good pet youtubers that both have proper care information, and exhibit responsible pet keeping.  If you’re like me and can’t stand a person that will buy 5 snakes every time they go to an expo, you understand the frustration of trying to find good channels to watch.  Here are some that I trust.

1. Clint’s Reptiles

Clint is a biologist with degrees in zoology and evolutionary ecology.  He makes videos rating reptiles as pets based on five categories: handleability, care, hardiness, availability, and upfront costs.  Clint is very enthusiastic in his videos and is a joy to watch.  He is also very responsive in the comment section.

2. Emzotic

Em has a great personality and a large collection.  She is most well known for her “creature features” where she showcases a species and lists fun facts about them.  She also makes care videos.  She encourages responsible herping and care, and many of the animals she acquires are rescues.

3. Afroherpkeeper

Daniel is a young herper with an impressive collection.  He uses many of his animals for education.  His videos include room tours/updates, DIYs, unboxings, and herping vlogs.  Some of his animals are invasive species that he caught on herping trips such as Blue, his argentine tegu.  He also recently got into birds.

4. SerpaDesign

Tanner has a large animal room with reptiles, amphibians, and fish.  He is the DIY king, and he loves getting creative with terrariums.  He stresses that he didn’t acquire all of his animals overnight, and the importance of working on projects for pets you already own.  He is always upgrading his current animals.

5. goherping

This is a channel I am still relatively new to.  His channel has a lot of care guides and how-to’s.  He also does informational pieces such as “Do I trust PETA as a source?” and “can reptile enclosures be too BIG?”

Obviously I’m very herp focused, so I am sure there are other reliable animal youtubers out there, feel free to add to the list!

URGENT: Need to rehome betta fish

Im going to get to the point. I have 3 betta fish that need rehoming by Thursday, July 12th. I love them so dearly and this is really a tough situation for me. Recently a lot has been going on and in the past week my grandma has fallen incredibly ill and we arenโ€™t sure sheโ€™s going to make it. Iโ€™m going to be out of town for at least 2 weeks starting Friday the 13th and I desperately need someone to take my fish. I live in the Central Okanagan, BC, Canada and if thereโ€™s anyone who can take them I would greatly appreciate it! I will include the tanks and all its accessories if youโ€™d like! Please Iโ€™m desperate, if you canโ€™t take them PLEASE reblog this so I can hopefully find someone. I wonโ€™t be shipping them because I feel uncomfortable shipping live animals, especially in the heat

This is Cassiopeia in her 10 gallon tank. Sheโ€™s super energetic, always zipping around the tank. She makes her own bubble nests bigger than the males I have. She will try to eat you finger, or anything that moves

This is Pluto in his 5 gallon. I got him as a rescue and heโ€™s been battling fin rot for as long as Iโ€™ve had him. Heโ€™s super energetic and often misses food the first couple times

And finally, this is Houdini. He just beat a case of ich and recovered from the early stages of dropsy. Heโ€™s very chill and likes to sit on the heater and ignore food

I love my fish so much, but itโ€™s a very tough situation that I didnโ€™t see coming. Thank you for reading this and please pass on the word

Love it when you show a betta something and they come up like GET FUCKED and then you move the thing 1 cm closer to the tank and they fuck off at high speed, presumably screaming