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whats your opinion on sorority tanks??

Ahaha well… That’s a serious can of worms with me anon. (Please keep in mind this is my OPINION, key word.)

I don’t like them. To me, they are one big disaster waiting to happen, and unnecessarily stressful to the fish.

From what I understand (and I am by no means an expert on wild betta behavior) even female betta do not live in such close quarters (such as in a closed tank) in the wild. They keep their distance and set up territories - with females going into the males’ to breed then being chased out again.

Stuffing a bunch of females together just does not seem like a good idea.

I see plenty of people posting about their sororities and honestly some of the posts sicken me. They talk about how the fish have set up a ‘pecking order’ after initial fights. I just… what? WhAT? why would you subject the fish to that? They talk about incidents between the girls and nipped fins, but say ‘everything is fine now!’

Your fish tried to kill each other, how is that fine?

I’ve even seen some severe anthropomorphizing with people comparing them to ‘bitchy women’ and saying there will be fights and drama, but it doesn’t matter because ‘they’re still friends!’

Again, what? Your fish are stressing and even harming each other, it’s not okay because ‘they’re girls, they’ll be bitchy!’ They do not have the depth of emotion that humans do, it just doesn’t work like that… I just…

Seriously if you have to constantly monitor your fish (as people will say to do with a sorority) to avoid incidents, can you not figure out that’s a bad setup?

Yea I just don’t approve of sororities. Sorry, not a fan. I know there are some that have claimed to do it with success, but I’ve seen plenty of horror stories too and I will personally stay against it.


“Female bettas don’t have nice colors.”
“Female bettas don’t have nice fins.”

LIES! I love my girls and they are so beautiful. When I walk by the tank they all gather like the last picture to convince me I didn’t just feed them 10 minutes ago and they really are starving to death.

And yes I swear the one with really long fins is a female. She has an egg spot and she goes through cycles of being eggy. I spent a couple weeks freaking out but she’s 100% female. Scouts honor!


Didn’t want to continue the betta sorority thread on that post specifically (mostly because I didn’t want to subject OP to my opinions since I’m sure the hurt from the sorority loss is very raw right now).

I think that sororities probably ARE more susceptible to illness because:

  1. Any fin nipping could become infected, same with any fighting, and I’m wondering if one infection outbreak of a bacteria affecting a fish can affect others in the tank?
  2. The fish are more stressed, there’s NO WAY bettas AREN’T more stressed in a sorority, and when fish are at higher stress levels their immune systems are affected so it’d be easier for illness to slam through all of them quickly.

I think stress is probably the most likely answer, truth be told.


Look at my dumb fish you guys (courtesy of my momma)

Housing male and female bettas together (revisited)

So after that post a few days ago (here) saying that people who house male and female bettas in the same tank when they’re not trying to breed are just trying to be ~~edgy~~ and don’t care about the well-being of their fish, and after all the drama that followed, I’ve been thinking about it and am still pretty frustrated about the whole sequence of events. So I’m going to make another post on the topic. 

I’ve never said housing male and female bettas can’t be successfully done or that any attempts to do so will result in failure. What I was trying to say (and I still stand by this opinion) is that people who KNOW that males and females shouldn’t be kept together but do it anyway are extremely irresponsible and I question whether or not they are truly concerned for the well-being of their fish.

You’ll notice that I added another part that I didn’t add to my original post describing the people I am referring to: those “who know that it shouldn’t be done”. I didn’t add that descriptor to my original post because, well, I doubt that there are many people out there who are able to escape the knowledge that you can’t (or it’s not recommended to) house bettas with conspecifics.

An example: There have been multiple times when I have bought more than one betta at a time. Male and male, female and male, multiple males and a female… Any combination of gender, I’ve bought it at one point. And, unless I knew the cashier, they’ve ALL given me that hesitant look before asking me if I was planning on housing them together. Of course I know better, but I’m sure that if I said yes then they would have politely informed me that it can’t/shouldn’t be done.

These were cashiers at PetCo or PetsMart, not hired for their expertise on fish care. Even they knew that it’s not a good idea to house Siamese fighting fish together in the same tank. 

Even those awful betta bowls, barely larger than the cup you buy the fish in, have some sort of literature on the side of the box saying that they’re aggressive with their own species, warning you to NEVER put two of them them in the same tank.

So I doubt many people could go home with a male and a female intending to put them in the same tank without being educated and warned.

So then why do people still do it? Well, they could just like to abuse animals. That’s always a possibility. 

Sometimes, however, people talk to betta breeders or look on forums and find advice  saying that it CAN be done. However, that advice comes with a lot of disclaimers: the tank has to be X gallons or larger, there needs to be lots of hiding places, you can get away with it for awhile but then something changes and someone goes on a killing spree, etc. They give a LOT of warnings on what can go wrong.

Even the people who are honest with you and tell you it is sometimes possible heavily discourage you from doing it.

So for someone to take all those warnings, hear all those worst-case scenarios, and still turn around and decide to try it anyway? Yeah, I’m a little contemptuous of them.