Im andy, and ive just recently made this blog. 

Im looking for a few aquablr/bettablr blogs to follow, so if anyone sees this, would you mind reblogging if you post a lot of betta content? 

And if youd like, i can draw one of your fish!  Check the “my art” tag for an example– just shoot me a message with your preferred reference and id be happy to do it :)


Petco is now advertising for betta soroties and will have a tank devoted to female bettas. This highly debated housing and treatment of female splendens is, in my opinion, unethical and abusive.

I ask of you guys to not lash out, and protest petco. Instead inform and teach people the proper treatment of bettas and explain that sororities are a very stressful environment and usually end with the death of many fish.

Please spread the word so we may educate those on proper care of bettas!

Started dosing carbonate almost every day and the duckweed in Scylla’s tank has just exploded.  Everything’s tinted green now no matter what I focus on :P