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Joey is home everyone! He is still in the 2.5, but he will be upgraded to a 3.4gallon at the end of July! His fins are already showing signs of regrowth and he’s much more active than before! I can’t wait to see how his fins grow out. He’s such a joy I love him so much. Thank you everyone who continued to watch his journey, he’s made it home!

If you haven’t seen Joey before his story is here, here, here, and here

Can someone help me with this betta fish behaviour? I find it cute and funny but I’m not sure if it means something is wrong. The behaviour in question happens at the end. He likes to swim under the tree roots (he also swims between the plant leaves at the bottom sometimes). Is it cuz he’s itchy or is he having fun?

Opinion beep beep

I see a lot of posts debating a “good” betta tank size. Here’s what I think:
All betta tail types have different needs, therefore different tank sizes. A betta with a large tail (i.e. The popular half moon) will become tired quicker than a plakat or female betta. Also, a betta with a larger tail will be more prone to fin nipping. They do this to trim back their tail because it is too heavy.

For bettas with a larger tail:
3-5 gallons is ideal. They will not become as tuckered out as easily from the smaller tank. If they seem to be struggling, add more places for them to rest, like an artificial plant with wide leaves or a floating tube.

For female bettas:
5-10 gallons is ideal. 5 being the absolute minimum simply because they are so active. I keep my female in a 10 and she loves it. The larger tank will make your fish happier in the long ru.

For plakats:
5-10 gallons. 5 being the absolute minimum. My plakat is in a 10 gallon and he seems so much happier than when he was in a 5 gallon. Why the bigger tank? Simply because they are very active fish that like to zoom around.

For “king” bettas:
10-20 gallons. I see people putting king bettas in divided 5.5’s and it angers me. Especially since I’ve seen a “reputable” betta keeper on YouTube put a giant betta in a divided 5.5. Just because they’re bettas doesn’t mean you can skimp them on the absolutely crucial tank space. They are larger, so as a result, they need a larger tank.

I put a floating decoration in his tank thinking he might take interest in the little guy at the bottom.
My mistake, he seems to only be interested in himself. Haha!
He’s been staring at his reflection for days. Just very content, not even puffing, he just like hanging out near it but will puff at me, thinking I’m going to take it away since I reorganised his tank so much at the beginning.
What a dork 💙🐠


Here’s my new friend!!! His name is George Costanza.

I got him last Friday, so it’ll be a week tomorrow! I’ve never had a betta but I’m DETERMINED to be the best betta mom I can be. I’ve been really trying to give him the best I can.

Anyways though, I don’t really post much but I’ve really been enjoying seeing other peoples bettas kiddos, so I wanted to show off my special boy :D

New Fish Owner?

Hi fishblr! I’ve been begging and begging my mom for years to buy a fish and she finally caved. I’ve never owned one before and would like some pointers as to what are the absolute essentials for a betta fish. Things like minimum tank size, recommended food and decor, etc. Any advice would be a HUGE help, thank you in advance!