betta fishes

I’m so tired of people getting pets without learning how to take care of them

Dogs are omnivorous, cats are carnivorous.

If you don’t feed your cat meat, it will die.

Dogs need exercise every single day, not just when you feel like it.

Betta fish need a MINIMUM of 2.5 gallons sized tank.

Most pet fish you’ll see are tropical and need heaters.

Most reptiles need a humid environment. Your living room is neither warm enough nor humid enough.

Rats and budgies are highly social animals and need to live with others of their kind. Read: always get more than one.

Rats like to climb and need a cage taller than it is wider.

Goldfish grow to be 10"-12" and live to be 10-20 years. Yes even that cheap $0.50 one. They’re pond fish. And yes, their bodies actually do stay small if they’re kept in a small environment but their organs will continue to grow and will eventually crush each other, killing the fish prematurely.

Some fish will fight, kill, or eat each other and it’s not “just a fact of nature” it’s you not doing your research and putting the wrong species together.

It takes a few google searches and maybe twenty minutes of link clicking to learn the basics.

It’s not the responsibility of the pet store employee to teach you everything you need to know. The pet store employee might not even need to know what you need to know. All it takes to be a pet store employee is to be more than 18 years old.

I’m just tired of seeing uninformed people put their pets in poor situations. Just. Research. Just a little bit. One google search. Please.

To a sailor, honest or not, the sea was always a threat. Even on the kindest days, she could be deceptive. Still waters and clear skies never lasted long, hiding storms behind the horizon.

It was Yurio who first spotted the flash of color in the water, sounding the alarm. Scales of red and gold hiding amongst the glittering blue of the sea under a bright summer sun. Glimpses of a tail flirting out from the wash of the waves, never permitting a solid look.

“How many are there?”

“I can’t tell.”

“Is it a school?”

“I think it’s only one.”

“They’re not like sirens, they aren’t solitary.”

“Look, there, see!”

“It’s circling us…”

“Well that’s freaking great. Exactly what we need. What kind is it?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen one with a tail like that before. Usually mermaids–”

Chris had to seize onto the powder monkey to prevent him from plunging into the water, nearly knocked overboard by the expanse of Yuuri’s wings. The siren had sprung off his perch on the crow’s nest with a sharp cry, diving straight into the water below.

In the split moment before he hit the surface, it broke from beneath with the vibrant flash of gold on scarlet fins. The mermaid leapt into the air, colliding with the siren. Webbed hands grasped onto Yuuri’s feathers, dragging him down into the sea.

Neither reappeared. The surface settled.


“Yuuri– it grabbed him, he’s gone!”

“I don’t see them!”

Victor came running. He threw off the sash tying his pistols to his hip, ready to leap in after his siren.

The ocean erupted. Droplets of water burst up into the air like diamonds, propelled over the ship with the force of Yuuri’s wings. The siren shot up into the sky, twirling as he flew. His arms were wrapped around the mermaid, waist encircled by its tail. 

Yuuri’s forehead was tipped against the mermaid’s, smile split across his face. The sound of combined laughter filled the air, wondrous and uplifting in its power.

Yuuri peaked above the tops of the masts, stilling in his ascent. The two fell back into the water. Yuuri’s wings pushed them across the surface as they rolled in the waves, splashing with abandon. Their chatter barely reached the ship, excited, like that of two friends reunited.

The men on board stared, watching the siren kick up water with his wings, splashing at the mermaid. Who proceeded to grab his shoulders, shoving Yuuri down under the water without any sense of fear. He cackled openly when Yuuri emerged, spitting out sea water with a playful scowl.

“….Your bird’s friends with a freaking mermaid?!” Yurio  demanded, spinning to glare at Victor.

“I had no idea,” Victor answered, pouting a bit as he watched Yuuri’s lips move rapidly, able to see it even at a distance but unable to hear the siren’s hushed words.

“How delightful life on board this ship has become,” Chris remarked, leaning forward to try to glimpse more of the mermaid. “He’s quite cute, do you think the tales of them growing legs on land are true?”

“We’re all gonna die,” Yurio muttered. “Drowned by mermaids, eaten by sirens…”

From out on the water, the mermaid shouted out something in shocked delight. His brilliantly colored tail slashed through the waves as he tugged Yuuri back to the ship by the hand, waving enthuastically at Victor. “Hiiiiiiiiii!!!”

Victor blinked, slowly waving back. From down below, Yuuri blushed. The mermaid beside him grinned, sharp white teeth contrasting his dark skin.

“Yep, all dead,” Yurio quipped while Chris and Victor shouted down a greeting.


Petco is now advertising for betta soroties and will have a tank devoted to female bettas. This highly debated housing and treatment of female splendens is, in my opinion, unethical and abusive.

I ask of you guys to not lash out, and protest petco. Instead inform and teach people the proper treatment of bettas and explain that sororities are a very stressful environment and usually end with the death of many fish.

Please spread the word so we may educate those on proper care of bettas!

I’m really tired of the idea that all zoos or exotic pet owners are terrible simply because the animal is in captivity. There are… different levels here.


You’re generally upset at the first, second, and last one. We all are, if we’re like, sane.

Cannot survive are animals that are wild and literally cannot survive in captivity. They MUST be wild.

Animals like:

The Great White Shark, the Blind Snake, and the Vaquita. All of these animals become very ill or die within hours to months of captivity. They cannot survive long term.

Next is CANNOT THRIVE. Animals that have much too large space requirements, social requirements, or enrichment needs cannot thrive in captivity. Like:

Orca, Dolphins, Elephants (both African and Asian), and big cats. These guys often exhibit stereotypical behaviors in captivity settings. Most have shortened life spans, increased aggression, or social misunderstandings. Their needs can’t be met. A whales or elephants need for a large, uninterrupted family that hunts and travels together isn’t going to work in a tank or pen. They’re too complex to me kept correctly and ethically.

Next is CAN THRIVE. These guys are great! They can have all of their needs met and often have lengthened lifespans in captivity. They do not display stereotypical behaviors and are interested and active in their environment to the degree the animal needs. A bonus is these cuties are also often endangered species and receive a bolster from captive breeding. Yay! Animals like!:

Scimitar Horned Orxy, most hoofstock, most lizards, most snakes, clownfish, wild betta, gourami, a lot of fish, and some smaller songbirds! They can reproduce, thrive, interact, and be healthy in captivity in the correct setting.

CANNOT THRIVE WILD animals are domestics! They’ve been bred and adapted to life with human beings. Animals like:

Pigeons, reindeer, cattle, dogs, cats, betta splendens! These guys are hardwired to thrive with human beings. Feral pigeons do much better in captive care than in the wild. They often starve in cities and produce that acidy poo, which doesn’t happen to a healthy pigeon in captivity. They cannot and should not be released into the wild.

SHITTY PET OWNERS. Yeah. Those assholes, or those uneducated newbies (or oldies) that haven’t done research on the animal’s needs. Animals like:

Ball pythons, betta splendens, hamsters, mice… really anything, can be abused in captivity. While domestic (or occasionally exotic), they do not have their needs met. Sometimes the needs are laughably easy and sometimes incredibly difficult! The animal can survive and thrive in captivity under the correct care, but correct care must be given.

So, tl;dr: not all zoos are bad. Animals are put in categories in captivity. Do your research, and happy petkeeping, zoogoing, and animal welfare fighting!!

Fish are not cuddly, they do not have soft fur nor do they have cute, sad or otherwise expressive faces. Yet they are living, intelligent and deserve respect as well as proper care: Learn about the Nitrogen Cycle and cycling!

The Nitrogen Cycle

Fish and other aquatic animals as well as rotting organic matter produce deadly ammonia: If allowed to accumulate, they will literally shit themselves to death, quickly. However, beneficial bacteria transform that toxic ammonia into toxic nitrite into mostly harmless nitrate. In aquariums, the accumulated nitrate is removed with water changes. So before you can get any stock, you need to cycle your tank, to grow your colony of beneficial bacteria. However, they do not appear from alone, but you rather need to feed an unstocked and filtered tank ammonia, for example from decaying fishfood, to grow them. After about a month of doing so, you will need to confirm your bacteria colony on your filter media can transform all ammonia without leftovers into nitrate, only then your tank is safe for fish!