Betta Tail Types

With bettas being available in so many tail types, it can be difficult identifying what you have. To help out with possibly identifying your betta’s tail type, I have put together a basic guide below!

(Please note that this guide only provides a basic look at types of bettas based on caudal spread. This is not meant to highlight other necessary physical attributes required to fit specific show-quality groups.)

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Amadeus (Mozart) the angry one. 2.5 gallon soon to be 5 - His fins/tail are healing after being quite bad from the petstore. He does not stay still for any stinkin camera. And Johannes (Brahms), the much calmer easily confused fella. He’s in a 5 gallon. Both have drift wood, anubias, java moss and marimo balls. Been meaning to introduce these fellas for a while!

Holy wow

The blue VT girl has only a few specks of velvet left on her. She looks so much brighter and happier now. I didn’t even like… Expect her to live after being sick for so long at Petco. I didn’t even use any copper medications. I wish I had put her under a flashlight before the methylene blue bath so I could tell if it was the potassium permanganate or the methylene blue baths that did the most. I may just do one of each per day until I’m 100% sure she is in the clear.

And the pinkish VT girl is basically ready to be adopted. She is not clamping at all, extremely interactive and always hungry. I love her ridiculous face and obsession with her sunken Indian Almond Leaf. I’ll do a photo shoot soon for sure.

Help! Sick bettas

It’s definitely ick, while Levi is holding steady with only the two dots Petra is now getting them. Does anyone have any advice on how best to treat it? I’ve done it before but it’ been awhile… 

They’re bettas, they each have their own 10 gallon tanks heated to 78 degrees, cycled (I’ll get you the exact parameters soon!), and planted. I do weekly water changes of 25-30%… They spent the summer with my mom though while I was working so I don’t know if that was kept up while I was gone :( 

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About to throw down with this whole pet store. Pointed out a sick and emaciated betta and they told me he was fine and healthy. His fins are shredded and they tried to say they are supposed to look like that because It’s a butterfly betta. Like, do you even know what butterfly means? It’s a color thing! And It is supposed to have a full large fin and this thin, pale fish is tattered and ragged. Then they tell me they can put him in the back and fix it and I’m just like nah betch, we’re gunna take him home. And she tries telling me he’s fine and they can fix him and they are very experienced and know what they are tAlking about and I’m like PLEASE. You don’t even know what a fricken healthy betta looks like. You’re going to take him to the back and kill him. I know more about fish than your whole damn store. FIGHT ME, ILL EAT ALL OF YOU. So yeah… I’m going to try and save this poor guy. He’s super thin and listless so I hope he’s not too far gone. He barely moves. Set up in a 3 gal heated aquarium with no water flow to make it easier for him to move as he’s super weak. Moss balls and Java fern. Cycled. Fingers crossed :/

Ok so Dragon discovered the part of the aquarium background that always comes undone in this corner and behind the background is a mirror. Not only does he sometimes sits over there and just stares at himself for minutes at a time (without flaring or any aggressive behavior like that), but he also build a large bubble best in front of it. I’m not really certain, but I think he might be attracted to himself.