Meet my two newest pickups, PSMT 1 (left) and 2 (right). They refused to discount them, but I couldn’t leave them in the tiny, filthy cups with the employees fighting me on whether bettas need heaters or not and the store selling bowls that would hold maybe a cup of water, so here they are, both currently in clean, warm hospital tanks.
They’re in pretty rough conditions; PSMT1 has fin rot and keeps floating vertically, which is a very bad indicator. He’s going to be monitored particularly closely to determine exactly what internal issue he has and will be started on Maracyn 2 immediately. PSMT2 has a severe tear in his tail, he’s bitten his fins, and he keeps floating on his side, which I’m pretty sure is due to a swim bladder issue. If clean water doesn’t help by a week’s time, I’ll start him on medication as well. They’re both tiny and extremely skinny, so I’m going to offer garlic soaked bloodworms as their first meal.
My mom purchased me one of my personal bettas, Halloween, from PetSupermarket, with the same tail tear as PSMT2 and the same tiny size and skinny body as both of these two. Here’s to hoping that my luck with him holds out with these two little guys.
@pet-of-subs, thank you for your donation, from the bottom of my heart. You made it possible for me to rescue these two; your donation went towards the 10 gallon that’s cycling for whichever one of these guys will do better in a larger tank (the other will get the soon-to-be vacated 5.5).