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Front row (from left to right): Quill, Armor, Cuckoo, Jubilee, Anole, Colossus, Triage, Psylocke

Back row (from left to right): Wiccan, Monet, Aurora, Sunfire

Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning Spotlight: Students

The current group of students at the Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning, dubbed “Generation X”, are the best and brightest of the mutant generation. Emma Frost and Scott Summers scoured the globe for their incoming class of mutants at the school. The students are divided into 3-person training squads: Hellions, Paladins, Exemplars, and Paragons. 

These students have much to learn but are already capable for fending for themselves and fighting for mutant rights.

You can learn more about Generation X and read about their individual bios here! [LINK]