betsy brandt


You know, we did a scene where she comes to the DEA office and he sees [Marie], and it’s great because you never see him call her and I don’t think he ever did. She just knew that that day was going to be a bad day, and it almost makes me tear up just thinking about it, that she’s such a sweet wife that she knew on that day that she needed to be there….

And going back to that, I said, “Let’s not even practice.” Usually I’m not so methody-weird like that, but for that scene I knew that all I had to do on that day, all I needed, was for the first time just to see her and look in her eyes, and then I’d start crying. That scene took just one take. — Dean Norris [x]

Gennifer Hutchison: They don’t tape his eye shut under the prosthetic and his eyelashes, which are so long and luscious, happened to bend back and got in his eye and he was in pain, it was about a 12 hour day…

Bryan Cranston: Genny has a crush on a booooy!

RJ Mitte: ohhhh, you like Aaron Paul?

Gennifer Hutchison: Who doesn't like Aaron Paul?

Vince Gilligan: …I’d screw him.

RJ Mitte: Wow.

Bryan Cranston: There’s the line…and there’s Vince going over the line!

Betsy Brandt: And I think we all know how Aaron Paul got cast.

- From the audio commentary on 3x08 I See You


Breaking Bad AU » lady characters in the leading roles

High school chemistry teacher Skyler White learns she has terminal lung cancer. To secure her family’s future, she locates former student Jane Margolis, and the two begin producing and selling methamphetamine. As Skyler descends further into a life of crime and faces more and more difficult decisions, adopting the name “Heisenberg” for her second identity, she also has to avoid the watchful eyes of her sister Marie Schrader, a hardass DEA agent hellbent on discovering Heisenberg’s true identity. However, Marie isn’t even the worst of her problems - her boss and distributor Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, a calm, brilliant, extraordinarily successful drug kingpin, does not tolerate any mistakes. And Skyler’s partner Jane also has her own problems to deal with, like her addiction and the draw she feels toward the withdrawn girl she meets at rehab, Andrea Cantillo