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The first time Andrew kisses Neil he just kind of reads the situation and goes for it. But then he has a moment of panic where he feels like he took advantage of Neil being in a vulnerable state.

(“We are not doing this right now.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re a mess.”

“I’m always a mess.”)

It’s not until after that that he starts asking “yes or no” before engaging with Neil. My guess is that he talked to Betsy after that first kiss and she was the one who suggested that as a way for Andrew to give Neil more agency and assure Andrew that by asking he won’t be like his abusers and that trusting Neil to be able to say no is also important.

fun Falsettos theory about The Cube to cry about

What if The Cube represented the tight knit family?

In the beginning it started out intact. As the show progressed and we learn about Marvin, the cast kept taking pieces out of it and rearranging it, representing the fact that this family was changing and being torn apart by everything.

At the opening of act 2 the blocks were all assembled, then as Marvin sings “it’s about time” they collapsed and the cast tried to fix them so they would be comfortable sitting around the blocks. Maybe this represents that the family doesn’t have to be perfect, that everyone had to make their own little tweaks in order for it to work out for everyone. That the family needed to experience breaking before it could be “fixed”.

Then as Whizzer dies, he turns his back on the audience and walks toward the back of the stage as two parts of the cube come together and close in front of him, forming the same cube from the beginning of the show. Mendel and Jason later take out a single block which becomes Whizzer’s headstone.

So now we have the same cube, but with a single piece missing. Whizzer’s death brought the family together; Trina and Marvin, Marvin and Mendel, Charlotte and Cordelia with the rest of the family. They were finally able to support and love each other unconditionally, but at the price of Whizzer. Most importantly, they all felt the loss. Every person mourned Whizzer’s death, and this tight-knit family was essentially brought together through the loss of a very important person in that family.

Whizzer is the reason everyone became so close, the reason The Cube was a cube again by the end of the show, BUT ALSO the reason why the last time you see the cube it’s missing a single piece. Whizzer is that piece that everyone lost that day. Although the family is together they will never be complete.


(Falsettos + false news headlines) 1/?

Alternate titles for Falsettos (2016 revival)

- Tears
- Andrew Rannells’ Hair
- And The Tony For Best Revival Of A Musical Goes To…
- Linguini
- Poor Work Ethics
- Nancy Reagan
- Chess
- Inmaturity??!! In MY man?!?! It’s More Likely Than You Think!!
- More Tears
- The Cube
- Stephanie J Block