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The Foxes as things my roommates have said
  • Renee: (when asked if she could beat us in a fight) Well I didn't want to brag but I could destroy all of you.
  • Kevin: I have training in the morning but that's for sober me to worry about.
  • Andrew: I only like two things in life: being gay and getting into fights. And I just got done being gay.
  • Aaron: I'm going to the library. If you see me there, please pretend you didn't.
  • Nicky: oh man you're heterosexual? what a shame. what a fucking shame.
  • Dan: My mom was artificially inseminated. I didn't need a man to be born and I don't need one now.
  • Matt: You guys are my friends and I love you but you're fucking idiots.
  • Neil: I'm starting to realize I didn't have a happy childhood. Should I, like, see a therapist or something?
  • Allison: I'd invite you to thanksgiving at my family's summer home in Vermont but I can't let you see me and my family wear matching polo shirts and khakis
  • Bonus from my RA:
  • David: I want you all to consider me a friend! But also remember that I can get you kicked out so don't pull any shit.
  • Abby: No need to call 911. I have some bandaids in my room and also some vodka but don't tell anyone about that.
  • Bee: You can talk to me at any time, day or night. But I know you won't, you emotionally stunted bastards.
  • Andrew: Sometimes it drives me insane, you know?
  • Bee: What does? What keeps haunting you? What nightmares are you having, Andrew?
  • Andrew: Their voices, they never stop.
  • Bee: Voices?
  • Andrew after a few seconds of silence: Kevin and Neil never fucking shut up about exy. It's just a never ending loop. It's like every moment spent awake is a nightmare. *looks off to the side dramatically and takes a sip of hot chocolate with shaky hands*
  • Kevin and Neil: *talking animatedly outside of Bee's office*
  • Andrew: I can even hear it now..

Hamilton ensemble appreciation post

because this guys do not get mentioned enough here

and because I haven’t seen any post mentioning all of them at the same time





  • Bee: Andrew, you have to stop pulling knives at people.
  • Andrew: This is my way of venting.
  • Bee: Well, it made a lot of people around campus very nervous.
  • Andrew: That's because they're a bunch of bitch ass white boys.
  • Bee: I hate to break this to you, Andrew, but you're also a bitch ass white boy.
The Foxes as Stupid Cat Things
  • Kevin: Running around at 3am, rebounding off the wall, knocking over everything you own, and magically disappearing when you get up to make them stop
  • Dan: Flicks their tail in your face while you're trying to do something, won't stop even when you pet them.
  • Andrew: Hides under or behind things, lashes out with paws and claws to grab your ankles
  • Matt: Decides they have to be let in This door Right Now
  • Aaron: Once let in goes immediately to the other door to be let out
  • Renee: Lays on the floor staring intently at a sunspot, flicking their tail like they're going to pounce and doesn't move for an hour
  • Nicky: Sits on your arm or your work while you're trying to do something
  • Allison: Kneeds you softly until you get comfortable and then shreds you while they purr
  • Neil: Watches you while they scratch something, judging whether or not scratching is okay by how fast and violently you react; no reaction, no fun and stop scratching vs yell and clap = scratch as fast and much as possible before you are chased off
  • Bonus(es): -
  • Wymack: Looks at you, knocks something off the counter, looks at you again and the second you move leaps away with that soft "pa da puh" of guilty little feet
  • Abby: Sleeps on paper, the back of the recliner, in the middle of the carpet, on chairs, literally anywhere but the cat bed
  • Betsy: Plays with random pieces of ~whatever~ instead of their toy
  • Jeremy: Lays on the windowsill, falls asleep, rolls over off of the windowsill
  • Jean: Meows loudly for attention, won't let you hold or pet them
  • Riko: Tries to kill you in your sleep by lying on your face