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Guess what?! We just ordered A TON of new jewelry! Excited? So are we! Here’s a sneak peak at some beautiful cuffs we are getting from Betsy & Iya. The pieces pictured above are inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, and our very own Fremont and St. John’s bridges here in good ol’ Portland! 

Meet the Vendor: betsy & iya

Husband and wife Will Cervarich and Betsy Cross design their line of bohemian, artfully-constructed jewelry out of their brick and mortar store in Portland, Oregon. There, they sell pieces from their private label and items from fellow independent designers and artists across the country, demonstrate production techniques in their open studio and manage their growing staff of ten.

“More than selling something and making money, it’s about an experience and connection to the work; it’s about a lifestyle, ” says Betsy.

The customers that flock to betsy & iya are looking for something off the beaten track. Bracelets and necklaces made from matte and oxidized metals etched with graphic elements are the mainstay of the line.

Neither Betsy nor Will have any technical training; their recognizable style developed intuitively. Betsy says that her lack of experience lets her think outside the box. “I’m a huge advocate for education and training, but not knowing has forced me to think and create in unconventional ways. I am not burdened by the idea that there is a right way to do things.”

Each piece in the betsy & iya collection comes with its own poetically-worded micro-story, to foster a connection between the customer and the object. Their latest collection, Voyage, is inspired by Betsy’s travels through Portland, Mexico and Scandinavia, and takes influence from various places and times in her life.

“The only way I know how to create is to draw from experience: place, color, culture, people, nature, temperamental weather, good food, art, — basically, anything that has real soul to it.”

This piece was originally published as part of a series of Etsy artists featured on Capsule’s We Are The Marketplace.  See the full line on Etsy Wholesale.


The Bridge Collection

Betsy + Iya is one of my favorite local jewelers.  Betsy’s designs are stunning, unique and all handmade with love at her studio in NW Portland. Her bridge collection is especially spectacular.  The cuffs are all modeled after famous bridges in and outside of Portland.

Now you can take a little piece of your favorite place with you!

Each bracelet is encoded with the year it was built and the geographic coordinates:

Brooklyn Bridge, New York, 
1883 – 40.706° N, 73.997° W

Fremont Bridge, Oregon
1973 – 45.538° N, 122.683° W

Golden Gate Bridge, California
1937– 37.819° N, 122.479° W

Steel Bridge, Oregon
1912 – 45.528° N, 122.668° W

St. Johns Bridge, Oregon
1931– 45.585° N, 122.765° W

Which one is your favorite?

Happy Shopping!

Get up and go!

It’s always good to have some staples in your wardrobe that you can throw on with just about anything! Recent essentials for any lady include a great floppy hat from Wooden Ships, a lightweight scarf (for cool summer nights!) by Pistil, and some flawless jewelry from Dea Dia (crystal necklace), Fail (earrings) or Betsy & Iya (ladder necklace). 

This weather makes it hard to layer up so add a little pizzaz with your accessories and keep it simple with your wardrobe. Of course all these jewels happen to look great with our shoes so pop in and grab yourself a pair of sandals too! - Analise