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Hello! May I ask you something? Why's chapter 22 of furi fura being released just now? I thought it came out weeks ago... I even remember seeing the raws. Wasn't chapter 23 supposed to come out this week? I'm so confused.

I don’t know where you saw chapter 22 being released, but different people might be posting it online at different times.

The japanese release on the Betsuma magazine is always on the 13th of every month (except if the 13th is a weekend). Chapter 22 was released last month and chapter 23 is coming out in ten more days. ;)

The June issue of Shueisha’s Betsuma magazine is announcing on Tuesday that the 11th compiled volume of Io Sakisaka’s Ao Haru Ride manga will bundle an original anime DVD. Future issues of the magazine will reveal more information on the anime’s contents.

In addition, the magazine’s next issue will also bundle a “Premium DVD volume 1,” including a promotional video for Ao Haru Ride, as well as cast talks and drawings by Sakisaka.