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Top Six Things People Misunderstood About Drake Bell

From someone who followed Drake from the beginning, here are the facts that people have either failed to look up or choose to ignore, because I am so tired of everyone shitting on Drake for things from a long time ago or isn’t true:

1. He’s Transphobic

Okay, I realized what he said about Caitlyn Jenner was rude, but he apologized and hasn’t mentioned it again. Caitlyn was hardly bothered by it, so I guess it’s safe to forgive and move on. Imagine if all the horrible stuff you said in the past came up and everyone kept a grudge on you for it. Also, some celebrities have done worse, including Caitlyn herself(she killed a man with a car and isn’t doing time for it, for crying out loud) yet everyone is saying we should forgive them. Why can’t we do the same for Drake?

Also, why not teach the damn guy on WHY he should accept Caitlyn or trans rights instead of just telling him to accept it, because not everyone gets it? Also, people tend to be thrown off more when you insult them. #eyeforaneye. I don’t understand some things and I’m respectful about it(by keeping my mouth shut and listening), but not everyone will be.

2. He’s a racist

Bitch, where? There’s literally no proof that he’s a racist. He’s always taking pictures with minorities and he supports everyone regardless of their background. Forgive him, if he’s not treating a certain race even more special than the other or that he doesn’t have black lives matter on his feed.

Also, with the whole Nightwing thing, I doubt he had any bad intentions when he auditioned for the role. Batman is his favourite superhero and I bet he wanted nothing more than be apart of the new film. And because his name Drake, I bet he found it punny to play a character with the name, Tim Drake. I bet he wasn’t thinking of the race or any of that source. So quit giving him hell for it.

3. He’s homophobic

Only proof of this is that he once retweeted a tweet that used the f-word in it, but he immediately unshared it and apologized, because he was uncomfortable with the word as well. It could have been one of those, retweet without actually reading it first thing, who knows? Otherwise, he’s always defended the LGBT+ community. He’s always the first celebrities I know to support anything related to pride. He even celebrated when LGBT+ rights went national and he also defended the gays whenever Beliebers attacked him for his sexuality by saying to not use gay as an insult.

4. He voted for Trump

Again, bitch, where? He posed with people who had the hat, so what? That really doesn’t mean anything. He may respect other people’s opinions, like we all should. Drake is also a full, American, grown adult. He can vote for whoever he wants. Last year was a shit show and both Trump and Clinton were poison for the country. I voted for Clinton, only because I thought she would be better than Trump and because I wanted a woman as a president. Some people didn’t think that was good enough. Some people voted for Trump simply because they had a better experience meeting the guy rather than they did with Clinton, should that not count more? Even then, Drake’s vote is the 1% of the population that didn’t count, because the electoral college had the final say. Or, did we all forget that Clinton had the majority votes? Also, quit ignoring the fact that not everyone who voted for Trump was a white, cis-het, male. Drake also follows Donald Trump on Instagram, but he also follows Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton. Check it out right now if you don’t believe me. I don’t know why. Maybe it was a bot, a celebrity thing, or he didn’t want to seem biased. Honestly, that’s none of our business. Drake also shared the ‘Make America Drake Again’ memes and the Hilary Duff meme, but I bet you that was just for laughter. Again, last year was a shit show, so Drake probably thought we could use the laughter. Also, not everyone who voted for Trump is a bad person, just like not everyone who voted for Clinton is a bad person.

5. Drake and Josh weren’t in contact in years

Earlier this year, Drake has done plenty of Instagram Live posts. In one of them, someone mentioned Josh and he admitted that he attempted to contact Josh, only to not get a response. What was Josh doing at that time? Filming videos for the internet with a guest star of their show and the ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl, who in that video WERE ALL USING DRAKE AND JOSH REFERENCES. I, too, would be hurt if I were Drake. Also, did we not forget all the times they were at the KCA after the show ended 9 years ago(10, if you exclude, ‘Merry Christmas Drake and Josh’)? That Drake used to say that they were always in contact and that they would always hang out, even after the show ended? Or when Josh made a surprise visit to Drake’s album party in 2014? Or that Drake guest starred in Josh’s show with John Stamos, ‘Grandfather’, last year? I don’t know about you, but that to me seems they were in good contact with each other until some time late last year or early this year. PLUS, this isn’t the first time Josh acted shitty towards his old co-workers. Drake was at the hospital with Amanda Bynes when she had her mental breakdown to make sure she was okay. Josh barely mentioned Amanda. And before you get on that Josh, too, may not had contact with her, neither did Drake or Nick Cannon or Lance Bass. But they all made an effort to make sure that she knew they had her back.

Also, earlier this year, Drake was doing the whole “where’s Walter?” thing and everyone participated in it, except for Josh and Miranda. Even the actors of Craig and Eric were in contact this year. In fact, everyone on the show has said that they wanted a reboot(except Miranda) and now that they had the opportunity to do so on Drake’s channel the 2/3 of the main actors that made the show, weren’t on it. I think that says a lot.

6. The Whole Justin Bieber Feud

Literally, that whole feud was spawned off of one tweet, “I wouldn’t bash @katyperry…Bieber however.” That is literally all that he said and hell broke loose. I understand Drake is an adult and he has the upper hand to control himself, but did we all think he wouldn’t be offended by death threats? Did we all forget that celebrities are literally humans as well and they have feelings? I promise you, if some Beliebers could have accepted the idea or just simply learned that not everyone is going to suck Justin’s toe, the whole thing would have ended with just that tweet. Drake didn’t want to go at it, because he said that in the past, he was concerned about his image and being a good role model to his youth, but because of beliebers’ constant attacks, that’s why the feud turned into a feud. At the same time, he could’ve apologized for that one tweet and moved on, but his choice. (I lowkey wouldn’t apologize to a bunch of terrible people saying terrible things about me, but I’m also the kind of person who wants to avoid conflict at all times, so I would). Now, I must admit Drake went overboard with the posts. I was really turned off with some of the things he said and at one point, it felt like it was way too long. Because it WAS way too long. Before the whole Bieber thing happened, Drake only made one comment about him during an interview. He never said he loved or hated Bieber, but he did give Bieber a head nod for not only getting a career off of YouTube, but maintaining the career as well. By 2012, I heard so much about Bieber I really wanted to get away from it all, but I couldn’t. There was no way. Everywhere I went I saw his face and/or heard his name. I only couldn’t care less, because to me, he was just another found crappy singer from Youtuber, who we would all forget by the next year. I literally found out about Bieber on the cover of a teeny bopper magazine that I found at Walmart. Some celebrities whose faces were on J-14 or something, usually never last long. I even thought ‘Baby’ or something, was a Miley song that I never heard of before. Clearly, I couldn’t be even more wrong. But anyway, my opinions about Bieber is for another post. Drake was supposed to be a safe haven, because I loved him. I loved the guy so much, I was obsessed. Why wouldn’t I? Before the feud, he really was just a quiet soul with a guitar. Though he was the hotter one from Drake and Josh, he wasn’t over exaggerated like the Jonas Brothers or Jesse McCartney was at the time. That’s why I loved Drake in the first place. He seemed really down to earth, so when I met him in 2011, I wasn’t too surprised. So by the time it was 2014, it literally felt like Drake’s Twitter was just a Justin Bieber gossip page. It was so annoying. I only witnessed it because it was Drake. I didn’t want to believe that he was a douche, but I did acknowledge that he was acting like one. I know he didn’t mean to come off as a bully, but his actions clearly showed off more than his intentions. I supported him defending himself from the Beliebers, but I didn’t support him spending his precious time, bullying little girls. I mean I am one of his fans, who wanted his attention as did many other Drakesters. Please tell me why did Drake give more attention to those who hated him than the ones who loved him and wanted nothing more than a tweet/retweet/like/follow from their favorite artist/actor? But after three long years, he cooled down. He stopped, only going after Beliebers occasionally when they went after him. Drake apologized and even covers Bieber’s songs from time to time. Now that the whole thing has died down, I can only see the occasional Justin fan saying hateful things to/about Drake, tagging him as if they didn’t have anything else to do. I guess this proves who “won” or who “wanted” the feud more. I hope that made sense. The point is there WAS a reason to the feud.

I’m not saying that Drake is an angel, because that’s honestly up to you. That’s your opinion, I can’t change that. But please don’t trash Drake without checking your sources first. I’ve met Drake and I loved every minute of it. I’m sorry that some of you have had a poor experience. I have no words for that, except my heart is with you. But I had a more than a positive experience with Drake, and I’d be more than honored if I ever have that opportunity again. I’ve followed Drake since seeing him on the Amanda Show, and I will continue to do so, regardless of what anyone says.

Also, no, I’m not a big fan of post-2012, Drake. But I also want to give him the benefit of a doubt, because I know the old Drake is there. But again, my opinion.