COB & Mozart

Ok I’m a classical music nerd too and actually it was Children Of Bodom that got me to practice piano and violin (started at 7 like alexi aww, got tired at some point and got back to it properly bc of cob)  like hell again so guess what!! Today in “how to get me outta the depression mode” I’m gonna be useful and tell u guys about the connections with COB and Mozart.

Alexi has mentioned Mozart as his favorite classical composer. “Now as a 31 year old I hear the details and understand how complex it really is. That kinda music isn’t made anymore. Because he is such a genius, you can just enjoy it without realizing it has been composed for forty instruments.” -City,2010

You can hear references to Mozart’s work in older Bodom songs such as Red Light In My Eyes pt.2 (Symphony no.25 in G minor, K.183: 1. Allegro con brio), Hatebreeder (Die Zauberflöte K.620 “queen of the night aria”), Black Widow (Piano Concerto no.20 K.466 in D minor). Overall the first two albums have very baroque type melodies. Bodom also tends to use alberti bass kinda background melodies, which is also a known thing from Mozart’s era. 

Then the song Warheart starts with the quote “From now on, we are enemies, you and I.” from the Mozart movie Amadeus. Which I really recommend watching it’s one of my favorites too and it’s just s o p r e t t y. 

Alexi isn’t the only one who loves that movie, Janne’s other band Warmen has used a lot of references to that. An Amadeus quote starts the songs Beyond Abilities: “A young man trying to impress beyond his abilities… Too much spice.. Too… Um.. Too many notes.”, Accept the Fact: “If the public doesn’t like one’s work. One has to accept the fact gracefully.”  and Return Of Salieri: “One day I will laugh at you. Before I leave this Earth… I will laugh at you.”, Also the entire track Confessions has Salieri talking in the background. The names of the songs Beyond Abilities, Warcry Of Salieri, Salieri Strikes Back, Return Of Salieri, and Accept the Fact have come from Amadeus.

Yeah check that stuff out :D Here’s what Alexi would recommend: “Um, well there’s “Requiem.” That’s some dark, heavy shit. There’s “The Marriage of Figaro.” It’s just awesome. That’s one piece I actually picked up and I put on guitar, and I use it as an exercise when I’m warming up. There are a lot of cool things there if you’re into that sort of thing.”


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       "I’m sorry.” He said, not seeming to actually mean the words but he felt as if he had to say them. “But… you said that you loved me.” She said with tears streaming down her cheeks, wondering why the boy she loved would do this to her. She loved him, and she thought he loved her back. She could have sworn he loved her. 

      “What can I say? I never actually loved you, it’s always been her.” He shrugged as if it were no big deal. “Who is she, Jug?” She asked not wanting to know but had an inkling as to whom. He hesitated for just moment, “Betty.

      She knew it, she just knew that it was her. Y/N’s heart broke even more, if that was even possible. Y/N stumbled back a little. “I’m-” he started. “Don’t say anything.” She choked on her breath and couldn’t seem to find her breath. 

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Imagine Liam and you betting on who can score more goals

“What do you say Dunbar?” Liam caught the ball you shot at him. “I bet you that I can score more goals than you.” You dared him.

“Really Y/N? You really want to make that bet?” He asked quirking an eyebrow.

“Yeah, show me what you got newbie.” You smirked.

Did I do it right Dean?

Kevin: I put the ace in irreplaceable.

Charlie: I put the top in unstoppable.

Sam: I put the hot in photogenic.

Dean: I put the cute in execute.

Cas: I put the D in Dean.




Cas: Did I do it right Dean?

Dean: Ca-

Kevin: DAMMIT!

Dean: *confused*

Sam: You can pay me that $20 anytime, buddy.

Charlie: And Sam you owe me $15, told ya Cas tops.


Dean: …fuck me.

Cas: Now or-

Sam: *dies laughing*

Dean: SAMMY!

Billy: Welp, time to make it impossible for him to come back.

Dean: Bring him Back!

Billy: No.

Dean: NOW!

Billy: Who tops?

Dean: Why does that-

Charlie: Cas does.

Billy: *sighs* Only ‘cause he owes me money.






Bobby: *comes down from Heaven* I wasn’t gonna bring it up but-

Dean: Wha- Who did you make the deal with?



Bobby: Sam.

Dean: About???

Bobby: I didn’t make the deal with you, you don’t need to know.

Billy: *Brings Sam back*

Bobby: Sam, money.

Sam: I know I made the deal with you but, come on Bobby, what do you even need money for in heaven?

Bobby: *shrugs* I don’t know, but what do you need it for?

Sam: Uh, food.

Bobby: What? Did your fake credit card expire?

Cas: I’m sorry Dean.

Dean: Cas, I-it’s fine.

Charlie: Yeah, I’m sure you’ll find a way to pay him back later *winks*.






Sam: …She’s not wrong. We all know it’s true.






Dean: I need alcohol.