Little Mongolia: “You are SO gay.”

Little Russia: “Am not!”

Little Mongolia: “C’mon, you take ballet, you wear pink, and you bake cupcakes. You’re as gay as the moon is round.”

Little Russia: “You can’t prove it!”

Little Mongolia: “Alright, let’s make a bet. If it turns out you’re gay, you pay me fifteen bucks. If you’re not, I pay you fifteen bucks. Deal?”

Little Russia: “Deal!”

25 years later:

Russia: “You’re all invited to my wedding! Here, have an invitation!”  

Tibet: “Aw, thank you! Look Munkhbat, we’re invited!”

Mongolia: “Wait, it says Alfred as the bride.”

Russia: “And?”

Mongolia: “That means you’re gay.”

Russia: “So?”


Did I do it right Dean?

Kevin: I put the ace in irreplaceable.

Charlie: I put the top in unstoppable.

Sam: I put the hot in photogenic.

Dean: I put the cute in execute.

Cas: I put the D in Dean.




Cas: Did I do it right Dean?

Dean: Ca-

Kevin: DAMMIT!

Dean: *confused*

Sam: You can pay me that $20 anytime, buddy.

Charlie: And Sam you owe me $15, told ya Cas tops.


Dean: …fuck me.

Cas: Now or-

Sam: *dies laughing*

Dean: SAMMY!

Billy: Welp, time to make it impossible for him to come back.

Dean: Bring him Back!

Billy: No.

Dean: NOW!

Billy: Who tops?

Dean: Why does that-

Charlie: Cas does.

Billy: *sighs* Only ‘cause he owes me money.






Bobby: *comes down from Heaven* I wasn’t gonna bring it up but-

Dean: Wha- Who did you make the deal with?



Bobby: Sam.

Dean: About???

Bobby: I didn’t make the deal with you, you don’t need to know.

Billy: *Brings Sam back*

Bobby: Sam, money.

Sam: I know I made the deal with you but, come on Bobby, what do you even need money for in heaven?

Bobby: *shrugs* I don’t know, but what do you need it for?

Sam: Uh, food.

Bobby: What? Did your fake credit card expire?

Cas: I’m sorry Dean.

Dean: Cas, I-it’s fine.

Charlie: Yeah, I’m sure you’ll find a way to pay him back later *winks*.






Sam: …She’s not wrong. We all know it’s true.






Dean: I need alcohol.


Word Count: 614  
Requested?: No    

       "I’m sorry.” He said, not seeming to actually mean the words but he felt as if he had to say them. “But… you said that you loved me.” She said with tears streaming down her cheeks, wondering why the boy she loved would do this to her. She loved him, and she thought he loved her back. She could have sworn he loved her. 

      “What can I say? I never actually loved you, it’s always been her.” He shrugged as if it were no big deal. “Who is she, Jug?” She asked not wanting to know but had an inkling as to whom. He hesitated for just moment, “Betty.

      She knew it, she just knew that it was her. Y/N’s heart broke even more, if that was even possible. Y/N stumbled back a little. “I’m-” he started. “Don’t say anything.” She choked on her breath and couldn’t seem to find her breath. 

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Imagine Liam and you betting on who can score more goals

“What do you say Dunbar?” Liam caught the ball you shot at him. “I bet you that I can score more goals than you.” You dared him.

“Really Y/N? You really want to make that bet?” He asked quirking an eyebrow.

“Yeah, show me what you got newbie.” You smirked.

if only she knew (ao3)
rating: T word count: 4327 
Bellamy’s POV for this fic
For Bellamy, living with Clarke has been… interesting. He’s totally in love with her, and now he’s gotten into a bet with Octavia over who will say ‘I love you’ first. Bellamy’s doesn’t think it’ll ever happen, but Octavia knows better.

Bellamy groaned at his alarm that blared at him from the nightstand. One arm remained thrown over his eyes while the other reached for the snooze button. He cursed when his fumbling inadvertently knocked the phone off the nightstand and onto the ground.

Rolling out of bed, he scooped up his phone and pulled on a pair of pajama bottoms before making his way out to the kitchen.

Clarke was sitting at the kitchen table, typing furiously on her computer with her lip pulled between her teeth. He had the sudden urge to pull that lip between his own teeth, but quickly turned to the fridge in an attempt to quell the impulse.

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jeemyjamz  asked:

prompt: bughead AU (inspired by the Betty/Jughead insta profiles) where Betty meets Jughead in New York and they start up a romance. Betty's been updating her instagram detailing their time together and back in riverdale Kevin & Veronica swoon over their pics (while also stalking Jughead's profile to learn more about him)

A/N: requested by the creative @jeemyjamz!! I had so much fun making this, even though it was proven a bit difficult. I hope you guys are happy with the results! 

“..Okay, Betty. You’ll be fine, it’s only the first job you’ll have on your resume. One that defines your work ethic, and all jobs after will reference this one, and-” Betty said, speaking to herself, as she walked into the newsroom that she was now a part of. The newsroom echoed with keyboard clicks, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the room.

She felt a bit flustered watching everyone, and didn’t know where to go. “Lost?” a guy about her age asked, furrowing his eyebrows. “Yeah, how’d you know?” She asked, a nervous expression written on her face. He chuckled, Why was he laughing?,she thought.

“Your expression is giving me the impression that you were, you looked like you were going to faint.” He replied, rubbing the back of his head.

“Where are my manners? I’m Betty Cooper, it’s nice to meet you” She smiled, trying to make a good impression. Her mother’s words echoing through her head, First impressions are everything, Betty.  

“I’m Forsythe Jones, but everyone calls me Jughead” He spoke, smiling shyly. Her name finally registering in his brain, and he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “..Is Betty short for Elizabeth?” Jughead continued.

She nodded her head, and he cheered “We’re cubicle mates. Well, more like cubicle neighbors, but it’s the same principle.”

“You seem so excited, why’s that?” Betty questioned, walking with Jughead towards their corridor. She watched as his lips formed into a nervous smile, as he sat down in his swivel chair.  

“Everyone in this office sorta sucks, they’re all worn out, but I have a good feeling about you Cooper.” He said doing finger guns, swirling back towards his laptop.

Betty knew that her job here was never going to be boring, now that she knew Jughead.

A couple of weeks have passed, and Betty and Jughead were practically attached by the hip. Their jobs were so similar they had to work with each other all of the time, they spent lunch breaks, and weekends together. Neither of them minded because just as Jughead stated, Everyone in that office did suck, or at least according to Betty. Lately, things had been weird between them because they had kissed, and nobody wanted to address it.

It was a cool, spring night in NYC, and Betty was up early facetiming her two best friends who still live in her hometown.  Their social medias were filled with candid pictures of each other, so naturally Betty’s new romance is the item of conversation,.

“…And then he just kissed you? But did you like it?? That’s the real question, B” her best friend Veronica questioned, raising her eyebrows.

The doorbell rung, but who could it be this late at night? She looked through the small peephole in her front door, and started freaking out. “Guys, it’s Juggie, what should I do?” She whispered, running towards the laptop.

“Make yourself hot!” the duo in the screen whispered back, “Just leave us here, we won’t do anything!”,Kevin whispered. Betty threw on some lipgloss, shaking out her hair, putting on cuter pajamas. The doorbell rang again, and she opened the door trying to look as effortless as possible.

“It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, Who is already sick and pale with grief, That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she.” Jughead smirked, quoting Romeo and Juliet, a movie that they’ve watched on several occasions.

“Ay me!” Betty said, continuing their Shakespearian banter, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. Jughead walked into her apartment, staring at her with a loving gaze. Betty began to look increasingly frustrated, Jughead thought it was cute, but he was concerned.

“What’s the matter, Bets?” Jughead asked, looking at the blonde who was ready to explode.

Betty exhaled before yelling at Jughead,“You’re the matter, Jug! We haven’t talked after that kiss, and I was convinced that you didn’t like me back. But you keep staring at me like that, and I can’t-”

Jughead interrupted Betty in the middle of her soliloquy, making Betty sigh in frustration. “What?” She replied, with an annoyed expression.

Jughead grabbed the sides of her face, kissing her passionately. Everything fell silent, and the two were there for a minute or so, finally separating with unshakeable smiles on their faces.

“Betty, I like you, only you. I came over here because I realized how much of a dick I was being, and I was hoping you would forgive me. I needed to figure out how I felt. Would you, Elizabeth Cooper, do me the honor of being my girlfriend?” Jughead asked nervously, looking down at the ground.

“Yes!” Betty replied, engulfing Jughead in an embrace.

Kevin and Veronica were cheering on their side of the screen, Betty completely forgetting they were there. “Damn Betty!” Kevin cheered, earning a high five from Veronica.

Betty facepalmed watching her boyfriend walk over to the screen, “Are these the famous Kevin and Veronica?” He questioned, “How’d you know?” Veronica retorted.

“I might have talked his ear off about you guys, and shown him about a million photos.” Betty confessed, laughing.

“We like this one” The duo in the the laptop chimed, smiles on their faces.

“I like him too” Betty said, earning a smile from Jughead.


“Well if you weren’t so damn reckless,” Steve yelled.

“If you didn’t have such a flagpole up your ass,” Bucky snarled back, fists clenching.

“Ooh,” an amused voice said, “now kiss.”

Barton was leaning against the wall with his arms folded, a smirk on his face. The Widow was reclining on the couch, and Tony was doing his best innocent face from the kitchen counter.

“Legolas - ” he said, before Steve cut across him.

“Excuse me?”

“Best way to end an argument.”

Bucky arched an eyebrow, amused at the appalled expression on Steve’s face as much as anything.

“How much?” he said, and Barton’s smirk spread into the bright grin that yeah, Bucky’d noticed.

“Even hundred.”

Bucky tipped his head, considering.


Barton’s blue eyes tracked downward lazily, and Bucky folded his arms, cocked a hip.

“I’m good with fifty-fifty,” Barton returned.

“Specific wording?” Bucky asked. Steve was looking as confused as all hell, Tony was looking increasingly pissed, and Natasha was laughing softly with a hand over her eyes.


“Helpfully vague,” Barton told him, and Bucky grinned.

“Great,” he said. “Fight’s over,” he tossed over his shoulder as he strode across the room, plastering himself against Barton’s frankly amazing body.

“Seriously, Steve,” Tony whined, as Barton bit down on Bucky’s lip, “you couldn’t have punched him?”