Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather bets $15m on Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl

Mayweather, a prolific gambler, has reportedly plonked almost $15 million on the Broncos to salute in American football’s biggest game, to be played on Monday (EDT) against the Seattle Seahawks.

The Vegas Gambling Steam Twitter feed revealed Mayweather had slapped the monumental AU$11.86 million wager on the Broncos to beat the Seattle Seahawks by more than two points.

Other reports have Mayweather also betting $2.96 million on the Broncos to be leading at half-time.

The bets are so enormous that they will likely have affected betting lines at some agencies.

As no betting company would be stupid enough to take the bets on their own, Mayweather reportedly used seven different agencies and four offshore accounts in order to make his giant gambles possible.

It’s not the first time Mayweather has bet big on sport.

Last year he threw down $220,000 in order to win $200,000 on college football team Texas A&M leading by more than 17 points at half-time against Southern Methodist.

counterfeit1  asked:

Hey, can you update the bets on relationship tag, I want a fic where Derek gets dared to ask out stiles and then Stiles finds out and thinks that was the only reason... you know, but like sterek endgame...

not exactly what you wanted.. but these are bets on relationships

I’ll Make You Believe Again by gabby227 (4/? | 10,674 | NC17)

Stiles Stilinski doesn’t do relationships. After several that ended badly, he just doesn’t see the point anymore. But when Derek Hale bets Stiles that he can’t go six months with sleeping with the same person monogamously without falling in love with them, Stiles jumps on that bet. After all, he lives for proving people wrong. However, can he really go the six months of the bet without falling in love with Derek, or will he fall in love anyway?

Just One Day by Bappity_bap_ba_boop (2/10 | 2,381 | NR)

“Guys, seriously! This is unspeakable,” Stiles turned to glare at Erica. “What the hell?!”

“A bet is a bet,” she said with an evil smile forming is her devil red lips. “What harm can one day do? It’s just a day. At least, I’m not trying to make you run around the campus butt naked while carrying a plastic spear screaming ‘For Sparta!!!’ am I?”

“I’m still having nightmares from that actually,” Scott shuddered at the memory.

“I’m actually a little afraid of Mr. Broody Sourwolfy Alpha.”

“Well, that’s the dare. Won’t change it. Come on. Just pretend that you’re in love with him in so much passion that the whole room would feel the vibrations of your intense flirting!”

“I can’t do that!”

“Fine, just be public with your pretend feelings while Derek’s around,” Lydia suggested. “Tell a pick-up line, say he’s ridiculously handsome or tell him ‘I like you’ or ‘I’m crushing on you so hard’ or something along the lines.”

In which Stiles lost to a bet and needs to pretend he’s in love with Sourwolf.

“So even when we have the risk to plunge into eternal darkness and peril… you guys just stand there and discuss your love lives?” Peter sighed before adding, “Teenagers.”

Mejor Amigo.

Hola, ¿me recuerdas? Solíamos ser amigos, ah claro, hasta que yo cometí un error y gracias a eso, se acabaron dos amistades.
Lo siento tanto, es inútil, pero lo siento mucho.
¿Recuerdas? Nuestra amistad se basaba en confiar el uno en el otro, en expresar exactamente lo que pensábamos sin importar lo que los demás dijeran, de reírnos de los comentarios de doble sentido que soltabamos en el momento menos oportuno, se basada en decirnos “Te amo” en cualquier momento, en frente de cualquier persona. Recuerdo que me decías al oído lo linda que soy, en tus palabras, pero lo decías y yo como siempre terminada enfadada contigo.
Aquellos consejos, abrazos sorpresa, besos inesperados y estupideces, las extraño.
Espero de corazón, que encuentres a una amiga mejor que yo, de seguro ya la tienes. ¿Te hace reír? Seguro que si. ¿Te quiere? Obvio que te debe de querer, como no quererte. ¿Te cela? Eso sí no lo creo, nadie puede ser tan boba para celarte hasta con tu novia.
Te deseo lo mejor, que seas muy feliz. Te amo “Mejor amigo”.
+Ok. (Pasará lo que pasará, se que responderías eso, así fuera en modo de burla.)

- Natalia
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If you had to pick one profession that’s rife with gamblers, the last group of people that would come to mind would probably be scientists. But actually, it turns out that the people we trust with our cancer research and Earth-splitting death lasers are also the most likely to embark on research projects on a bet:Scientists wager all the goddamn time (so much that there’s an entire Wikipedia page devoted to their gambling exploits).

Which brings us to the birth of nanotechnology, the science of making microscopic machines that is already being used to improve everything from skin cream to pants.

In 1959, physicist Richard Feynman held a talk in which he described a magical future where scientists could shrink computers, medical equipment and all sorts of then-huge things to the size of those mites that live in your eyelashes. Considering that this was an era when computers were the size of a house and ran on whale oil, the predictions sounded somewhat ridiculous. So, Feynman decided to throw down the scientific gauntlet: He bet a cool grand ($8,000 in today’s dollars) that nobody could build a working motor that measured no more than 1/64 of an inch on a side. Just so you don’t have to break out your ruler, that’s about the size of a grain of salt.

5 Stupid Bets That Changed the World

anonymous asked:

do you have any fics with bets?

Save the Last Dance for Me by yodasyoyo (complete | 2,617 | NR)

Lydia bets Stiles she can get Derek to dance at her wedding. Stiles will take that action. Nobody has ever seen Derek dancing, so he’s gonna be fine. Right?

Thigh High by Hatteress (complete | 763 | Rated E)

Funny. It was supposed to be funny. Seriously, Derek had lost a bet and Erica had been in charge of the stakes which had been awesome because Erica is the bomb at coming up with hilarious embarrassing shit and-

This is all Erica’s fault.

love, the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket by thatworldinverted (complete | 4,718 | Rated E)

“There’s no way you, of all people, could keep your hands off your dick for sixdays, let alone six weeks.”

Six weeks is a long time to go without an orgasm, but when Derek challenges Stiles, all bets are off.

Game Plan by marguerite_26 (complete | 1,422 | Rated E)

“The rules,” Danny says, waving a wad of cash in one hand, a tape measure in the other. “First years – Scott, Stiles, Jackson – vs upper years – Isaac, Boyd, Derek. Cumulative length.”

Derek rolls his eyes. Boyd’s going to owe him for this. “Hard?”

“Hard as you can make it, big boy,” Stiles says, then he fucking winks.

The Rules of Shotgun Overrides the Rules of The Law by Wrxter (complete | 2,784 | Rated G)

Derek Hale arrests some lunatic who was running around a tree, chating weird stuff and disturbing an old lady. Turns out the guy is not a lunatic but the Sheriff’s son, who is actually quite charming.

The Right To Remain Silent by werewolvesandarrows (complete | 6,696 | Rated M)

Alternately Titled: Three Times Derek Cuffs Stiles + One Time Stiles Cuffs Him