Can I just cry about how miserable Levi looked this entire chapter?

In every single panel he appeared, his head is lowered and his expression so fucking depressing. I was waiting for any sort of a reaction at any point, but he is just so devastated. 

Especially compared to everyone else.

Even this guy notices how grim his expression is and thinks Levi has something against him. But Levi’s responses are empty and short, even though he usually has a tendency to be an opinionated little shit. None of that is left in the wreckage that is his life.

And then when you really think about it, you realize, not only is his entire squad dead and he hasn’t really had time to mourn them, his last family member is also dead. No matter how much Levi resented or felt betrayed by Kenny for leaving him behind, he saw him as a father figure. Only to find out that Kenny really was his uncle. And now he is dead too. 

And it is so fucking sad, I just want somebody to console him. And tell him that they’re there for him. 

But then Erwin fucking goes and tells Levi that he pretty much cannot really think of the future at the moment. Which typical Levi would have understood, but the current Levi only asked because I think, he needed some reassurance that they will be together (not necessarily romantically or anything) but just that he is not completely left behind by everyone and is included in someone’s future. But for the first time Erwin leaves him hanging and Levi is just fucking devastated.

And I just want him to be fucking okay, okay? Isayama, do something. 

Dial Tone

Based on this  from ectoimp‘s stream, and the conversation that went with it. Hope it sounds good. Biggest warning is that Lewis is an Ass with a capital A. But at least he’s above the whole murder thing (now, at least).

He didn’t know what exactly possessed him to do it.

Usually, it would have never even occurred to him; Mystery was an ever-watchful presence, eyes on both Vivi and Arthur in case he pulled something.

But tonight, on the outskirts of an unfamiliar town and in a potentially dangerous neighborhood, Mystery had let his nerves reach him, and when Vivi had left for groceries, he walked by her side. 

He had trusted that Lewis would do nothing to Arthur while Vivi cared for him, before proof that Arthur had “betrayed” him had been found. And if anything dangerous lurked, several cases proved that Lewis would reluctantly come to Arthur’s rescue, if only because if anyone was to exact “justice” on Arthur, it would be him.

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I want to see jasper and octavia bonding in season 3 because: 

-They both feel angry about their friends committing a genocide
-They both feel like they don’t belong, Octavia as usual, and jasper because he feels betrayed by his old friends for killing his new friends (and girlfriend).

imagine octavia being a big sister to jasper, offering him support.
imagine jasper crying over monty, his best friend, and clarke and bellamy, aka mom and dad, and than octavia tells him with all her angre about clarke and tondc.
imagine them hearing clarke had left camp, being angry together.
imagine jasper not really eating well, so octavia brings him food and tells him she is not leaving until he finishes everything. and it’s octavia, with her knives and such, so he has no choice. 


Summary: Felicity and Oliver embark on a road trip but things don’t go as planned when her mini breaks down, forcing the pair to spend a night in what seems to be a haunted hotel.

The past few weeks have been especially tough on Oliver. Thea betrayed by her brother’s concealment of her paternity, made it her life’s mission not to utter a word to Oliver. In fact, she wouldn’t even see him if weren’t for her involvement with Verdant and the need to keep up pretences for Moira’s campaign.

The shift in his family dynamics left him more snappy than usual. His lack of patience with training Roy, meant that Diggle felt compelled to take over. Oliver instead retrieved to spending most of his time patrolling the streets of Starling City and chasing petty thieves.

Today, however his flawed way of achieving emotional catharsis by fighting individuals on the wrong side of law, left him with a punch too many. The idiot, stupidly went after a whole gang the police were after for weeks, all by himself. Sure, in the end he again made the city a safer place but now when he flinched every time antiseptic was applied to his broken skin, Felicity didn’t try to mask her anger.

He noticed her clenched jaw.


She ignored him, and carried on with patching him up.

‘Felicity! If you have something to say, say it.’

She met his eyes,

‘I think you know what I’m going to say, but will you listen? No, so I’ll just save myself the trouble and keep quiet.’


She halted. The mere ‘fine’ left her irked and dissolved the invisible restrain that was keeping her overdue tirade at bay.

Fine?’ She took a deep breath. ‘No, it’s anything but fine. I think it’s about time you realised that you’re just human. We make mistakes and we deal with the consequences, I get that okay? But you can’t just carry on going on lets-see-how-many-thugs-I-can-beat-up sprees.’ she said lowering her voice on the last part.

‘You purposefully endanger your own life for no reason, Oliver!’. She poked her finger into his naked chest. ‘

‘Do you think I like sitting here, waiting for you to get back, not knowing how hurt you’re? Because trust me, I would gladly swap that for a good catching up session with Netflix.’ she said..

Hey’ he said his voice more gentle than before. Slowly, he placed his hands on her shoulders.

‘I’m sorry for making you worry’, he paused, taking a deep breath. ‘It’s the only way I know that makes me stop thinking of how I screwed up with Thea.’

She blinked. It only took him five weeks to open up, not bad, she thought.

‘Come on, I’ll make us some coffee.’

His lips twitched into a smile.

‘Oh, don’t get used to this.’

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High Price: A Neuroscientist’s Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society by Dr Carl Hart

Let’s not even talk abt how the part of the White House website dealing with  needle exchange just …disappeared. Obama–the Great Frustrated Hope of anti drug war activism

Twili's Minish Cap Glamour

A spell to make you small and unnoticeable, like the fabled Minish.

The Minish, also known as the Picori by Hyrule’s denizens, are small, mouse-like creatures. Usually invisible to anyone but good-hearted children, they mostly live in the forest, though some live in towns because of their love for humans. They also forged the powerful Picori blade, and left the Light Force to the Royal Family, proving themselves to be excellent craftsmen and magic users.

The great Minish wizard Ezlo created a magic cap as a gift to the Royal Family, however, when his apprentice betrayed him, he was transformed into a bird-faced cap. When worn by the Hero, Ezlo’s cap-form granted the power to shrink down to the size of the Minish.

What you will need:
- a hat
- paper
- a bowl of water

On your paper, draw a four-leaf clover, and the words “I am one of the Minish, small and unnoticed” (you can make a sigil instead if you’d like).

Drop the paper into the water, and let the water charge in moonlight with the paper in it. This is to charge the water.

The next step is to either anoint your hat with the charged water, or do what I did and just dunk the hat and let it soak. Imagine that when you put on the hat, you will turn into one of the Minish.

Let the hat dry, and it’s ready to wear!