Winter Blues

This is my contribution for @outside-the-government‘s Winter Blues challenge. 

Word Count: 1508
Author’s Note: My prompts were “I thought only kids got chicken pox.” and Jim. Enjoy!

It had been weeks since you’d had a full day off. The Enterprise had happened across six uncharted planets in a row, and each away team had somehow managed to come back with casualties. Even Bones, who normally came out of missions miraculously unscathed, had been injured on the last exploratory mission. Which left you temporarily in charge of MedBay. And left him ridiculously grouchy, and trying to micromanage you from his bed in the ICU.

“Y/N! You need to check on -”

“I already did, Bones!” You called, forcing an annoying sing-song tone into your voice. You knew it made him crazy.

“Well, what about the -”

“Supplies have been stocked and reordered, Bones,” you sang, tipping your head in the door. “Don’t make me come in there with a sedative to make you sleep.”

“Just let me double-check the -”

“I’m not kidding about sedating you.” Your tone was suddenly serious, and he met your gaze. “I’ve got everything under control. Instead of worrying that everything is going to fall to pieces without you in charge, why not sit back and relax in the knowledge that you trained me well?” He had the decency to look a little chagrined.

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snarkysnartes  asked:

Coldwestallen + "I thought you'd be gone by the time I woke up..." please :)

[nsfw text under the cut]

“Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess.”

Iris groans and rolls over in bed. Her mouth feels  like cotton and her fingers struggle to wrap around her phone as she tries twice to thumb off the alarm. Some mornings even Beyoncé can’t fix.


A pillow to the face accompanies Len’s complaint. His voice is thick and rough from lack of sleep. Iris turns over again and grabs the fluffy weapon in her hands, lowering it enough to see Len glaring up at her with the one bloodshot blue eye he doesn’t have mashed into the mattress.

“I thought you’d be gone by the time I woke up,” he adds, little more than a murmured slurring of words, and sounding a bit put out.

“I didn’t hear you get in last night,” Iris says, stroking her fingers through Len’s close cropped hair, the last traces of deep brown barely hanging on against a sea of grey. She then moves to trace her thumb in circles over his temple until the furrow in his brow softens, leaving behind a fine set of lines she both tries and fails to resist the impulse to kiss.

“Flash drama,” Len replies by way of explanation. Iris glances over his shoulder to the far end of the bed where Barry’s sprawled out, mouth open wide, a line of drool trickling down his cheek. It should be disgusting but is adorable instead.

“Sorry I woke you,” Iris says.

Len snorts. “We can’t all sleep like speedsters.”

Shuffling forward, Iris steals a quick kiss that’s meant to be a quick goodbye but stretches long and lazy in the comfortable intimacy of the moment.

“How long until you have to leave?” Len asks when Iris finally pulls away. She checks her phone – five after six.

“About an hour,” she replies. It’s a little earlier than she usually gets up, but, “I didn’t shave last night.”

A crooked smirk pulls at Len’s lips, and though his eyes are still narrowed and puffy from lack of sleep, he looks more awake than he did just seconds before.

“Wear pants.”

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“Alright,” Bones says, sitting up. He’d been tilting his head back against the cool stone wall, trying to think. “I have an idea. But you’re not going to like it.”

“I am open to any suggestion that involves my continued survival, Doctor.” Beside him, Spock looks like he’s trying to move as little as possible to avoid another spasm of pain radiating from the wound in his side.

“Okay, but just remember you said that,” he tells Spock, readjusting so he’s facing the Vulcan. “Here’s the thing. Vulcans inherently have… a shit ton of feelings. Big, bad, ugly. Stop me if I’m wrong.” Spock doesn’t stop him. “But you repress it all. You, your people, you’ve learned to lock it down. Which, contrary to some not-so-nice things I might’ve said in the past, is fine. That’s fine. But you can’t really repress pain in the same way.”

“I feel fine,” Spock assures him.

McCoy rolls his eyes and lets out a huff of air. “Jesus, you’re a worse liar than Jim. Look, my point is— you’ve got that Vulcan intense pain but you don’t have the Vulcan intense emotions to ward it off. You’re, you’re shoving that down, but the thing is you need it or you’re gonna pass out from the pain, Spock.”

He blinks. “How do you suggest I fix that?” He sounds bored— or possibly just irritated at being told repeatedly how much pain he’s in. He knows.

“Endorphins,” McCoy says. “Endorphins, oxytocin… there’s a whole lot of chemicals you could really use right about now but your pointy-eared body isn’t producing them.”

“And how do you suggest I fix—” But Bones is already kissing him.

Their lips meld together, moving just slightly, apart and then back, and then back. Spock just seems shocked at first, and then he responds, slowly, the tip of his tongue grazing McCoy’s lip, their mouths meeting at a warm, soft place in the middle.

Spock runs a little hotter than the average human, and McCoy can feel it, that heat. Spock moves away, though, and he realizes the problem. Sure, there’s heat. But there’s no spark.

“Is this how you treat all your patients, Doctor?” He quirks an eyebrow.

McCoy leans back. “Only the ones that annoy the hell out of me.” He can tell that Spock is largely unaffected by the kiss. Bastard. “Fuck. Forget it. I’m sorry, Spock.”

“Well, I’m a Vulcan.”

“Yeah, I know. I don’t know how the hell Uhura put up with—”

“You misunderstand me,” Spock says, turning to face McCoy. “What I meant was…” He stops speaking, a puzzled expression on his face. Like he’s thinking, working toward a solution. And then he reaches out and takes McCoy’s hand.

It’s like nothing Bones has ever experienced before, and goddammit, he never realized handholding could be so… intimate. Powerful. He’s been elbow-deep in a torpedo before and somehow this is even more intense.

Spock glides his fingers over McCoy’s, their thumbs, knuckles, palms, sliding against each other like some kind of dance. Their fingers tangle and untangle, and then Spock grips his hand so tightly that McCoy forgets who’s supposed to be comforting whom. He feels safe suddenly, no matter what strange planet they’ve crashed on. He feels like he could be drifting into the void of space and Spock’s firm hand on his would anchor him no matter what.

It takes him a second to realize that Spock is smiling.

When they finally break apart, McCoy feels like he’s gotten the wind knocked out of him— in the best possible way. Spock looks a lot more relaxed.

“Thank you, Doctor,” Spock says, and though his face betrays nothing, Bones can hear the smirk in his voice. “I feel much better. Though— wouldn’t this be considered a breach of your Hippocratic oath?”

“Fuck you, Spock.”

“Well, that also raises endorphins.”  

Steter fic recs

His guys! For International Fanworks day, I figured I’ll rec a few of the Steter fices I love from AO3~ These are mostly older fices though. I chose from the ones I didn’t forget to bookmark on AO3… XD

Loan Wolves by veterizationAt seventeen, Stiles’ mother dies, and suddenly, with bills piling up, Stiles and his father are in financial straits. Enter Peter Hale, the loan shark.

I’m sorry, but this fic is perfect as far as Peter and Stiles’ dynamic go. I love the set-up, Stiles’ struggle with his life and how Peter just comes and makes it worse… 8D Anyway, I love this fic.

Before The World Gets Around To Ending by  TheHatterTheory -  Acknowledge it, move on.

THE PACIFIC RIM STETER AU I WAS WAITING FOR ALL MY LIFE. And it’s here, and this is it. And it’s perfect.

chasing tails series by  nezstorm - Peter is sixteen when he found Stiles.

These series are the. cutest. series. ever. I mean, werewfox!Stiles and teen!Peter growing up and having the cutest adventures and budding love? What’s not to love? I love these series, it always makes me happy.

And whatever Mar writes is pure gold, please check their other works out too!

it fit me like a glove by 1001cranes - There are probably plenty of universes where Stiles isn’t a murderer.This just isn’t one of them.

This fic was one of the very first fices I read for Steter. And I love the feeling of this fic, I’m still thinking about it a lot.

betrayed by bones by  veterization -  Stiles stumbles into wolfsbane that forces him to seek out contact from a particular person to stay alive. That person just happens to be Peter. Stiles hates his life sometimes.

Just as the summary says, and it’s adorable. I love it. It’s unique and well done.

in these hands i’ll hide by veterization -  It takes Peter ten years to realize he might have a problem. He leaves Beacon Hills and accidentally ends up finding Stiles.

I think this was the first Steter fic I read that left an impact on me for the pairing. I was searching a Peter centric fic and found this and I’m so glad I did. Because it’s perfect and it grew very special to me.


OUR CHILD BETRAYED US! @bone_nerd #halloween #halloweendecor #spooky #homedepo

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run back to you: a two-part mix about a love story that has a good deal of running.

part 1: the meeting, the falling (in love), the farewell
i. waitress - boy | ii. i am a heart - hey ocean! | iii. l-l-love - he is we | iv. 40 day dream - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros | v. another day - carousel | vi. the way i am - ingrid michaelson | vii. forro - the little ones | viii. carelessly (feat. dresses) - prince of spain | ix. as tall as cliffs - margot and the nuclear so & so’s | x. in the sun - she & him | xi. further - correatown | xii. if you wanna go - joy williams | xiii. sea green, see blue - jaymay

part 2: the realization, the running, the meeting again
i. new love - hey ocean! | ii. can’t let go - air traffic controller | iii. who have i become - best coast | iv. ridin’ in my car - she & him | v. saint catherine st. - sea wolf | vi. worlds collide - basic vacation | vii. betrayed by bones - hellogoodbye | viii. up, on & over - bronze radio return | ix. what can i do - joy williams | x. emmylou - first aid kit | xi. little voice - rebekah higgs | xii. be what you be - angus stone | xiii. you & me & the radio - abandon kansas

edit: home sweet home - angus stone was deleted on soundcloud and has been replaced by be what you be - angus stone.


Surprisingly Compatible – Goldenpetal13

AU – Asexual Stiles/Peter. Set just after 3A with various changes.)

Clean Slate – Goldenpetal13

Future Fic. Amnesia Steter Fic. Waking up I have no idea where or who I am. And there’s a guy who keeps coming to see me.

Stiles Stella Stilinski (Or Finding Out Who You Really Are) – Goldenpetal13

Set after season 2, ignores any and all season 3, Stiles has ignored part of himself for so long and as he ends up abandoned by everyone he can’t ignore it any longer, but maybe that’s a good thing, oh and a certain creeper wolf keeps crawling through his window.

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herodaisy  asked:

pls talk to me of full body blusher jim kirk who flushes pink at the slightest provocation and bones makes sure to turn jim as pink as possible at the most i opportune moment

ok, fine!

first time it happens they are – very predictably – both drunk. it’s late, they’re tired, almost half-dead and bones looks at jim and just blurts: “you have the amazingnest… no… most amazingnest eyes i’ve seen, darlin’” and jim blushes the prettiest shade of pink. bones dreams in pink that night and blames it on the cheap scotch.

second time it happens bones is stone cold sober. he can feel his anger rising together with the blush on jim’s neck when the pretty little envoy is whispering something in his ear. jim smiles politely but his reddening cheeks betray her intent. bones watches the rosy hue spreading across jim’s face, ears, neck… his hands hurt from clenching his fists and his chest hurts from things he refuses to think about.

third time it happens they’re on the bridge. jim is all smiles and cheer, happy and lose and confident. leading his crew on yet another mission. radiant and golden and so damn beautiful bones forgets that he needs to breathe. he stares at jim with all the longing and affection that are in his soul, totally unaware that they show on his face. jim turns back to say something to him and his words die on his tongue the second he looks into bones’s eyes. and bones can only stare, horrified and rooted to the spot. jim blushes slowly, from the roots of his hair down and bones’s eyes follow the blush all the way to the collar of the captain’s tunic. bones knows what he must look like. he knows he must look starved. he is starved. the silence on the bridge sobers him up and he flees.

the fourth time it happens is after weeks, weeks of awkward silences and stealing glances and bones has had it up to fucking here. they’re best friends, dammit! they can work this out. he strides into jim’s quarters to find the captain standing by the desk, looking surprised at seeing his cmo; he takes a deep breath, steels himself and closes the distance between them as quickly as he can. jim tastes of coffee and candy and his cheeks are marshmallow pink. neither of them hesitates when bones kisses him again. and again. and once more for good measure. “i need to know how far down this blush of yours goes, darlin’…” jim’s face turns scarlet, but his eyes shine like the moon when he nods his yes