==> Betram: Wander the woods

You were wandering these woods alot more lately, as you had noticed. Probably with your most recent birthday and the clock ticking on how long you could stay secluded and unnoticed, you got restless, you wanted to live life a little before you were probably caught for your curse and killed. The down side was living usually involved other people, and most the people you’d ever met were dead. You weren’t gonna risk anymore, so you wandered your woods day after day, your hive in the background. You doubt you’de see anyone, these woods were supposedly cursed, really the curse was just you. Oh well, maybe someday you’ll wake up and everyone you see won’t die, til then, here you were.


I know a lot of us are thinking Betram is to convincing as Red John, especially at the start of this season. So we think he can’t be Red John cause he is too obvious. What if that’s what they want us to think but then he still ends up being Red John? Just something to think about. I personally still think it is Ray Haffner.

Neue Fotoausstellung in der GISA Marburg

Stolz halte ich hier die aktuellste Ausgabe der Vereinszeitschrift “Der grüne Faden” des St. Elisabeth Verein Marburg in der Hand. In dieser Zeitschrift wird auf einer Doppelseite über meinen Werdegang in der Fotografie und über meinen Weg zum St. Elisabeth Verein berichtet. Unsere Fotos, welche wir auf hochwertigen Leinwänden aufgespannt haben, werden in den Fortbildungsräumen der GISA Marburg…

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*Betram stared around him wide eyed. He’d gone to the market for just a few moments, just trying to feel like a normal person again. Now here he was, surrounded by blood and bodies, a rockslide crushing the entire place and all who were there. He shook at the horror he had caused*

(So, i’m working on fantrolls this morning, here’s one i think is going well

Name: Betram Eurasi

Blood: Purple

Age: 10 sweeps.

Pesterchum: HauntedPillar

Lusus: A large raven 

Location: He lives on a high cliff without any cities or sburbs for miles.

Personality/Story: He’s a quiet person with a guilt riddled past, he brings bad luck to all those around him. He angers easily, and isn’t very friendly, but he feels deeply for those hurt, even when it wasn’t by him. He’s cursed with a shadow of death, not on himself but all those around him, whether he knows them or not. It started when his ancestor murdered his twin in cold blood over a treasure. Since then all of his line have been cursed with the death of all those around them, they often died alone, or were assassinated as “A threat to the general populous”. He stays away from everyone, even those he would prefer dead.

Syladex: He uses an eye chart syladex, he must spot the item he wants on a chart, it’s row and collumn, from 20 feet. He has 20/5 vision so it isn’t a problem.

Strife specibus: Fankind

Quirk: Capitalizes Y’s, R’s, O’s, W’s, and C’s. [   .He keeps his sentences far away from his conversation partner.   ]

Horns: Small split horns facing up.

Title: Rouge of light

Land: Land of tunnels and rivers

Appearance: 6’ 5”, Straight black hair in a pony tail, He wears a long cloak that obscures most of himself, under it he wears a skin tight flight suit. He uses large fans he can attach to the suit to glide from high places.

I cleared it with that he’ll be related to

He’ll make an appearance soon.)

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