I don’t even know where to start when approaching the subject of Phoot Camp. This summer camp of photography, where lifetime friendships are formed and creativity explodes over a weekend, is a mind-bending experience that has become one of my yearly highlights. This was my third time and, for reasons I still can’t fully grasp, my favorite yet. The amount of talent that came together to play and create in the desert was just staggering. Plus! They all turned out to be really nice! And good looking to boot? What is this? An Aaron Spelling photography-themed soap? No way José!

BIG thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this year’s event. I just started using them for my website and couldn’t be happier about it. Thanks also to dream-team Matthew Mahon, Garrett Cornelison and Chad Nicholson for making it all happen, to Ryan Schude for yet again making group-portrait magic, and to Phoot Camp creator Laura Brunow Miner… oh Laura, what can I say? That I now owe you many of my favorite friends? I can’t handle the gratitude.

I’ve uploaded a few of my favorite shots from this year’s Phoot here; a short-but-sweet selection that I’ll be sharing daily on Tumblr for the next few days. Hope you enjoy it.

So we’re in the middle of nowhere in Sussex, living in a (modified) barn and loving it. It’s increasingly clear that leaving everything behind to start over in Europe was the best decision we ever made. We’ll be hanging out with @neilberrett and @hellopoe in a few days, then off to Germany! #europingaround (Taken with Instagram at The middle of nowhere, West Sussex)

Made with Instagram

Daniel Seung Lee, being tender with a horse.

I’ve finally finished unpacking and getting the new computer up to date so I’m ready to edit! Phoot Camp was amazing this year and it’s hard to believe it’s already over. As always, a MILLION thanks to Laura Brunow Miner for creating this oh-so-hard to describe haven for creativity and fun and to Virb for sponsoring again this year. To reunite with old friends and to meet a bunch of new amazing people, it’s the best feeling and I’m looking forward to seeing the magic you all created!

And now let the Internet-assisted friendships bloom!

Phoot Camp is receiving applications for this year’s event!!!! I can honestly say that Phoot Camp changed my life. I highly recommend that you get off your ass and produce a stunning self-portrait and send it NOW (or until April 30th.)


At first I was like this… but then I was like this!! (you get the idea).