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John who sometimes has extra eyes sounds like it woukd scare the shit out of the starbkaster crew. An extra eye appears on johns forehead when hes reading or trying to focus and Davenport has a panic attack because "DEAR GOD THAT WAS NOT THERE BETORE". Alsp it would be cool if johns extra eyes blinked out of time with his normal eyes, like when he blinks the extra ones open slower

i love how half of the john on the starblaster content is just the rest of the ipre being like Merle Who Did You Bring To Our Home. i could absolutely imagine dav wigging out n being like gugh merle could you at LEAST tellhim to not DO THAT in the PUBLIC LIVING ROOM and johns like what this ;/ n blinks open like twenty eyes all over his person n davs like GHSGHSGHGH

The Flames of War

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A rather tall skeleon, and his average height brother, wandered up to the shrine, squabbling the whole way.

‘this is stupid.”


“yes it is, there’s no such th- ow!”


“tch…” Arum rubbed his now-throbbing skull as he walked with his brother, glaring. Tox was bringing along a red, high-quality sword.

When they reached the shrine, Tox nodded to the priest, whom he’d seen betore, then went to where offerings were set down to present the sword, which he had forged himself.

Arum glared daggers after his brother, then turned his glare to the short skeleton cleaning up around the shrine, hostility coming off of him in waves.

“tch… what a waste of mountain space.”

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the person that said "pepsi cold, coke warm" is bc then they taste the same. bc coke was made betore refrigeration was a thing, and pepsi was made after, so coke wasn't originally created to be drunk warm. however, if you have cold pepsi and warm coke, they taste the same

wtf… i hate that

Hello! it’s finally here Zarriall fix exchange for Valentines Day 2015!

So everyone who is dying to write about healthy poly-amorous relationships between Niall Harry and Zayn , Sign up 

this is anonymous fic exchange, so it’s be like Secret Santa, but instead of Santa you will have Secret Valentine!

Theme: this is Valentine’s day fic exchange but fic’s do not have to be stricly Valentine’s day themed. Only requirement is that fic should be about three way relationships between Zayn, Harry and Niall

Dates: sign ups are open from today 20th November, 12:00 GMT +1

Sign ups will be closed in three weeks, December 4th, 12:00 GMT +1

you will receive your assignments from Dec 4th to Dec 7th

you can submit our work whenever your want before February 13th and your secret Valentine (author) will be revealed on February 14th


  • to sign up for this fic exchange, you should have Ao3 account, if you do not have it you can easily create one here.
  • You have to request and offer, in your request, you will write your prompts, you can request from 3 to 5 prompts. please note what you want to and not want to see in your fics. in your offer you can write what you will and will not write. 
  • You should write only one fic from the prompts you recieve for this exchange, but you can use these prompts and write them for yourself.
  • when you receive your assignment, you shall not reveal who you are writing for. author will be revealed on Februart 14th.
  • minimum word count is 3000 words, but there is no limit, so knock yourselves up.
  • if you are in need of beta you can contact me.
  • and the most important: if you are not able to finish the fic before February 13th, please, plase, plase, contact me at least week betore the deadline

if you have any questions contact me on my personal blog Hiallstoran or on this exchanges’s blog zarriallficexchange.

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[INTERVIEW | TRANS] Dujun for GEEK Magazine, October 2014 - excerpts #2

(When asked to introduce himself)

DJ: Hello, I am BEAST’s leader and K-League’s Honorary Ambassador Yoon DuJun. It’s nice to meet you.

GEEK: Is that it?

DJ: Yes!

GEEK: Seriously?

DJ: If I say I’m K-League’s honorary ambassador, I bet people will show me even just a little bit off attention. I’m the first idol to ever become the honorary ambassador for K-League. Because of that, you don’t know how many Hyungnims (men older than him) like me, write ‘K-League Honorary Ambassador Yoon DuJun’ in the title. Just with that, it’s game over, haha.

trans: @dreamboys1016

GEEK: You’ve evaluated yourself as being narrow-minded/cautious in other interviews, and I’ve seen that. How have you been narrow-minded, please give us some evidence.

DJ: Narrow-minded. I’m very narrow-minded. Even if it is a simple sentence, I remember and keep it all in my heart. Especially when someone comments “that’s just so-so/not really (good)” about me or something that I’ve done, it all stays in my heart. “What’s not good about that?” “Just exactly what wasn’t good?” I keep thinking about it, over a few days. After continually thinking about it. I cuss/swear too. What is he/she to tell me that is not good?“ and after that, I think, "No… isn’t it just something they said without thinking?” and I comfort myself in that way. It stays that way for about four days. (laughs).

GEEK: Other than being narrow-minded, is there anything else? Tell us something about this person called Yoon Doo Joon.

DJ: Um… I think my heart is still staying at being a high school student. My character and daily behaviour hasn’t changed since high school days. Although I’m 26, but I still play well with my friends through games and soccer.

GEEK: Wherever you go, you speak about soccer. Do you like soccer that much? Why do you like it that much?

DJ: It is too deep and profound to describe that appeal in once sentence. For those who have played soccer, you will only be able to understand when your legs don’t move and when you are out of breath from playing soccer. Actually, if you say you play soccer for an hour, you don’t actually enjoy the full hour of it. There are times it is hard/ tough, and there are times when someone on our side plays absurdly and you get pissed… We call that “dog-legged play” (laughs). At times like that, you get really angry. But amidst that anger and tiredness, if you somehow end up winning, the adrenaline rush cannot be described in words.

GEEK: If you had to change your career, what would you do?

DJ: Physical Education teacher

GEEK: Isn’t it a bit too late?

DJ: Oh, you mean to seek a new career at this age?

GEEK: Yes, you can’t go back to the past, and if you’re not allowed to have a career in entertainment.

DJ: Then I’ll study.

GEEK: Why suddenly study? Did you do well in studies back in school?

DJ: No. How is that possible. I couldn’t invest in my studies. I was absorbed with / fell into the entertainment scene early. That’s why I have some lingering thoughts. Not that I regret it… But if I had to choose a new career I want to try studying. That’s a new challenge!

GEEK: What’s the menu that you have confidence in eating?

DJ: Chicken! I love chicken the most in the world.

GEEK: What kind of chicken?

DJ: I don’t choose. The flavour doesn’t matter. All fried chicken is tasty. The combination of chicken and fried (method) it in itself is heavenly. It is something that is comparable to Columbus‘ discovery of land - as grand as such a historical event.

GEEK: Other than chicken?

DJ: A store frequently visited is Pro Soy Crab. If we visit Japan, Ichiran Ramen.

GEEK: The one that is known as the ‘study cubicle ramen’?

DJ: Yes. If you visit that store, the thickness of the noodle strand, level of spiciness, additional topping etc. you can adjust accordingly to your preferences. I’ve tried wrapping the chashyuu meat in seaweed/Iaver slice too… Whenever we visit, we try different combinations each time but the level of spiciness is fixed. Always twice the spiciness, with additional garlic. That’s the tastiest. Ah, now that I’m talking about it, I feel like eating it… The other members love lchiran Ramen too. Other than Hyunseung.

GEEK: What about Hyunseung?

DJ: Hyunseungie has a very unique taste. Hyunseungie has a very distinct character so even if it is the ramyun that the other members love a lot and he doesn’t like it, (we think) “it is possible that Hyunseungie can do that to ramyun”.

trans: @xiangie0105

GEEK: Tell us some secret that fans didn’t know.

There’s nothing like that. Seems like you don’t know the greatness of our fans.

GEEK: Greatness of your fans‘?

Yes. Our fans even know things that I don’t know (about myself/


GEEK: Aren’t there times when the members fight with each other?

DJ: No. I think we haven’t fought for almost 3 years. Because we’re so used to each other now, we know that we’ll fight 'if we cross this line’.


I’ve seen Yoon DuJun trom a distance betore. It was last year, and it my memory is correct, somewhere between summer and autumn, at a set tor a sports brand photoshoot. The BEAST members didn’t say anything during the whole photoshoot to the extent I wondered how those young men who sing and dance o stage could be that quiet, so the film set had a cold and heavy mood. (skip) Before leaving the studio, he went to the photographer and I saw DuJun whisper something to him. The way he had his hand on the photographers shoulder and the side view of him talking seemed really friendly and warm. After he left, I asked the photographer, “what did Yoon DuJ'un say?” “He said he’s thankful and sorry, because it must have been hard to do a photoshoot in a film set when everyone didn’t have much energy and was in a sensitive mood because they pulled an all-nighter.” And after pausing for a bit, the photographer also added this “DuJun is always like that. Mature and very thoughtful [of others]”.

trans: @dreamboys1016

140517 CeCi June 2014 BEAST Interview Excerpts:

Excerpt #1
Q. Congratulations on your comeback, It would be nice it you can tell us about the new album so those who are waiting tor it will get excited.

Dujun: This 6th mini album is, ah, it’s already the sixth (laughs). It’s full of BEAST’s manly charms,
Junhyung: We wanted to go back to the beginning, to the days when we were crazily out of breath on stage, we also missed it.
Yoseop:  Even though we want to tell you more in detail, we’re afraid spoilers would become a problem (laughs).
GiKwang: Compared to previous albums, there’s going to be a different and drastic change for sure, that’s why it’s still a secret.
Dongwoon: For the newness, we would discuss about it often through our group messenger.
Hyunseung: Either way it’s an album like BEAST. If there is anything different than betore, I would say we aged with more depth.

Excerpt #2
Friendship. It’s more than being in the same team

Yoseop: Friendship. The expression team work is also good but I want to say it’s friendship. There are emotions that are deeper than being in the same team or being members.

Excerpt #3
Q, From debiut till now, what do you think is different in the way you guys see each other?

Gikwang:  Dujun is still reliable and trustworthy as a leader, Hyunseung is doing really well in creating his own style and image, Yoseop who is always sincere and has a strong sense of‘ responsibility is awesome as a person, Junhyung has matured artistically as he fills himself with musical greed. And the youngest Dongwoon has become more witty recently. Before he would have a passive attitude without saying anything behind the hyungs but now he leads the ment and freely speaks out.

TRANSLATION by @dreamboys1016 : do not remove