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this is a self portrait of me in pop art responding to Louis Dear

Another belt?

Some of you guys/gals might remember me getting my yellow belt(5th kyu) in karate about 2.5 months ago. Today after practice I got told that a belt test for orange belt(4th kyu) would be somewhere in May. That was quite the shock because in judo the belt test for 4th kyu is somewhere in the very late 2016, which would be about 9 months after the test for 5th kyu. Is it normal that these belts are dropping so fast? Even the 9 months in judo seems quite short.

My art work should be this way round.

I had opened opened up my work at an exhibition and currently selling prints! yay!

however they’ve put my artwork the wrong way round.

im really angry at this because it’s disrespecting my art and the hard work that I have put into it.

i asked if they could change it to the “right” way, they said “No,it looks better this this way”. Heck no! my sweets are not meant to be falling down. it’s like saying “if you turn your head sideways it looks better or i get it” it’s just rude and disrespectful.

i have 3 slutions now

I will dress like a ninja and then at night…

1- I will turn every painting the wrong way round to prove my point

2- i will go myself and turn it

3- i will steal my painting. i won’t allow to put up my painting somewhere where they don’t respect my art. the space that my painting is could make other people proud because they can hung their work there instead of mine.

'Zoolander 2' a Londra, Ben Stiller e Owen Wilson imitano i Beatles

Tappa londinese per gli attori di Zoolander 2 che hanno presentato in Inghilterra il loro nuovo lavoro. Ma prima della serata glamour, Ben Stiller e Owen Wilson hanno voluto ricreare l'immagine iconica dei Betles fuori dagli Abbey Road Studios di Londra.