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24 with jeff hardy?

Prompt: .“It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”

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You were so excited Jeff and Matt were making their return to the WWE, not only would they be in the tag team championship match but they would be dong it at Wrestlemania 33. You stood backstage with some old friends watching as The New Day announced that there would be a 4th contender for the tag team title. Every one thought The New Day were inserting themselves into the match up, until the music hit. The crowd went crazy as your husband and his brother performed their iconic entrance.

“It’s great to see the boys back.” You turned to see Nattie standing behind you, arms crossed and a smirk plastered across her face. Out of all the women Nattie was one of your oldest and closest friends and it had been a while since you had seen her. You pull Nattie into a hug.

“I can tell they’re already happy to be here, they haven’t even found out the results of the match and they were already acting like they’d won.” Nattie chuckled turning her attention to the match.

“The crowd looks excited to see the boys back as well.” you nodded wincing when one of the boys landed a bit awkwardly. Although you’d been married to Jeff for 8 years and dating him for 4 years before then you’d still never got used to some of the landings. The match was heading in favor of the Hardy Boys, Matt was currently trying to grab the betls while your husband was setting up one of the taller ladders. Sheamus and Cesaro were currently lay on some ladders suspended between the ring and the barrier, Jeff was now climbing a ladder above them.

“Oh no.” Nattie gripped your arm, both of you knowing what was coming next. Jeff climbed to the top of the ladder as you nervously bit your nails and he performed a perfect swanton bomb off the top of the ladder landing on top of Sheamus and Cesaro, breaking the ladder in the process. As all that was happening Matt managed to defend of Anderson and was now holding the Raw tag team belts. The crowd and everyone backstage errupted into cheers, Nattie pulling you into a hug, you smile was uncontrollable.

“I can’t believe they did it! This is going to be great for them.” Nattie spoke but she coud see you were itching to go and seem them, she gave you a final hug promising to text you later. Walking to the Gorilla you saw the boys heading towards you, running towards them you tackled both of them into a hug.

“You guys did it!”

Matt chuckled at you hoising the belt higher up on his shoulder.“What gave that away?”

You punched his shoulder and he pretended to be hurt by it.

“Jeff are you just gonna stand there and let her beat me up?” He looked towards his brother for assitance but Jeff just nodded.

“Yes I am going to let her beat you up.” You smilled at Jeff and poked your tounge out at Matt as he walked away.

“Whipped!” He shouted back to you two. Jeff just chuckled and shook his head.

“So, how does it feel to be the champ?” You smile up at Jeff, leaning up to give him a kiss.

“I’ve been a champ for 12 years. This is just the icing on the cake.” He gave you a wink before wrapping an arm round your waist, pulling you in the direction Matt just went.

“You’re such a cheeseball.” You both cuckled, stopping every now and then with people congradulating Jeff.

“And yet you’ve been married to me for 8 years.” Rounding the corner you caught up with Matt who was waiting for you two by the promo area. After a couple of backstage interviews and photographs the boys decided to go out and celebrate. Back at the hotel you were putting the finishing touches to your make up when you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist.

“You look absolutly stunning babe.” Jeff muttered as he pressed some kisses along your shouler and up your neck. You relaxed back into his touch and let out a contented sigh.

“You don’t look to shabby yourself.” Taking in your husbands apperance you notice he’s wearing some black jeans and a white button button up. His hair was tied up in a bun making his jaw look even sharper. Bringing your hand up you rub it genty along his beard, pulling him down for a passionate kiss. Jeff’s hands slid down your waist to grip your butt as your hands gripped the back of his neck causing him to moan a little.

“We better get going or Matt and Reby will think we aren’t going.”

“I’m sure they’d manage if we didn’t turn up.” He smirked, leaning down to capture your lips again, pushing his tongue into your mouth causing you to moan this time. Reluctantly you pulled away making Jeff pout.

“Come on you. Lets go. We can resume this later.” You winked at him moving past him to walk out the door. Jeff slapped your ass has you walked by.

“Damn right we will.”

You finally caught up with Matt and Reby at the bar and a few hours later its safe to say everyone was a little more than drunk. You and Reby decided to be the responsible ones and not drink as much as the boys. Looking across the room Matt and Jeff were currently joking with some of the other superstars who had arrived at the same bar. Reby let out a yawn looking at her watch.

“We better get going. I think the boys have to be up soon.” She yelled over the music. Looking at your phone she was right, it was nearing 3am and the boys had to be up at 6. Walking over to the boys Jeff saw you giving you a goofy drunk smile.

“Baabbbeeee. I missed you.” He pulled you into a sloppy kiss causing you to giggle.

“You saw me like 5 minutes ago.”

“Exactly…those 5 minutes were the lonnnggeessttt 5 minutes of my life.” Shaking your head at his drunken words you grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the waiting taxi. Jeff was having a little trouble walking so helped him but slipping an arm around his waist, which of course he made a dirty joke about.

What fet like the longest journey back to the hotel you and Reby managed to get the boys back into their rooms. Shutting the door behind you and Jeff you turned to be face to face with said man. He placed his hands on your waist and pulled you into another kiss.

“No no mister. You need to head to bed.” Pulling away from the kiss you pulled Jeff to bed and made him sit down, turing away you went to grab him a glass of water but Jeff grabed a hold of you pulling you down to sit in his lap.

“You said we could resume this later….Well it’s later.” His hot breath fanned across your neck making you shiver. Prying yourself from his grip you stood up.

“Yes but you also have to be up in….2 hours” You managed to avoid most of his advances and successfully pulled his shoes off. Pushing him to lie down you could see that he quickly became tired. Placing a kiss to his hair line you grabed a bottle of water and some painkillers out of your bag and placed them on the dresser. Quickly chaging out of your dress you slip on some pj’s and cuddle to Jeff, he was not going to be happy having only got 2 hours sleep.

At 6am your alarm went off and you heard a groan from behind you, reaching out to turn your alarm off you felt Jeff pull you back into him.

“Morning sleepy. How’s your head?” You gently brush some stray strands of hair from out of his face.

“I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus and then a car…..and the bus came back just for good measure.” You giggled at him, placing a kiss to his forehead. Swinging your legs over the side of the bed you streatch and yawn, regretting staying up so late with the boys. Grabbing the bottle of water and painkillers you sit on Jeff’s side of the bed and hand them to him. He took them and looked up at you thanking you.

“I feel like a vodka would work better.” He grinned at you swallowing the tablets and chugging half the bottle of water.

“It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.” Standing up you head to the shower and turn it on. “Come on Mr Champ. You’ve got a busy day ahead and I still have a promise to keep.” You winked at him but Jeff simply looked confused. Striding across the bedroom you pulled Jeff in for a passionate kiss causing him to gasp a little. You took the opportunity to slide your tounge into his mouth and you both battled for dominance. You both pull away slightly brethless.

“Oh that promise.” Jeff looked at you biting his lip.

“Yeah I heard it’s a great cure for headaches.” With that Jeff picked you up and headed to the shower.

“Well why didn’t you begin with that.”

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Pls pls pls explain panics history in terms that sound like fan fiction a 12 year old wrote, it'll be beautiful

okay this is SO not in detail and i missed SOSOSOSOSOOOO MANY parts and it doesnt even sound 12 it sounds like fuckkin NINE YRS OLD but here goes


*~~~RYAN POV~~~*

hello im ryan ross im 18 and i liv in las vega im in college i hav a schlorship in creativ write but i dnt wana b in collage i wnat to travel th world w/ my band paainc at th disco *sigh* i wuz in band practise today w my bandmats spencer adn bretn and trevior 

2day i realiszed trevir sux so i want 2 get a new guitarer so i did and his name iz breadbin urine and like he’s SO HOT like i cud not evieeenn. im lyk sooooo in luv with him i made him lead singer so i ken stair at him when wer playinfg showzzz

i sent pepe wrontz (he’s th BAEssist of fell out boy and omgzz he’s lyk sooo hot but not as hot as breadbin) our songz and he actually massaged me and sed he lyked dem i wUz like O M G PEpeT WrONTZ!!! he sed he waz gonna cum hiere 2 listen to us play and if he lykk us enoff he myt sign as and make us famousz i was like OMGZZz!!! CRAYZE RIGYT?????

so pepe wONRTZ wnet 2 watched us plyay and hE LIKED US AND SED HES GNonA SIGN US AND HE BOUGHT US DEL TACO OMG!!! i dropd out ov collage and we finishd our 1st alboom a fevre u cant swet out i wrote ol de lyrix!! theyre abt my alkoholic dad he didnt lyk i dropd out of colage 2 mek mousic….

we tourd a lot we wer mekup on stage im soooo good at makup sometyms i do breadbin’z makeup and i get 2 breathe hiz air its soooo hot sometimes breadbin kissez me on stage i think he lovs me??? we kickd brent out of th band becos hes a SHIT BASSIST!! even breadbin is bettur breadbins so talentiiiidd <33 we replacd him w the academy is old gitur tech jon!! 

we wentz (haha geddit?) to a cabin 4 our nxt album pretty odd we got hi a lot alot and wrot sum cool sonzgz it was a betls sounding ablum and most of d lyrix i wrot wer abt breadbin <33 we tourd and i didnt lyk d critix sed we suk :( i jos wanted 2 make folk ablum abt breadbin :( 

breadbin sed he wont a mor pop albmu and i sed NO!! i lykd fok moosic we had flowerz on stage and i get 2 wear cute scarvf!! but breadbin and i fought and me and jon endid up leavin band…i was so sad i dint want 2 leave breadbin and spence but me and jon wnted 2 make folk ablum!!!!!


ryna and john left de band but mi and spenxor still mak moosic fuk dem!!!!! we mad album call’d vices nda vitroos and 1 of our songz made it to SMURF MOVIE LIKE OMG CNA UYO BELIV I LOVE SMURVES!!!!! SEE I DON NID RYNA AND JOHN!!!!! but i steel wrot sum songz on d albmlu abt ryna……i miss ryna……so….much……

we got new BAEssist his names DALLON so dat now i kiss OTHER MAN ON STAGE NOT RYNA!! cant kiss spenxor bec hes on the drooms….i got a gf too her name iz sarah shes saoooooo prittey!!!! like sooooooo prettye PRETTIER THAN RYNA!!! SO PRITTYE DAT I MARRYD HER!!! TAKE DAT RYNA!!!!

we wrot new album its colld 2 weird 2 live 2 rer 2 dye!! but spenxor had to stpo tournen bec he had 2 take care of himself he has an addiktion :( :( :( :( so it just me and dallon and tourin drummer…

a lot of intebriew still ask mi abt ryna and john and it mak me sad answer questions abt dem i miss dems…………spenxor left d band offishculy already and it mkea me sososoosooo sad…why do all my friends leaf me……..i wrot hallelujah song abt RYNA SO GAY!!!!!!!!!!!

(2 b continue………)