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You said that the Oilers don't have any defence and they "suck at drafting outside of the first round" while I see lots of evidence to support your second statement they have Nurse and Betker in their system (both defensemen and Betker was not a 1st round pick) they also have Ference to help develop these guys and there are lots of defensemen available later in the 2015 draft, Henley and Gatenby are two examples. They would just have to develop them well lol. (I'm not an Oilers fan just facts)

They have prospects that can be something I really, really like Nurse! But how much would you place in the Oilers management developing these players and not rushing them? The list goes on the number of prospects they’ve ruined from past guys like Sam Gagner and Andrew Cogliano to rushing and waisting a year of Leon Draisaitl and u can keep going the Taylor Chorney’s of the world and the list goes on and on. Sorry I don’t hate Edmonton I just hate that their stooges get a chance at another #1 pick and I’m letting my Leafs bias and emotions show lol

Congratulations, Pax, you have been accepted into Kleos as your character of choice, Loki Betker. Every little quirk and oddity you gave to Loki matched my vision of him to a T, but in such a way that made him your own. I cannot wait to see what you do with him. Please create your character’s account and send it in within 48 hours. Otherwise we will have to reopen your role. Be sure to look over our checklist and read over/follow each step carefully. Welcome to Kleos, we’re glad to have you with us!

out of character section

  • Name or alias: Pax
  • Preferred pronouns: they/them/their
  • Timezone: EST
  • Activity level: I’m on break from college, so I have a lot of time on my hands. I can be on at least every other day, and I post quality, often lengthy replies. If conditions change and I can’t be appropriately active, I’ll withdraw before I’ll disappear.

in character section

  • Desired Role: Loki Betker
  • Character’s Gender: On the male side of the spectrum, but I don’t see him as entirely cis. He seems like the type to like occasionally cross dressing…
  • Character’s Orientation: Pansexual. This little shit is adventurous and doesn’t discriminate.
  • Why would you like to play this character: He’s unlike characters that I usually play, and I want to challenge myself. I understand that he is not Loki as seen in the MCU, which is a mistake I could see other applicants making. I think Loki is an interesting character with a lot of depth and a lot to offer his author and the other characters.
  • Describe the character in your own words: Loki is manipulative and exceedingly clever. He is the type of boy to steal for the rush of it and play with fire just to watch the burn. He’s like a raccoon in that way, tricksy and guileful. Nothing is off-limits for him, and he’ll break every bone in his body before he’ll do as he’s told. He is a shapeshifter. One moment he’s playful and talkative, the next he’s quiet and withdrawn. He hides a vindictive, cruel face behind a sweet and boyish mask. Whatever you do, do not trust him.
  • Character Positives: Intelligent; he is equipped with a fierce and unrelenting intelligence. He sees people and situations like clockwork, and knows what makes it/them tick and just how to fuck with that. Witty; he has excellent comic timing and can usually come up with the perfect comeback. Trouble is, he has no sense of when this is inappropriate or might get him in a jam. Playful; never threaten him with a good time. He’s not one to say no to a good time, especially if it entails breaking the rules.
  • Character Negatives: Solitary; he looks after himself and no one else. He has no real use for other people, even those that care about him. Careless; not giving a fuck is one of his defining traits. He doesn’t care about anyone or anything — only himself. Capricious; his emotions and behaviors can be called inconsistent at best. He is unpredictable, and prone to suddenly changing his mind or going from chipper to venomous in the blink of an eye.
  • What are their hobbies? Loki has an affinity for old, decrepit buildings and likes to explore them in the wee small hours when there’s not much else to do. Though he may be a little old for pranks, he still enjoys playing the part of the trickster. One of his guilty pleasures is staying home late nights, dressed in nothing but ladies’ panties and a t-shirt, smoking a cigarette and dancing to the Decemberists or Arctic Monkeys. He has picked up and put down so many hobbies that he can do a little bit of many things (few well).