siyyon asked:

I didn't know you watched SU-!!, anywhoo, Steven, Pearl, Rose, Sapphire, and.. tiny floating whale, u v u

i do!!!
steven/what makes you starry-eyed: good food! cute animals! jack! getting mail!

pearl/whats your lifelong obsession: i dont think i have one??? i guess I’ve always wanted to be a good artist but i wouldnt call it an obsession

rose/what traits from your parents do you see in yourself: mmm i have a lot of traits from my mom not all of them are good. i get my depression/anxiety from her. i get my lame sense of humor and interest in history from my dad i think…! physical traits wise: i look more like my dad.

sapphire/trademark thing that people recognize you by: my coworker has a thing that she calls “bethstyle” which is a cardigan, skinny jeans, tee shirt, and boots…!

tiny floating whale/if you could poof anything into existence what would it be: a summer wardrobe that i am comfortable wear thats also cute stylin. cuz i dont rlly own any summer clothes.