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Nothing matters - or maybe it does

Okay so as much as I love “the ABCs of Beth” I have to say how much I hate the comments a lot of people made about it. Saying the message of the episode (or the whole show) is only that nothing matters. While of course this is a point Rick and Morty makes, this is not where it ends.
Yes, when you think about the age of our earth, the number of people on it, the endlessness of the universe or even the possibility of infinite realities, you will come to the conclusion that nothing you did - or will do - will ever matter for the universe.
However this realization actually has a really positive side to it: If nothing you’re doing matters for the universe, all that matters is what you think does. You can set your priorities, you can decide what actions really fulfill you and then go for it.

“overcoming nihilism requires a profound acceptance and love for the inherent meaninglessness of life and then the creation of one’s own values, in the context of a marketplace of ideas.”

‘But where is any of this philosophy in Rick and Morty’ you ask?
Let’s put it in Ricks words: “Maybe you matter so little that I like you. Or maybe it makes you matter. Maybe I love you.”
And after Beth said she’s not sure what to do his answer makes it even more clear: “Then stay and be happy in the life you know you have chosen. My secret bonus is that no matter what you choose, you finally gonna chill the fuck out.”
So yes, no matter what you choose it won’t be important, but to know that it is your choice and your mind in your control, can make it matter to you and let you be complete. 
For example we can’t be sure if the Beth we see in the last scene is actually our Beth (finally happy with the decision to stay with her family and finally chilled out) or a clone and yeah, it doesn’t matter to the family, or to us, the viewers. But it matters for her. The decision she made won’t make a true impact for anyone but herself.
The meaning of life is that there is no greater meaning to it than the one you chose for your life.
That’s the message I get from that episode.


A24 | Films Of A Revolution edited by Fernando Andrés

Let’s not kid ourselves — the film industry has and always will prioritize money and publicity over all. And so, A24 is not returning to form — it’s going into the future. A future where films can be made for the sake of film, and filmmakers can harness the reigns of their story. Within the last half decade, A24 has established itself as a behemoth of indie cinema — a fearless and often risky venture aiming to bring the bravest and most unique voices of today to audiences everywhere. This is an ode to the revolution they have started, to the flame they have kindled, and of course, the films they have championed.