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Imagine one day Chad stops in on Sev's stream and Sev takes a break and when he comes back, Chad's still talking and Sev all smoothlike goes, "I'm back, thanks for keeping the show going, let me take you out to dinner next time we're together to say thanks" and afterwards Chad messages him like DID YOU JUST ASK ME OUT ON A DATE ON STREAM and Sev's all *shrugfacesmugface* maybe


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I will never be over Chad making Sevadus sit in his lap while he strokes Sev's face with a butt plug tail and innocently inquires about how to use it is my favorite thing in the world they are so fucking okay omg Chad is fucking Sev both literally and figuratively because that was intended on making Sev blush his ass off and it succeeded okay




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DJLJALGKJ you watch freelance astronauts too??? oh gosh i love those fuckers i wish they'd come back

Oh my gooood I was so into SA Lets Plays back in the day. I fucking loved Chip Cheezum’s MGS LPs. I remember the fantastic Animal Crossing LP that turned into a grimdark horror. Freelance Astronauts were pretty good. I liked Pokecapn’s crew better. 

I remember the Daikatana LP, when the game broke so badly on the SECOND LEVEL they had to no clip to proceed. I remember EvilTim playing the Castlevania 64 games, I even remember my favorite joke from it: “Now alchemy, for those of you who don’t know, is the science of not understanding chemistry or economics.”

I remember Diabeetus playing Battletoads and Captain Novolin, and oh my god that Link to the Past ROM hack, Parallel Worlds?! And when DeceasedCrab was pushed out of the forums for some drama… 

Oh fuck, I remember one of my favorites was Kingdom Hearts 2 Without The Cutscenes, by KungFuJesus. That was great. 


And I remember cursing furiously at FlareElevar’s Spyro series LPs because that fucker was so goddamn talented and owned THAT LEVEL.

I need to go and reread Princess Maker 2, which happened to be made by Gainax so the LPer cast Gendo Ikari as the father. Christ.

….. I am having a nostalgia overload.

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Name: Sare or Sarah

Nickname: Sare, Sar, Stare… etc etc

Birthday: June 29th

Age: 17

Star sign: Cancer

Gender: Female

Height: 5′3″

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Favorite Colors: blue, rose gold, black, pink

Time Right Now: 2:22pm

Average sleep: like 5 hours

Lucky Number: 8

Any Interesting Scars: uhmm i had one from burning my arm on the oven when i was making muffins but it faded… other than that theres a tiny one on my wrist i got when i was younger but i cant rememebr how it got there

Happy Place: i really like lake shores that have huge rocks surrounding it and lots of trees lmao kind randomm

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