OOp..! I never did one of these this is my first time I finally got tagged…! I’ll answer these IC and OOC, OOC ((Being written like this))

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What are you excited about at the moment?

A-ah, well, I-I mean my husband just got turned into a small child and I guess that’s got me excited in a negative sort of way..? I-I don’t know…

((OOP, that’s a secret, guys…!))

When was the last time you felt inspired?

Hm…. I’m not sure…. I-I mean… Truly inspired..? So much that my Muse came out..? … I-I think that was… p-painting the crib for my kids…. It’s nice to do something nice for them, yknow..?

((Last night… ! Talking to a friend…))

What’s been the one most consistent thing in your life?

Magic Anons.

((My emotions being so tied to my actions…))

What gives you butterflies in your tummy?

Greedler…. Especially when he does little romantic things just for me…!! … Th-that doesn’t sound too selfish, does it..?

((A lot of things, I tend to get anxious… but…. if you mean good butterflies, then Beth. :)  ))

What have you been thinking about lately?

…. Insaneler hasn’t bothered us in a while… I hope he isn’t planning anything….

((…………………………… Also a secret))

Who is your best friend? What do you like about him/her?

Once..? He’s A wonderful, kind guy…! He’s a great father to his son, and he’s a great brother-in-law..! I trust him a lot..!

((I have a lot of best friends, It’s hard to name one…))

What is more difficult for you, looking into someones eyes when you are telling someone how you feel, or looking into someones eyes when they are telling you how they feel?

I guess…. telling them how they feel…. I-I’ve never been good with eye contact…

((Neither have I…. definitely telling someone how you feel…))

You are on a flight from Honolulu to Chicago non-stop. There is a fire in the back of the plane. You have enough time to make ONE phone call. Who do you call? What do you tell them?

…… I call Greedler…. tell him my goodbyes… tell him how much I love him and that he means everything to me… tell him to tell the kids I love them so much, that I’m proud of them….. ….. I… d-don’t want to think about this anymore….

((…. Call Beth, Immediately…. let her know how much she means to me and that I love her with all that I have, and… that I hope she can stay strong without me…. A-and then… I-I’d sing our song to her… it’d be one of the hardest things I would ever be able to do….))

Favorite childhood memory?

Meeting Greed and Once… n-nothing much else…

((Kissing Beth for the first time, since technically I’m still a “child” because I’m not 18 yet…))

Tea or Coffee?


((Oh Gods, yeah, tea. Can’t drink coffee…))

Hot tea/coffee or Cold tea/coffee?

Warm tea~!

((Depends on the weather and my mood…))


What do you think about your local area? Do you wear your city/town’s name with pride or prefer not to talk about it?

You can spend the day with the person you love the most, what do you do? (24h, not 12h)

You can spend the day with your favorite fictional character, what do you do? (24h, not 12h)

A movie is being made of your life. You direct and cast this movie. Who plays you, and who plays your parents?

What is the song that represents your life?

What song do you think best describes the life of the person closest to you?

Is there a movie you love purely for the animation, regardless of characters and story?

Is there a sequel to a movie that you loved for the characters rather than the plot? Was just seeing your favorite characters again enough or does the plot make the movie?

You are suddenly able to travel anywhere in the world, but only enough for one trip there, another trip back home. Where would you go, why/to do what?

You’re suddenly in your favorite fictional world, however you must find a way return home by the time two days have passed or you will fade into nothing. What do you do/how do you spend your time there?

If you could hear one song right before you die, what song would it be?













ask-once-ler-and-greed-ler replied to your post:Terny would be Amaterasu Ghost would be Issun …

((what is okami))

it’s this hella cool game where you’re the goddess of the sun amaterasu and pretty much you just run around and kick ass and use your magical paintbrush to restore nature and beauty back to the land and there’s a ton of humor and the characters are all really great and the landscapes are dynamic and beautiful and did I mention the soundtrack it will make u cry

here is an advertisement for it it’s pretty hella