Okay. So we know Project LEDA is a project to create little girls, led by Mr. and Mrs. Duncan. It was financed by the army, who also led Project CASTOR to create boys.

So here’s the theory I came up with bethlovestrains:
The mythology says that Leda copulated with both Zeus and Tyndare. Two eggs were created: one with Castor and Clytemnestra, and one with Helen and Pollux. Notice that both eggs contained one boy and one girl. Now, what if Project Leda and Castor was actually a way for the army to create only boys, but girls were “casualties”. Like they needed to be created in order for the boys to be created as well. With this theory, we can imagine that for each girl clone, there is a boy clone. Cosima, Alison, Beth, Rachel etc. would all have twin brothers. The army doesn’t seem to have an interest in girl clones, that must be why the DYAD took the project after the army wanted it to be dropped.

So what about Helena and Sarah ? Well, they probably are a “factory error”. It would also explain why Sarah and Helena are both fertile, even though the clones are designed to be barren. The army probably found out about this mistake, and wanted Amelia to have an abortion, that’s why she fled.

So guys what do you think ? Does that make sense or we’re losing our shit ?