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The Schizophrenic Murdering Artist

Richard Dadd was a young British painter of huge promise who fell into mental illness while touring the Mediterranean in the early 1840s. He spent over forty years in lunatic asylums, dying at Broadmoor in 1886. During that time he painted, producing mesmerizingly detailed watercolors and oil paintings of which The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke is now the most well known.

Among the symptoms of Dadd’s illness – which sounds today like a form of schizophrenia – were delusions of persecution and the receipt of messages from the Ancient Egyptian deity Osiris. Dadd was commanded to kill his father and did so in the summer of 1843. After an equally well planned escape to France, the artist was eventually admitted to the Criminal Lunatic department of Bethlem Hospital in Lambeth (now the Imperial War Museum) and it was here that he painted the Fairy Feller. According to the inscription on the back of the canvas it took him nine years to complete, between 1855 and 1864.

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What is black sails

it’s a tv show prequel to treasure island set 20 years before the novel’s story & centring on the relationship between captain james flint and the man who becomes long john silver (and, largely, how he reaches notoriety) and the treasure that the novel’s about. 

the show’s backstory for flint is that he was a gay man in the navy who’s affair with a lord resulted in the former’s discharge and expulsion from england and the latter’s institutionalisation in Bethlem Royal Hospital and later (ostensible) death. grief and justified anger over the unfairness of England’s homophobic laws lead James to adopting the persona of Captain Flint and becoming the most famous pirate of his age.

the show is basically about him & the pirates around them as they fight internal issues and the the threat of the English and Spanish & their hunt for the treasure. there are 3 wlw in the main cast (two lesbians and one bi woman) who are all amazing. all the lgbt characters are very well written & important to the narrative which is. cool. 

i enjoy it bc of the normalisation of the lgbt characters & . the fact that they’re pirates, which is honestly just really really cool khbkh. it’s a good show story-wise and the characters are very well done. plus even beyond having gay/bi characters, the show isn’t afraid to have them being gay/bi be an important aspect of their stories, particularly for james and anne.

the storyline with james and him being gay is particularly well-done and has. kind’ve a very happy ending. it felt very healing for me ghbkh and i don’t use that word generally. but it’s good & i’d die for them all. tho if you do get into it check warnings bc there are some. intense scenes 


Where’s Thomas? They took him. Took him? Took him where? Bethlem Royal Hospital. We’re gonna get him out of there. We can’t. You watch me.

Hello! Okay, I’m gonna be honest with you all, the idea for this video came while I was listening to this song because I am trash and I was wondering which of Taylor’s songs would fit them I was dying of feelings. I decided to upload it here because I wanted to preserve the original audio of the song and Youtube wouldn’t allow me that (we all know how she is with her songs’ policy). I hope you enjoy it!

James: ¨Lord Hamilton isn’t someone we should be wary of, he is exactly the kind of man we should be listening to.¨

Alfred: ¨This ends quietly, permanently, and in a manner of my choosing.¨

James: ¨Where’s Thomas?¨
Lord Ashe: ¨They came. The earl’s men. It happened quickly before I could do anything to stop it. They took him.¨
James: ¨Took him? Took him where?¨
Miranda: ¨Bethlem Royal Hospital.¨

Miranda:  ¨If he were here, he’d agree with me.¨

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Weird random question: do you have any tattoos? (Just one of your random followers running around and asking everyone random questions, not trying to freak anyone out)

Random questions are good =) I have a big pair of raven wings in an Aubrey Beardsley style on my back, and a shield based on the crest of Bethlem Hospital on my shoulder - both designed by me. I have two other small plain tattoos but am planning on getting them covered over with new designs =)

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I just saw this. I have never heard of this word because english is not my mother tongue.

So I look at the word and instantly thought of EDDIE LAMB!!!!

Oh good Lord!!
just place the B to the end and you will get ED LAMB!!!!


so totally freaking out all alone I started to google the meaning of this word. It’s basically another word for crazy, a mess and/or mixed up.

*cough* mixed up letters *cough*

Also, which is a bit too obvious for PLL, there is a mental hospital called the Bethlem Royal Hospital in London, which led me to Wren and his Dad and then back again to Eddie Lamb.

So either way in this episode there has to be something with Wren, Eddie Lamb and maybe Wren’s unknown father who was/is in a mental hosptial.

Side note:
When Emily’s Mom worked at the police station, Emily tried to look for Eddie Lamb in their database, but I think she was never able to finish her work or even look at the picture that was loading. I dont remember but were we able to see some clues there? Maybe a part of the skin?
Imagine!! Maybe Eddie Lamb is not the Eddie Lamb and is someone else?!😭😭 Maybe Eddie is Mary’s little lamb.

Mr Brightside

I changed it slightly, but not much! Hope you like this anon!

I am still taking prompts people! :) 

Mr Brightside

It had ended as soon as it had begun; they’d had their seven minutes of pleasure, she’d opened up to him and the sincerity of her vulnerability in that moment made him fall head over heels in love with her. But then, after their night together, her insecurities had taken over. She’d dumped him again a few days later and separated herself from the gang… it felt like a repeat of before and Finn had hoped that it’d soon return back to normal. But then he’d heard from Chloe that she’d ended up hurting herself again, gone back into the mental home. He’d tried to see her but he was refused entry, she didn’t want to see him and it killed him.

He’d picked himself up and moved on though, managed to get himself a little internship at BBC Lincolnshire which then led onto bigger and better things. He now found himself announced as ‘one to watch’ by heat magazine and was about to be announced as the new host of the lunchtime BBC Radio One show. He could get girls with the click of his fingers and he took advantage of it, getting used to the fast-paced lifestyle in London where he could go to a club if he was feeling a bit horny.

The girls were always the same; young, hot bimbos… always the opposite of her. If he was honest with himself, he never settled down because he hoped that one day she’d be on his doorstep. She’d beg for forgiveness and he’d take her back with open arms. It was only small these days, but it was still a hope.

He’d agreed to DJ the party as a favour. Well, it wasn’t really a favour but he pretended it was. Ever since Rae had stormed into his life like a tornado, leaving a trail of destruction behind, he’d wanted to do something to help… even if it was from afar. He’d spent his time donating anonymously to mental health charities, sometimes pounds here and there but whenever he got a large payout, he’d always give at least twenty-five percent. So when he was asked to do a disco for the staff who worked at Bethlem Royal Hospital just near London, he’d jumped at the chance.

The year was 2004, Finn was twenty four and he listened pretentiously through his headphones. He knew that he looked cool and out of the corner of his eye he could see two girls practically drooling at him. He smiled over at them, chuckling as they giggled between themselves. He presumed that they were inpatients and a little smile never hurt anybody. He spun ‘Mr Brightside’ by ‘The Killers’ into action, it was new out this year and had hit number 10 in the UK singles charts. It was a good tune, and Finn had a sneaky suspicion that it would become the anthem for the next generation of teenagers.

He stood back, taking a slurp of the pepsi that someone had given him. He’d asked for a beer, but realised how stupid he’d sounded as he stood in the middle of a mental hospital. As he leant against the wall behind him, his eyes swept over the room. People were dancing and having fun, and that was when he recognised a figure standing at the corner of the dance floor. They were dancing together to the song, her hand was placed on his chest and his arms fell to the small of her back. She looked alive and happy.

The pain he’d managed to bury over the previous seven years came rushing back to him, he’d always thought about her – always longed for her, and here she was, happy and with another man. He felt like a knife had stabbed him in the heart, wounding him in a deeper way than before.
“Rae” He croaked and his voice was raspy and quiet. Her head turned in his direction - she couldn’t have heard him, but it was as if her attention had been drawn towards him. He could make out his name drop out of her mouth, and the bloke’s eyebrows furrowed together in puzzlement as she began to walk over to Finn.

Finn’s heart began to pound in his chest, her hazel eyes were locked with his brown eyes and he couldn’t look away. He was lost in her, wanting to sweep her up in his arms as she approached him. She kept her distance, a little wary of how to greet him.
“Alright Finn?” She asked; her voice strong and independent.
“Yeah, you?” was all Finn managed to mumble; apparently she still managed to knock the wind out of him, rendering his use of the English language useless.
“I’m good thanks! Working here now, on me way to becoming a psychologist.” She smiled, rolling her eyes. “Who would’ve thought, aye?”
“Me” Finn replied curtly, and her mouth shut tight. The guy she’d been dancing with walked up behind her, and wrapped his arm around her waist. She struggled out of it, shooting him a irritated look.
“I’m Jamie.” The guy introduced himself, he offered out his hand to shake Finn’s but Finns stared at it with a frown on his face. “I’m Rae’s boyfriend.” Jealousy swept through Finn like a tidal wave, hearing the words escape Jamie’s mouth felt like acid to Finn’s ears. Finn’s scowl turned harder and Rae looked at Jamie with an expression on her face that Finn couldn’t quite read.
“Jamie’s not my-“ but she cut herself off, changing her response. “we’ve been seeing each other for a bit.”

Finn couldn’t stand the awkwardness for a moment longer, feeling nauseated and shaky he needed to get out of the room. He couldn’t just pack up though; he’d promised to play until 10pm and it was only 8:30. He threw a look over to his intern, Jonny, that stood at the side, biting at the cuticles around his nails. He was into mostly crappy RnB, and the adolescent boy had been dumped on Finn by BBC Radio One, claiming that Finn needed the help. Finn preferred to be independent, but right now Jonny seemed like an angel sent from Heaven.
“Yo, Jon!” He shouted out to the intern and the boy ran towards him like the rats flocked to the pied piper of Hamelin. “You got control of the decks for half an hour, I can trust ya right?” He asked, and the boy nodded enthusiastically as if Finn had just pressed a human heart into his hands, ready for a transplant. Turning back to Rae and Jamie, he could see that Rae was squirming a little uncomfortably with Jamie as he kept trying to insert his dominance by wrapping his arms around her waist.
“Right, er, I’m gonna go to a pigeon farming race.” He said, storming out of the room as fast as his legs could carry him.

The problem was, however, that as he walked into the corridor – he had no clue where to go from here. He was stranded in the middle of a mental hospital, he’d been guided through the various hallways with fobs and personnel and there was no way he was going to get out of it alone. He could feel the withdrawals for a cigarette kicking in strong, an old habit he’d kicked a couple of years before and he just needed fresh air.
“You stole my line.” He heard her voice ring out around the empty corridor, echoing in the alcoves. He spun around to face her, his heart breaking a millionth time as he saw her beautiful face.
“You broke me heart Rae.” He whispered, his heart cracking slightly.
“I’m sorry.” She muttered.
“Why did you leave again?” He asked, desperate to know what had caused their separation all those years ago.
“I wasn’t well Finn.”
“Yeah, but I didn’t mind that you got stuff.” He pleaded with her, feeling like the seventeen year old boy that she had dumped many moons ago.
“I know you didn’t, but I couldn’t handle me own thoughts… It took a long time for me to figure it out. It’s still a battle, but it’s easier.” She grimaced at him and his eyes fell to the floor, squeaky clean under his converse.
“So you’re better now?”
“Most of the time, I still travel back and see Kester sometimes… he was my therapist… but it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be.” Finn’s eyes shot back up to Rae and she smiled reassuringly at him.
“So, Jamie seems nice.” He commented, crossing his arms over his chest as he kicked at an imaginary piece of dirt on the floor.
“He’s a dickhead.” Rae chuckled and Finn felt a little smile tug at the corner of his mouth.
“Why yer datin’ him then?”
“I’ve been on two dates wi’ him. The girls who I work with convinced me to bring ‘im with me tonight. I knew it were a mistake as soon as I saw you.” Finn swallowed down an uncomfortable lump in his throat.
“That right is it?” He asked, his smile turning into a grin.
“So what if it is?” She replied, her face reflecting his slow happiness as they stared at each other. He suddenly heard shaggy make his way over the speakers in the hall and he groaned.
“What is this shit?” Rae asked, laughing coarsely.
“I believe, it is my intern’s choice of music… I’d better get back in there before things get dire.” He smirked, walking back towards the hall.

As he brushed past Rae, his fingers found hers and they entwined. Finn couldn’t wipe the proud grin off his face as they walked into the hall and past Jamie who stared at them incredulously. In that moment Finn knew that Rae was back for good, they had grown up a lot more now and would work together to make things work. Finn was happy again and it was all thanks to the one girl who had taken it away in the first place. 

Lost Boy (Nostelle) Part 19/19

Pairing: Nosty + Belle

Start from the beginning or Back to Part 18

A/N: This final chapter is dedicated to itschippedcup, who made a beautiful Nostelle gifset. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my Nosty-loving heart for taking this strange, rainbow-sanctioned journey with me.

And remember—someday someone you love may get lost. Go and find them.

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The Bethlem Hospital (formerly known as the ‘Bedlam’ asylum) is the world’s oldest institution to specialize in mental illnesses. In the present day Bethlem Hospital is known for it’s humane treatment on psychiatric patients, however for much of its history it is notoriously recognized for it’s brutal, negligent and inhumane treatment of its patients. 

The doctors, nurses 'cared’ for their patients via restraints and disagreeable or violent patients were manacled and chained to the floor. The noises emitted by the patients was considered so great, and so hideous that it would have driven a man even deeper into madness as opposed to curing him.

By the 18th century people could pay to visit the hospital and stare at the 'lunatic’ patients. For just one penny a person was allowed a look into their cells and view the 'stars’ of the 'Show of Bethlethem’ and laugh at their mad, incurable antics. 

The patients were also used as human guinea pigs for medical research. People carry on about Hitler and his malice towards the mentally ill, particularly in the nazi camps. However cruelty towards the psychotic, impaired, or depressed began well before the 20th century. It’s quite frankly disgusting, because just like Hitler, the camps and Nazis people had a clue of what was going on behind closed doors and did nothing about it.

the end is never the end

(hello!! this fic was inspired by one of my favorite video games, the stanley parable!! however, i feel the need to clarify that although it mentions a few things you may recognize from the game if you’ve played it, it doesn’t ring true to the story itself!! so pls don’t confuse what i wrote to like actual canon details from the game lmao)

This is the story of a man named Dan. To some, Dan lived a positively soul rending life, working a bland office job, staying in a cramped apartment, utterly alone. But he was never bothered by this; in fact, the seemingly monotonous job was what he prided himself most in. But one day, when none of his co-workers showed up, and none of the usual instructions he received daily came through his computer monitor, Dan began to wonder.

aka: the one where dan becomes aware of the narrator of the story

warnings: swearing, claustrophobia mention, fear of heights/the dark, death mention, and a dash of existentialism to top it all off (not much though dw)

words: 6k

genre: mostly comedy, with a bit of angst and fluff!!

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The #DuchessofCambridge strummed out some chords on a ukulele during a visit to a hospital school yesterday. Kate was taught to play the instrument by a boy at Bethlem & Maudsley Hospital School in Beckenham, Kent, headmaster Dr John Ivens said. Dr Ivens praised Kate’s ukulele playing. “She kept up with them,” he said and joked: “There’s a career there.”
—  @PARoyal

one gifset per appearance → visit to bethlem and maudlsey hospital school, beckenham (10/02/2015)

The Duchess of Cambridge visited pupils and staff at Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School in Beckenham. The visit was private and was not publicised in advance. A Kensington Palace spokeswoman said: “This visit was arranged through Place2Be, of which Her Royal Highness is Royal Patron, after learning about their work during the Place 2 Reflect conference last year to further develop her knowledge of the sector.“

The Duchess listened to the school’s head teacher Dr John Ivens, an educational psychologist; speak at the Place2Be conference on children’s mental health in June. Dr John Ivens said: “The Duchess’ visit went exceptionally well… The visit came as a result of a talk given last summer on the work that goes on both in the hospital and the school. The Duchess’ three hour visit showed this was of keen interest to her.”

Whilst at the school the Duchess recorded a video message to support the UK’s first Children’s Mental Health Week (16 – 22 February 2015).