“Some of the most writerly passages of Girl in a Band come when Gordon is writing about California, and they chime with Didion’s Slouching Towards Bethlehem (1968) and The White Album (1979). When her family arrives in LA, for example, Gordon notices that

everywhere were sprinkler systems, little metallic gadgets here and there twisting and chugging away at all hours. Nothing was indigenous — not the grass, not the sprinkler water, not any of the people I met. Until I saw Chinatown, I didn’t realize L.A. was, underneath everything, a desert, an expanse of endless burlap.

In a passage that is at once Didionian, Proustian, and Westian (Nathanael, that is), she recalls how the

aroma of old indigenous L.A. homes, even inland ones, comes from the ocean twenty miles away, a hint of mildew, but dry too, and closed up, perfectly still, like a statue. I can still smell the barest trace of gas from the old 1950s stove, an invisible odor mixed with sunshine streaming in from the windows, and somewhere, eucalyptus bathed in the haze of ambition.”

No Wave Feminism - M.J. Dinius on Girl in a Band


Palestine Fashion Week:  Pictures of Palestinians in traditional clothing from National Geographic Creative

1. A Bride wears traditional clothing with embroidered cloth and veil
2. An Elderly woman wears a veil and spins wool into yarn, Jericho
3.Portrait of Christian women in Palestine wearing antique veils, Bethlehem
4.. Two Girls wearing Shawls pose for a portrait in Huwara, Palestine
5. A Young Girl poses in the costume of Bethlehem in Jerusalem Palestine
6. Traditional Dress of Bethlehem
7. A young girl in Jerusalem, Palestine
8. A Muslim Matron of El-Bireh sits on a stoop
9. A Christian girl wearing a festal costume sits in a field in Ramallah