The 10 basic things you should know about Bethinshow for BethHeadversary Day

1. It’s NOT the Be Thin Show.

2. Don’t you even question the love she has for her family, friends and watchers. After live ended she added a second day so she could interact with us. Her friends and family make appearances constantly.

3. Beth’s spirit animal is Tilda.

4. Beth loves movies. Her favorite movies include Troop Beverly Hills and Home Alone. Bethinshow comes from the comedy “best in show”.

5. Beth’s favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard. Feel free to talk to her about it this Christmas.

6. Beth’s favorite summer drink changes each time. keep an eye and ear open if you really want to know!

7. Tilda!

8. She likes big shoulders/upper arm so she can really climb them.

9. Beth’s secret to nice hair is washing it.

10. Ignore 5, don’t do it. Don’t call Die Hard a Christmas movie in front of Beth. Ever. Especially If you want to live. Aren’t you glad you read this far? gotcha! :P