Unique Ah?

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Leave it to a brand like Unica Hija to get your thoughts a-churning. How am I the only girl?

I’m unique. I can be really humble and say I’m like any other old girl my age, but then again I know I’m not. Every person is special, and through my 23 years of living, I like to proudly that think I’ve set myself apart from people in many different ways.

I’m brainy. Don’t let my sabaw posts fool you, I graduated from the Ateneo with honors. I even have a Philosophy minor to show for it. I take school seriously, and do hope to pursue further studies soon.

I’m an entertainer. Fun fact: my lolo and tita are actors, and I like think I’ve picked up the entertainment trait from them. I love being in commercials and appearing in ads. I don’t plan to do any serious acting, sure, but I do plan to have my face keep popping up everywhere in the future. :3

I’m a go-gettaaahhh. If I feel like working in retail, I will do it. If I feel like going to fashion school, I will do it. And all these I can proudly say I did. These are things I’ve always wanted to try, and I think life’s too short to pass up on dreams that could possibly make you happy.

I’m down to earth. I may not always look it, but I’m the type of girl who loves to dress down and go to Divisoria. I can speak straight Filipino and I take the jeep. Honestly, I do everything I possibly can to avoid being affiliated with the common Povedan stereotype. Not that I hate Poveda or anything, I love my school. I just hate being called conyo. :(

I’m real, and so openly sabaw. Nobody can blackmail me because I like to blackmail myself. I’m not ashamed of my ugly hair or my weird poses. This is me. And when my readers tell me that they like me for being true to myself, then I know I’m doing something right.

I’m determined. I may be a relatively new blogger, but I’m going places. I’m participating in Bloggers United 5 this June 1 and I’m thinking of ways to improve on both my blog and vlog accounts. One day, I’ll find my place. I want to be like Tyra and inspire people to be better. I need to work on being better myself first, I guess.

I like to think that I’m still young and that there’s always time and room for improvement. Right now I’m perfectly happy with where I am. I’m this blogger-model-entrepreneur hybrid who’s enjoying the road to the perfect career. I guess that’s what makes me me, that’s what makes me the only girl. How about you? :)