Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

I really enjoyed InkTober/Drawlloween, but I didn’t get a chance to participate as much as I’d have liked. So for the month of November I’d like to draw pictures of your fine self instead. I’ll be beginning on the 1st, so get your submissions in early so you don’t have to wait. 

  • Submit your selfie using the submission guidelines 
  • Follow my Tumblr so you don’t miss your picture
  • Reblog this post to get the word out

I’ll be posting drawings every day in November, so the more you all reblog this post and submit your selfies the more exciting #DMLOOYFG will be. I can’t wait to draw you like one of my French girls, mon ami!

anonymous asked:

Where are yu from ?

Hello there, Anon!

I’m from Texas, USA. Its hot, humid, it has no seasons where I live, the economy is shit, there are practically no safe spaces for queers or women or minorities, and I’ve never lived anywhere else. Born and raised in the lonestar state. Man, I need to get outta here.