bethanycantdraw answered your post: art talk?!

I love illustrating, but I am still quite new to the artform. Do you have a recommendation for a brush pen that is beginner proof? Thanks!

I’m actually pretty awful with brush pens, but I still use them while I’m on the go! The Pentel Pocket has a nice synthetic brush that I know a lot of people use, but it doesn’t have much of a spring to the brush. I used to use a Kuretake No. 8 which is like a Pentel Pocket with a smaller brush (kind of more like a 1 brush, rather than a 2). 

I typically use kolinsky sable brushes and carry around a small ink well with a watertight seal (so it doesn’t spill when I bring it around). mostly because I’m only really confident with those! For those, I typically use a Winsor Newton Series 7 or my DaVinci Portable Kolinsky Sable (which I think this series is discontinued, but is the best thing to grace my hands because I commute around). Size 1s for both!


My first binder came in the mail, y’all! This is quite possibly the happiest I’ve been with my chest since puberty. I can wear button downs without that gaping and my t-shirts are fitting so well now. Got my Mr. Messy tee on now because it’s my favorite. Getting ready to queer up campus this fall!

Yeah those are Batman briefs. Why? Because Batman is awesome. Fuck anyone who says otherwise!

halilemur-deactivated20160112  asked:

You are so talented. How long have you practiced art?

Thanks of much for the compliment, halilemur! I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, but in recent years I had to put my hobby on hold to due to Adulthood swooping in to kick me in the gullet. 

My love of comics and illustration was just rekindled, and I’m flailing desperately to regain a lot of the skill that I’d lost. The is beginning of my journey in refining my skills and learning my own style of art. I hope you stick around and watch me grow!