Fanart for the for the absolutely fantastic supplemental game “Lost Constellation” from the creators of “Night in the Woods”, a game I just can’t wait for. If you’re interested in playing it (and you should be), go here:

Alec Holowka, Scott Benson and Bethany Hockenberry, I tip my hat to your ingenuity and eagerly anticipate the full release of your game. <3 x


Fotos de todos los invitados a #InsideOTH el domingo, junto a todo el equipo encargado de la fotografia (1) y de la organización (2).

Como extra, la foto que el jefe del servicio de fotografia ha compartido en su instagram (the_david_pascua)

Cece is not Über A

Jessica bought Cece and Ali matching outfits, so Bethany probably stole Cece’s clothes that night, and that’s why she wore the yellow top.

Cece though the she killed Ali.
Bethany was killed the same night, by Mona/Melissa.
Mona picked up Ali, after Ali was pulled out of her grave, and the next day, Ali took off as Vivian.

Is this a plot hole? Or is it proof that Cece is not the real A?

Because Ali’s bracelet ended up on Bethany’s dead body. Mona may have gotten it at the Lost Woods, but Bethany was buried the night before.

Cece thought Ali was dead until 3x24, so why would she put an Ali-bracelet on Bethany?

Melissa didn’t do it, because she thought it was Ali as well.

Then Garrett stole (?) page 5 of the autopsy report, and later gave it to Jenna, who turned it in to the police.

Someone tried to make Bethany look like Ali. Cece didn’t do it. So the one who did, is the “him” from the time-jump. The one Grunwald warned the girls about in 4x12.

And according to Marlene, Cece was Hanna’s dentist who probably switched out Ali’s dental records with Bethany’s. She may have done this to protect Ali, because she had learned Ali was alive. But I think it sounds strange.

Is Garrett the new “Big Bad” as Marlene is calling the new villain.? He looked dead like Mona was dead. Unlikely. But it is A him.