A masterpost of YA books (and a few crossover MG titles) to be released in February 2014.  Check out this month’s new releases below.  Feel free to use this as a guide to this month’s releases - but please do not repost it in its entirety elsewhere.  If you found this masterpost helpful, a like, reblog, or link back to Paperback’d would be much appreciated! If you know of a YA book to be released this month that isn’t on the list, drop me a message and I’ll update it!

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Review: Dark Star

Dark Star is just so delightfully clichéd.  I don’t really know how else to put it.  This book is not just a mediocre YA urban fantasy, but it’s basically what I wish mediocre all books were like.  Weird thing to say, I know, but it’s true.  This book, however, has somehow managed to combine all sorts of trite and overused story elements, contribute very little original content, and completely fail to be offensive.  It’s sad that I have to point that out, but considering the market these days, it seems I do.  If truly good books only happen a few times a year, then this is the kind of novel you want to read while waiting.  The kind that’s fun, entertaining, worth the cover price, and doesn’t insult your intelligence along the way.

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