bethany's smile

I had been having wild unadulterated sex with my fifteen-year-old girlfriend for over a month when she said, “I want your sister in bed with us.”

I had been having the very same thoughts but I hadn’t said it. Just to be coy I asked, “Why?”

Rachael replied, “Because she is cute and I really want to fuck her with your cock.”

I asked, “How can you do that?”

Rachael replied, “The same way that my mother fucked me for over two years with my father’s cock. He was always tied to the bed and blindfolded but he always knew that he was fucking me. The first few times my mother had to shove my tight pussy down onto his big cock but after that I managed to get myself down onto it every Saturday night. After daddy had cum in me we got into a sixty-nine until I had given my mother two orgasms.”

I asked, “What changed?”

Rachael replied, “One of my schoolteachers found out that my father was fucking me and turned him in, he implicated my mother, and they both got into trouble. I was taken away and given to my Aunt Rachael, whom I was named after. That’s when I came here and met you. I’ve never been fucked like you fuck me.”

I smiled and said, “I didn’t think I was all that good at sex, in fact I was a virgin.”

Rachael laughed and said, “I knew that but you could look at me and be on top and that was what I needed.”

I asked, “So why do you want to fuck my sister?”

Rachael replied, “Because I miss being with another girl. I never had sex with a boy alone before, until you came along, that is. My parents always had sex with me together. I can get your sister in bed with us and then you can fuck her too.”

I didn’t want to seem too anxious so I said, “If that is what you really want, then it’s okay with me, set it up.”

I got a great big kiss and then she sucked my cock hard for another round.

The very next day my sister Bethany came into my bedroom and sat down on the edge of my bed like she had a hundred times before. She asked, “Will you be gentle when you fuck me?”

I about died but asked, “Why are you asking me that?”

Bethany said, “Because Rachael said that you and she wanted me to join you guys for a threesome. I know what a threesome is. You both want to fuck me.”

I tried to be calm as I replied, “We had discussed it but it was mostly Rachael’s suggestion.”

Bethany said, “That’s what she said too. I don’t mind eating her pussy in fact I just finished doing that in my bedroom She tastes okay but Mom and my girlfriend Lori taste much better, especially Mom when she has a fresh load of Dad’s cum in her snatch. I’m hoping your cum improves Rachael’s taste too.”

There was a slight pause while she thought about what she was going to say next. “I really want you to fuck me but I don’t want it to hurt too much. Lori let her brother fuck her and he hurt her bad. He raped her dry. He didn’t care either. Now he rapes her about every month right on her most fertile days too, the bastard. He just wants to knock her up.”

I said, “But she is only twelve.”

Bethany replied, “I know that but she has periods just like I do. You know what they say…if you’re old enough to bleed, you’re old enough to breed.”

I asked, “Won’t you get pregnant?”

She giggled and said, “No silly. The first thing that Mom did when I got my first period was to get me on birth control. Then she ate my pussy right in the doctor’s office.”

Shocked I asked, “Right in the doctor’s office?”

Bethany giggled again and said. “The doctor was a woman. She ate my pussy too and then I got to eat theirs. I like eating pussy but now that I am thirteen I want to try cock too…your cock.”

I smiled and said, “I’ll be as gentle as I can.”

Bethany smiled and kissed me saying, “I’ll be back in an hour then. I want to get ready for you to take my virginity.”

After Bethany left Rachael came in and said, “It wasn’t very hard to get your sister in bed with us, was it.”

I replied, “No! She wanted it as much as you did.”

Rachael smiled and said, “She isn’t the only one either. Your mother wanted to join us in bed too. She likes anal but your father’s cock is to big and hurts her when he gets ready to cum. She’ll be in for a big surprise though, you are just as big as your father is.”

I asked, “How would know?”

Rachael laughed and said, “Because I’ve seen it silly. One night after we first started fucking I took off my panties and let him look at my pussy while he jerked off on the couch. That is why I get to come up here every day without him complaining about you having a girl in your room.”

I had often wondered how I had become so lucky. I didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth so I just accepted the fact.

An hour later Bethany tapped on my bedroom door and opened it. She said, “Mom took Dad out to dinner and a movie so we have all night if we want it.”

She was absolutely naked. She had a little peach fuzz on her pubic mount. She was also wearing a short bridal veil, glass slippers, and a pearl necklace.

Bethany said, “Mom fixed my hair into a bun and let me wear one of her costumes. I thought that I could wear white seeing as how I’m a virgin. My hymen is broken thanks to Lori but I’m still a virgin.”

Rachael asked, “Should I add Lori’s name to my threesome list?”

Bethany said, “Probably, but first I want my threesome with my brother taking my virginity.”

She looked at me and said, “How about we start kissing, you play with my boobs, and she gets my pussy good and wet.”

No more needed to be said. We spent several hours pleasing one another. Bethany had too many orgasms to count. Rachael did her part to see to it that I kept getting hard enough to fuck my sister again. I managed to cum in her mouth once and in her pussy four times. Bethany never did find out if my cum improved the taste of Rachael’s pussy…not that night anyway.

When my cock first entered my sister’s virgin pussy we both knew that we were made for one another. It was the perfect fit like her glass slippers. The three of us slept together that night, Mom got Dad off to work in the morning, and then brought the three of us breakfast in bed. She also brought us lunch in bed and dinner too. It was a good thing that we had Monday off from school for Columbus Day and Tuesday off for a teacher’s conference. That gave us four full days together in bed.

After that Bethany and I let Rachael, Mom, and Lori join us in a threesome occasionally but mostly we just to have sex with one another.

Dad gets to fuck Rachael on Saturday nights now but he is tied to the bed and blindfolded. Mom and Rachael like it that way, then they have fun until the sun comes up Sunday morning.

Mom and Rachael both have Dad’s cum in their pussies when he takes them to church. Bethany and I get to sleep in and miss church.

Life can be wonderful.

“Smile, the worst is yet to come…

Part [1/?]

Part 2 ; Part 3

DA Fic: Six Things Varric Left Out of The Tale of the Champion

I was trying to sort out a sense of Jocelyn Hawke and Varric’s relationship over time, so I wrote a series of DA2-era scenes.

Basically Varric’s impressions of Hawke with a lot of buried pining.

Varric POV, one-sided (for now) Varric/Hawke, eventually background Hawke/Anders.

One: First Impressions

“So,” Varric’s new prospective partner says. “That was a pretty good show you put on for us.”

Varric tilts his head and looks up at her, startled but keeping his cool. She’s bracing one elbow against the table, leaning toward him, with a sly grin on her face and a glint in her eye. She’s got a sharp face — pointed chin, angular cheekbones — and her eyes are an unusual blazing blue-green. Not a classic beauty, but a striking face, under the smudges of dirt and the messy dark hair flopping into her eyes. Hawke has an interesting reputation already; the mismatched, well-worn armor attests to that, but her face is even more interesting than Varric would have expected. She looks like she belongs in a story.

“What show?” he asks casually, settling back into his chair.

Hawke scoffs. “Don’t give me that.”

At Hawke’s side, her sister stirs nervously. “Let’s not…” she says before trailing off, teeth worrying at her lower lip. She’s a little shorter than her sister, her face a little softer and rounder; the same dark hair, but in smooth waves, tied back with a bit of bright ribbon. Most would call her prettier than her elder sister, but to Varric’s eye, she’s less vivid. More inclined to fade into the background, he’d wager. Not that he’d blame her, considering what he’s heard about her.

“It’s all right,” he says, with a reassuring smile, and Bethany smiles back, shyly. A dimple breaks the soft line of her cheek, a bit of unexpected sunshine in Corff’s dingy taproom. “I’m just curious what makes you think that was a show.”

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If I Had My Choice: Part 1

Alexander x Female Reader

Next Part


Word Count: 2500

A/N: I ignored my school work to write this instead. Alright, here we are! Part 1 of probably ~20 parts. Thanks to everyone who told me who they wanted to be the main character for this. Alexander won by one, but I’ll be working Philip into it as well. I really hope you guys like this; it should be a fun project! (I 100% did not intend there to be so many parallels between the reader/Bethany with Angelica/Eliza and Elsa/Anna. Bethany is not Eliza. Eliza comes in later.) Also, I am so sorry a lot of this story is kind of cliche, but I’m a sucker for it.


This does not take place in 18th century colonies. It’s a completely different imaginary realm (imagine a cross between Jane Austen’s universe and Alagaesia from Eragon). It’s a (hardass) matriarchal society with a hint of magic (I tried really hard not to make that sound cheesy, but it did anyway. But it’s not cheesy I promise. I also barely introduce it in this chapter, don’t feel bad if you don’t catch it.) Please please message me if you have any questions on the setting or the traditions from the society as I’m writing this.

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Patreon Holiday Countdown #11
Reunion Kiss. Dragon Age. Fenris x F!Hawke 

Marianne rested her chin in her right hand, scowling slightly as Bethany’s hands glowed faintly of green. “It’s really not that bad,” she said.

“You fractured your arm in three places, sister.” Bethany stared at her pointedly, the kind of look that said If you don’t let me heal you, I’ll let that woman with the leeches back in.

Marianne shuddered and turned away. The Inquisition’s surgeon meant well but wanting to experiment with leeches and bleeding and feathers down throats when there was a near army of mages at the Inquisition’s disposal left her stomach clenching in dread. She’d prefer to keep all of her insides in at the moment.

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lemonsharks  asked:

22, for bethany &/fenris

A follow on to this prompt from months back

A promise

The breach is faint, from Minrathous. A green, pale sheen to water and skin. Mages work with careful fear as their stretches of the Fade ripple and unravel–back-and-back toward the hole they can feel, but barely see. 

There is gossip in the magisterium. Glances at the sky. Fashions grow armored; belts lost under their own buckles. 

(House Pavus is a shambles. old Halward is

–but that’s nothing compared to Alexius–you know him? No he didn’t die in the archives, old man. His son–did you hear? 

Blighted business, that–too soon?)

Fenris hears, but he does not care. They are distracted. The work is easier under the strange new madness from the north. 

(Varric’s letters are a worry. Especially now they’ve stopped.)

Fenris has seen Isabela’s ship as she was moving from Marnus Pell. 

( –”One? Sweet thing, I have the armada. Well. Half. ”)

The admiral  smiles to see him, fingers quick as she traced new scars, the brim of her hat shading the lines settling about her eyes. They kill three overseers in the night, and Isabela kisses him in thanks and laughter and memories all overlapped. 

Wine is sweet on her lips and harsh in his throat. 

“That’s from Hawke, too,” she says, smile slow and a little wistful. “Not that he deserves anything so nice. He’s..”

A glance to the sky, green trickling into her eyes and down her jewelry, into her skin. 

“He just is,” Isabela says. And Fenris does not find it hard to take her hand.    

Merrill writes even when he’s told her not to, all tiny script and stories that pluck at him with barely legible hints of change and more hope than he expects. She is, she writes, “Talking to Sebastian. The army isn’t so very big.” 

Venhedis,” Fenris mutters. He does not throw the letter away. 

 Aveline’s name is growing a weight she doesn’t want, and he finds himself telling stories about Kirkwall and its guard to an audience who has no idea how ridiculous he sounds. 

“You inspire them, I’m afraid.” 

Fenris shifts. 

One person knows. Brown eyes meet his when he gets tangled up in words best suited for other people’s mouths. She stands with him in slaver sheds and docks and holding cells, in the basements of other people’s mansions. Her magic is dense and it is frightening and leaves bodies in concentric circles, until she is the tallest thing in any room. 

Sometimes, he meets her eyes and watches her realise this. Watches as she flushes and swallows and draws back into herself, and it is a loss. 

“I do not,” he says. “Should–not.” 

“Hard to help, I’m afraid.”  A slow, warm smile. Bethany wrinkles her nose at the slaver curled at her feet. “You do upset a lot of people. Maker, the idiocy–”

“–whose? Mine?” 

She laughs, flushing and shaking her head. “No. This,” she says.  “Nighttime raids in Tevinter. Mother would never forgive me. My brother would–” she sighs, stepping over the body. “Why do you let me help again?” 

Fenris blinks.   

“I’m the one who found you,” he says. “You’re–why would you be in the way?”

A small shrug. “Old habits,” she says. 


“…yes, Fenris?” 

“This would not–I–it would not be the same without you.” 

Sunshine under a hole in the sky. Bethany grins, laughing at them both they step toward each other, her eyes barrow and bright in her face as she lets herself relax. Reach up. Brush his lips with hers. 


He laughs. But he does kiss her back.  

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Bethany/Fenris 10 <3

10 - stomach kiss

No one asks how it happened.

No one would, the transgression in that question echoing in every drop of blood they shared. Wardens keep their own secrets.

Still, rumor follows the elf that Genet’s group found in Seheron. The one who carried a sword taller than a good-size human child, bruise-tendrils of taint nearly obscured by raised, silvery markings. He had glared fire and fury, Genet said. Lifted his chin, all quick and sure, and said: “One of your number knows me, and I am not unskilled.”

One of their number. It was Warden Commander Bethany who stared at the sight of him, lips parted, eyes luminous before the worry set in, Weisshaupt’s shadows long at her back. She reached out. Laughed. Shook her head. Stepped neatly back, keeping careful space around the exhausted man. “Fenris?”

“I remembered,” he said, abrupt. “The choice Hawke made for you, in the Deep Roads.” He swayed, and Bethany reached out again, bracing one arm, letting out a small, startled sound when he did not flinch.

“Saved my life,” Bethany said. “Fenris—?”

“—I find myself hoping,” Fenris said, “That my own choice will do the same.”

Bethany’s lips twitched. “Maker,” she said, “The taint doesn’t stand a chance.”

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