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Apparently it's Laci Green's newest video. I haven't watched it yet but from the commentary, I'm not really interested in a white woman trying to express that I should try to debate with white supremacists or else I'm as bad as a Nazi. So. Dunno if I'll get around to that one.

I watched it. Really unsettling and really felt like she was pandering. Also super unsettling to see how many alt-right bloggers and vloggers I know of who are saying their support for Laci.

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Hey so im looking to follow some more blogs/people relating to things I like so if I dont already follow you or if you dont think I have and you post things related to the following let me know :)

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More Andy?

(Extension of this headcanon, inspired by reading this article; I’m inventing people rather than writing real ones. TW: Fatphobia and bullying)

In 1998 Bethany Greene dominated the pop charts and Andy, 13 years old, had hated her ferociously.  So it feels kind of weird to wake up in Bethany’s guest room.

The LA mansion is easy to navigate. By LA standards, it isn’t even large. After she’s pulled on jeans and a shirt, pushed her hair back with a wet brush, Andy follows the balcony over the front entryway and descends curving stairs to the kitchen, where the gleaming granite countertops are scattered with ordinary debris: Grocery receipts and school permission slips, a washed-out milk jug, half-empty coffee cups. Bethany slides off her stool at the kitchen nook when Andy comes in. “Can I get you something?” she asks, reaching for the coffee pot.

“No coffee,” Andy says with a queasy wave. “Thanks.”  Maybe she should have showered and woken up more. She’s not really seeing the face under the mask, as it were; Bethany’s already made up for the morning, face flawless, eyes bright, Barbie doll hair in a crisp and perfect ponytail. She’s wearing a pastel track suit.

“Yeah, Kenny said you were having some acid reflux,” Bethany soothes, refilling her own cup. “I’ve got some yogurt if you want, or I could make you a smoothie.”

Andy, feeling guilty as hell, lets the woman make her a protein shake.

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