bethany clarke

i’m glad murphy and clarke are arguing in the trailer because that kid has a lot of rage and he deserves to just tell clarke once and for all that she’s being shitty sometimes and he was actually trying and she still put him in danger and man this sounds like a fight he’s going to win and he never wins fights

john murphy deserves to win an argument for once


Radioactive by bowlingfornerds

The 100 | Bellamy Blake x Clarke Griffin | Canon Universe | multi-chapter


Summary: They came from space. There was an empty vastness that surrounded them their entire lives; glistening stars and a sun that they had to shield their eyes from. They were delinquents, holed up in a Sky Box prison, sitting side by side and waiting for their retrial – waiting to find out if they would die or be left to join the stars, out in the distance.

It was their unique combination of solar radiation in space, and the nuclear radiation still swarming around Earth after the war, ninety-seven years beforehand, that would change them.

But they didn’t know that yet.


Inspired by @rashaka‘s au: “AU: When the 100 land on the surface, the radiation has an unpredicted side effect on some of the group…superpowers.

I wanna raise you to be like her by bowling for nerds

The 100 | Bellarke - Bellamy Blake x Clarke Griffin | 15k

Summary: “They are my kids, Clarke,” he tells her. “They may get adopted and leave, but they’re mine, and I love them all.” Clarke watches him for a moment longer, and meets his eyes. Maybe she sees that he’s telling the truth, maybe she’s surprised, but she looks to her mug.

“Not a lot of people say that,” she responds.


Bellamy was just trying to take care of his sister - but somewhere along the way he bought a building and started his own orphanage. Now he has a house full of kids, running around, getting into trouble, and wanting good homes. Obviously, Bellamy finds himself loving each one of them like his own life.


Final expression of love for Lana (@marauders-groupie) for creating this and the other two aesthetics, it means a lot Iand I love her.

Clarke, please by bowlingfornerds

The 100 | Bellamy Blake x Clarke Griffin - Bellarke (Minor Flarke) | approx 4.5k

Summary: “They’re your soulmate’s,” Clarke’s mother told her.
“My soulmate’s?” Clarke asked. Abby Griffin nodded with a sad smile. “What’s a soulmate?”
“It’s your other half,” Abby replied. “It’s the person whose soul matches yours. It may be difficult to recognise, at first, but it’ll be there – a connection that overrides everything else.” Her voice was soft, quiet; wistful in a way Clarke just couldn’t comprehend.
“Why are the words theirs?”
“Because it’s something they’ll say to you, one day.” Abby swallowed and Clarke frowned, staring at the script on her skin; black and bold – contrasting against the paleness of her arm. “Clarke, these are the last words your soulmate will ever say to you.” 

Soulmate AU, canon divergence, a remake of the second fan fiction I ever posted on this website as a celebration fic for my one year anniversary of being on AO3!

Read on AO3


And in celebration, I have written a fic! But not any fic, no. I personally love the first ever fic I wrote, so I looked at my second, something I was never a big fan of, and I have rewritten it, making it longer, making it better, and finishing it, instead of leaving it open-ended like it was originally. This is how I celebrate. (It’s also a good way to show you guys THAT I HAVE REALLY GROWN AS A WRITER AND I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT IT.)

I’m going to tag a load of users now, who I think should go and read my fic, because I worked hard on it and I love it, and I’m CELEBRATING, and these people have been awesome in the last year (and they probably have written fics that I ADORE too):

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The sixth and final season of “Downton Abbey” is in production now, and Times reporter Meredith Blake got to visit the set. Read her story and see more photos here.

1st photo:  Bethany Clarke / For The Times
2nd, 3rd, 4th photos: Matthew Lloyd / For The Times
More photos: Behind-the-scenes shots from Season 3portraits of the cast, from Season 3; and the “Downton” cast in civilian clothes.