scandalinirene tagged me into this handwriting thingy! Same rules apply so answer in your handwriting and then tag 5-10 people to pass it on.
1. Name- Griffin, let’s go with Griffin.
2. URL- spoktoberfest
3. Title- brodo faggins
4. Color- Pastel blue
5. Crush- No crushes bc I have Kate as my lovely wife
6. Something in all caps- IM GONNA SHIT ON YOUR DREAMS
7. Favorite band/singer- WEEZER.
8. Number- 2
9. Favorite drink- Anything w/ bubbles
10. Tagged peoples: ladygrowls bowtiesblazersandsuspenders johnsnaughtybox captn-bucky nohomosherlock wutsun officialtribble wankerbatch pinto-please l-earninghowtobreathe