Some wonderful rp’ers to follow

((ooc: So I one of my friends ( @deerest-marauder) just decided to give hp rp a try (yeeey!). She wanted to know who she should follow so I made her a list with some of my favorite rpers and with a little bit of information that she needs to know about them. And I thought, whey not share it with everyone?

  • TT (Everyone has/should have a tumblr crush on them): @asktheboywholived
  • Kapitan (A cutie that must be protected at all cost, also plants and Arin): @kapitan5o 
  • Andy (Looks really badass and awesome, is in a relationship with KP): @siriusly-not-over-remus
  • Paige (Is TT’s Lily, TT wants to see Paige everyday but can’t because they live too far away): @potterdeer
  • AkumaPheles (My fav nonbinary frensh trash and THEY LIVE IN LILLE WHICH IS LIKE 2 HOURS AWAY OR SOMETHING): @akumapheles
  • Jess (Loves Great British Bake Off, too many Tonks feels): @sirussly 
  • Gia (My Veela feminist aunt): @femme-fatality 
  • Jamie & Becci (2 amazing people, they are really nice and sweet): @ask-themaraudersmap
  • Laina (Actual Helga Hufflepuff or a Disney princes, not sure yet): @ohtheclevernessofme1972
  • Arin (They film the dreams people dream of them, they are my fav Draco): @space-marauder
  • Emily Grace (better Pantsy than book Pantsy): @egdramaqueen 
  • KP (another cutie that needs to be protected, in a relationship with Andy): @whompingwillovv
  • Ara (Hates Snape, loves tea, is amazing and really sweet): @son-0f-a-snitch
  • Syd (Another cutie (we have so many of those), loves plants, needs to make a new Sam x James II thread with Andy asap): @lupinaesthetic 
  • Nay (Has cheeks for days, gilderoy lockhart): @gee-wizard 
  • Sam (Looks like a real life Disney princes who disguises herself as hp characters): @masksofmickey 
  • Tahlia (Makes the best fairybread, really cute Teddy, really nice voice): @a-smol-snake
  • Erika (My Veela mom, look how beautiful she is!): @positivity-and-possibilities 
  • Beth (A really friendly bro, makes wonderful aesthetics): @sadnessandteabiscuits
  • Elby (My platonic soulmate): @ravenclawsticrambles 
  • Tara (Go vote for her fanfic so it can win an award, she’s amazing and I love her new tattoo): @captofthesswolfstar

I probably forgot way to many rp’ers (I’m sorry). Also, I’m so sorry if I wrote someone’s name wrong. If, for some strange reason, someone isn’t following one of the rp’ers on this list I highly recomand you to follow them and all the other rp’ers in the community because everyone is really amazing and sweet and they are just all wonderfull human beings.))

Kiss by the lake (Josh Washington x Reader)

Requested by anonymous : You meet Josh on the bus up to the cabin (like when they’re 15 or something). Reader’s family’s cabin is at the next stop (they’re also rich). One summer he invites you to his cabin, because you’ve gotten to know eacht other over the years (You’re both 19). Everyone is alive, and you fall in love. But you don’t tell him. One day you all swim by the lake near your cabin. You tell him and you kiss in the water :)

A/N: Dear Anon, I hope you don’t mind that the lake is near Josh’s cabin :) And I also hope you like and enjoy this story!

Please, also check up my last stories “A maid for Ahkmenrah” and “Unexpected”. Love you. Xoxo

Word count: 2,338

Cold air blew into your face and your whole body was freezing while you were waiting for the bus that would drive you to the Blackwood Pines.  You pulled your jacket closer to your body, trying to keep yourself warm. It was your first trip alone; normally you would always drive with your parents. But this time you wanted to drive on your own. You were fifteen years old after all and old enough although your parents didn’t agree. Nevertheless, you could convince them somehow.

You pulled your headphones out of your jacket pocket, trying to occupy yourself with music until the bus arrived. Pop music filled your ears and you slowly began to calm down a bit. While you were listening to your favorite songs, your eyes examined their surroundings. Snow covered the whole area, the whole trees were nothing but white. Also footprints of humans or little animals were recognizable on the ground. 

Some footprints lead exactly to the bus stop where you stood at and your eyes followed their trace, leading to a young man who stood a few meters away from you. You observed him for a little bit. He didn’t even notice it. He was too busy with typing on his very expensive smart phone. You couldn’t help but being a little bit envious. It was exactly the same smart phone that you wanted to have, but your parents refused to buy it for you. Not that you hadn’t enough money; quite the reverse! You were rich, very rich. You parents just thought that you should keep your smart phone as long as it worked.

Suddenly the boy lifted up his head and looked at your direction. You blushed, instantly tearing your gaze away from him. Soft chuckles escaped from his mouth, that you couldn’t hear but you knew that he found it amusing. You wondered when your bus finally arrived, and after five minutes it luckily stopped at the bus stop.

You got in and found a nice place further back. There also were not too much people in the bus. Only a married couple, the driver himself, a young man and you along with the boy. You sat on the window so you could look outside during the whole ride. Then you felt some taking place next to your seat. As you turned to the person, you were greeted with some beautiful green eyes. Your heart stopped for a moment. It was the boy from the bus stop. Why had he had to sit next to you if there were so many seats he could sit on? You took your headphones off.

He offered you a smile. “Hello, I’m Josh. Josh Washington.” He introduced himself.

“(Y/N) (Y/LN).” you said.

Josh made himself comfortable next to you and your journey to the mountains began.

“So, (Y/N), where are you going?” Josh asked.

“Blackwood Pines.” You answered shortly.

“Really? Me too!” You could hear a trace of joy in his voice. You smiled at him.

During the whole ride you talked and got to know each other. You found out that Josh was sixteen years old and had two sisters named Hannah and Beth. His father was also a famous director, so you assumed that he must have been rich as well. Besides, he told you that he came every year to the Blackwood Pines. His family owned a huge lodge up there. You wondered what it looked like. You also told him something about you and the more your ride came to an end the sadder you became. You began to like him and who knew if you’d saw each other again.

The bus arrived at Josh’s stop and Josh needed to get out. He had a disappointed expression on his face. He enjoyed spending time with you. Before he stood up, he ripped off a sheet of paper and noted down his number.

“Call me sometime. I would like to see you again.” He said, handing you the note. Your lips curved into a smile and you nodded your head. “I will.”

As he was about to get out, you added “By the way, my cabin is at the next stop.


It wasn’t you last encounter with Josh. Two days after you two met, he and his family paid you a visit. Of course your parents were confused about who the strangers were. You explained that you got to know their son during your ride and so they welcomed them generously. The whole time you were excited to meet Josh sisters and as they stood in front of you couldn’t help but give them a tight hug. It felt like you knew them for your whole life although Josh told a bit about them.

You had a nice day with the Washingtons. After that day, you also became inseparable with Hannah and Beth. You had sleepovers, film evenings in their own cinema and more and more. Poor Josh felt excluded because you did nothing but girly things. He wanted to spend time with you too. It was him who introduced you to his sisters after all and also the one who got to know you first. But how could he if Hannah and Beth were in his way? Luckily, you managed to pay attention to the three at the same time. You noticed that Josh was said about you spending more time with his sisters than him.

Over the next four years, your friendship became stronger. The Washingtons didn’t live that far away from you, so you could visit them almost every day. Nothing really changed, except your relation to Josh. He became more attractive and masculine over these years and you couldn’t help but to fall for him. It was a hard deal to act normal around him because every time you saw him you had the urge to press him against the wall and to kiss him passionately.

Of course, Hannah and Beth noticed your strange behavior when their brother was present. You hesitated at first to tell them, you felt insecure.

“Are you okay?” Hannah asked worriedly, laying her arms around your shoulders. You just shrugged, saying that everything was fine. But they were Hannah and Beth. They knew if something was wrong.

“Aww… Come on! Tell us what’s bothering you. We can see that you’re not okay.” Beth exclaimed.

You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath, before revealing your secret. “I think I’m in love with Josh.”

The twins stared at you with their eyes wide open. Then they began to scream. “Oh my god!” Hannah shouted. “We knew it!”

You tried to calm them down; Josh was also at home and could come in any minute because of his sisters’ cries.  “Psst, girls. Please! Josh is here to…”

“I can’t still believe that you have feelings for Joshy.” Beth commented, making you blush. Suddenly, Josh came into the room with a very confused expression on his face and you instantly acted like nothing happened.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

“Nothing, bro.” Beth claimed. “Just hanging out.” Josh looked at her skeptically, shrugged his shoulders and left. You couldn’t help but admire his beauty.


It was summer 2015 as Josh invited you over to his lodge. It was Friday afternoon and he said he wanted to spend some good time with his sisters and some other friends over the weekend. You instantly agreed, telling him that you would join them.

“I will pick you up in an hour!” He said before hanging up. Now you needed to hurry and collect your things together. You put everything that was necessary along with a pair of bikinis in a little suitcase. There was a lake very close to the lodge you could swim in. You also made sure to take a bath and shave your legs. As Josh knocked on your door you were already finished with everything, got dressed and dried your hair.

He took your suitcase and put it on the backseat. You wondered where Hannah and Beth were.

“Josh? Where are your sisters?” You asked.

“Oh, they will drive on their own. We’ll meet them there.”

Of course. I mean, how should it be otherwise? They planned all this. Cursing at them inwardly, you got into the car. You buckled up your seat belt and Josh started the engine, then driving off.

There was an uncomfortable atmosphere during the ride. No one really talked; you could only hear music playing in the background. You didn’t even know how to talk to him anymore since you developed strong feelings for him. That’s why you kept your mouth shut. But Josh noticed the silence. Normally, you would always talk a lot.

“Hey, is everything alright?” He asked concerned, his eyes never leaving the street. You only shrugged your shoulders.

“Just tired. Was a rough day at school.” He nodded with his head, leaving you alone so you could rest until you arrived at the Blackwood Pines. You fell asleep and as Josh shook at your shoulders, you were already there.

Hannah was the first who greeted you guys. You were the last ones that arrived. Everyone was already gathered. You hugged Sam and all the other ones, asking them how they were doing and chatting with them a bit. You had dinner and after that everyone sat at the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate in their hands.

After a while Jess and Mike decided to go to bed, followed by Emily and Matt. Later, everyone left, only you and Sam stayed awake.

“How is your crush on Josh going?” Sam asked. She was the only one who knew about your feelings for Josh besides Hannah and Beth. You knew you could trust her.

“Dunno.” You mumbled, massaging your temples.

Sam gazed at you sympathetically, laying her arm on your shoulder. “(Y/N), why don’t you just talk to him? “

“You think it is easy Sam? We’re good friends and he means so much to me. I don’t want to destroy our friendship.” You answered. You were afraid that his demeanor towards you would change if you told him. What if he ignored you after that?

“(Y/N), we all know how much Josh cares for you. He will understand.” Sam tried to convince you. “And besides, I think he has feelings for you as well.”

Your head shot up as you heard what she said. “Really?” Sam stood up, giving you a tight hug.

“You need to find out on your own.” She said and went upstairs.


The next day you decided to go swimming by the lake. The weather was very warm, the sun was shining and no cloud was to be seen. After breakfast, you put your bikini on and your t-shirt and hot pants over it. As everyone was finished, you walked down to the lake. When you arrived, everyone got out of their clothes.

“Are you going to tell him?” Sam asked.

“I don’t know.” You stared at Josh who was taking off his shirt, revealing his toned and muscular body. Your heart skipped a beat and you looked at Sam desperately, who followed your gaze and smirked at you. “Sam, please help.” You whined.

“I say go and talk to him.”

“But it’s not easy!” Sam was about to reply something as someone shouted.

“Hey, are you coming or not?” Josh asked. Everyone was in the water now, splashing each other with water. You took off your clothes and went to the water with Sam. Everyone had a good time. Josh never left your side. Sometimes he would wrap his arms around you, lifting you up and throwing you into the water. He would splash you with until you whined and screamed at him to leave you alone. He was so clingy and you didn’t know why.

After a while, you laid on your back, enjoying the feeling of warm water covering you. You let yourself drifting by tiny waves, not caring about everything else. You closed your eyes, feeling the sunrays on your skin. You sighed contently as your body relaxed.

Suddenly, two hands touched your back and you flinched. As you opened your eyes, you were greeted with some green eyes you used to love so much.

“Don’t worry.” Josh assured. “I’ve got you.”

And then, the urge to tell him that you loved him was too strong. You tried to fight against it but you failed. Why not giving it a try?

“J-Josh?” You murmured, straightened up to your feet. He looked at you questioningly.

“Yes?” You took a deep breath, before you continued speaking.

“There is something I need to tell you.”

“What is it?”

You looked at him right into his eyes, not even blinking once. “I love you.”

Josh’s eyes widened and he was too shocked to say something. You could see it.

“I was too afraid to tell you because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but I can’t take it anymore.” As you still did not get a reaction from him, tears shimmered in your eyes. You knew it was a mistake.

“I’m sorry Josh, I ruined everything.” You said as you were about to leave but and hand grabbed your arm and spun you around. Before you could say something, soft lips were pressed against yours that kissed you passionately. You had plenty of kisses behind you but nothing was as much as good as right now. Your heart punched against your chest and you felt butterflies in your stomach.

When Josh pulled back, he put his hands on your cheeks, stroking them gently. “You didn’t ruin anything, (Y/N). “ He panted softly.

“Have you any idea how much I have been waiting for this moment?” He smiled at you.

“Does that mean that-“

“I love you too, yes.

You laughed happily, never expecting that to happen. Josh loved you back and you were so relieved about that. “Do you know what I always wanted to do?” Josh asked. You looked at him expectantly, suddenly being pushed into the water. A scream escaped your mouth, before your whole body was covered with water, and then you felt his lips capturing with yours. You smiled into the kiss and could hear the muffled cheers and applaud of your friends.

Josh pining over a hopelessly oblivious Chris

Ok but no seriously

- Josh realizes he might sorta like Chris as more than a friend in freshman year of high school. There’s no particular moment that does it for him. It’s more of a process. Little things- jealousy when Chris expressed attraction to someone else. Being really protective of Chris whenever he heard anyone making fun of him behind his back (Chris never realized people did because Josh did a very good job of shutting them up). Butterflies whenever Chris put an arm around him or brushed his hand against him or let a hug last a little too long. Things that eventually made him go woah, I don’t think this is how you’re supposed to feel about a bro. 

- He decides not to tell him because he doesn’t wanna make their friendship weird and he’s like 90% sure that Chris is straight (and 90% unsure of where he even stood on the spectrum). He doesn’t do a very good job of hiding it, if you ask any of the girls in the group besides Ashley.

- One time at one of Mike’s parties, Chris gets really drunk and can’t drive himself home. Josh ends up taking him back to his house so Chris won’t get in trouble with his parents. He has to help him walk up the stairs, the kid is so wasted. While Chris is half-slumped over Josh’s shoulder Josh can feel him staring at him as if in deep concentration. Before he can even ask Chris slurs “You’re just so pretty, bro.” Josh almost drops him right there and spends the rest of the night blushing furiously. While they normally didn’t care and just shared a bed when they slept over, Josh decides to take the floor that night.

- Josh picks up on Chris’ crush on Ashley before Chris does. He can’t help but notice how his best friend literally glows after hanging out with her and how flustered he can get while talking to her or about her. After hanging around the two of them as an awkward third wheel a couple times, it’s not hard to tell that Ashley likes him back. Josh wants to be happy for him. And he tries, he really does. But honestly, he can’t help feeling a little jealous and annoyed sometimes.

- Josh dropping hints but Chris still doesn’t get it. Like when Chris gets really excited about something he gives really enthusiastic hugs. One time he jokingly pats Josh’s shoulder afterwards and says "no homo.“ And Josh is just like "maybe a little homo” “haha what?” “…nothing… just messing with you bro hahaha”

- Beth and Hannah catching the way his eyes linger a little too long on his best friend and teasing him playfully about it all the time. It used to bother the heck out of him, but now he wishes they were still there so he could tell them they’d been right (because of course he’d always go red in the face and deny it whenever they brought it up). He wishes they were still there because he knew Hannah would hug him when he finally admitted it and probably try to cheer him up with one of her delicious cookies or cupcakes. He knew Beth would be the most excited and give him all the advice she could since she’d been there herself (because Beth is hella gay shh). They’d probably all laugh together about it and spend the rest of the night watching badly dubbed Japanese horror movies and laugh about the special effects and how the lips didn’t match what they were saying and they’d promise not to tease him anymore and they’d be happy. He wishes they were still there.

- Josh feeling guilty about his crush and his jealousy over Ash, so like a good bro he tries (maybe a little too hard) to push the two together at every chance he gets.

-But maybe he’s a little selfish.

- And maybe he won’t admit it, but maybe part of the reason he made Chris choose between him and Ashley when he was setting up the prank is that he really wanted to see if he would choose Ash over him. Maybe when he hears Chris screaming “No! That’s not what I meant!” over the mechanical whir of the blade, he felt a little bad for doing this to him even though his heart swelled with pride.

- Maybe the last thing he remembers before he blacks out and his mind is clouded with hunger is thinking that he never even got to tell him and probably never would.

you used to call me on my pokedex…..

Beth and the group reunite once more

Morgan  *arrives at ASZ*: Surprise, bitches! Bet you thought you’d seen the last of me!

Rick: Morgan bro <3

Suddenly, Beth steps out from behind Morgan.

*Cue slow motion*

*Cue music starts playing*

♫ Hello! Is it me you’re looking for? ♫

♫ I can see it in your eyes ♫

♫ I can see in your smile ♫

♫ You’re all I’ve ever wanted ♫

♫ And my arms are open wide ♫



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