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The Finale is tonight! What better way but to share a Beth poster. Happy Walking Dead Day and here’s to us Beth fans.

“She’ll get here, when she get’s here.”


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Norman Confirms: Daryl Still Has Beth’s Knife

Morning Everyone! This will be super short but super awesome! So some of my FB peeps got to go on the TWD Cruise this past weekend. (I’m crossing my fingers for next year.) For those who don’t know, they usually do a panel where the audience can submit questions to the cast and tptb that are aboard.

My good friend, @doeroseq asked a question near the end of the panel.

Here’s how it went:

@doeroseq: “This question is for Norman. Does Daryl still have Beth’s knife?”

Norman: “Yes, he does.”

No hemming or hawing or beating around the bush. Just firmly, unequivocally, “Yes, he does.” He’s very confident in his answer, which means this is something he’s thought about and knows the answer to. You know, for some reason. ;D

Team Delusional:

A big thanks to @doeroseq for representing TD so well! 💖💖💖

I was so relieved to get this answer from Norman.😅
So there ya go, Bethyl fandom… rest easy. Daryl still has it. 💘🗡👱🏻‍♀️💚

Watch the actual question and answer via this link:

It occurs at 39:42.

Remember when Beth threw her arms around Daryl at the height of their argument because she understood the pain he was feeling over the collapsing weight of trying to be strong after losing the only family he ever truly had and he just cried while she held him and it was so pure, and so loving .

Emily’s Tunnel Photoshoot

Hey lovelies! Most of you have probably seen the recent photo shoot Emily did with Peter E. Price (X). If you haven’t seen the pictures yet, no worries! Here they are:

I couldn’t help but notice that Emily is in a tunnel in these photos. Why does that matter? Because of TD’s long going tunnel theory relating to Beth Greene and her return. If you want more specific details about the tunnel theories you can read them here (X) and on @bethgreeneishopeunseen blog here (X).

I’ll give you some details, but basically Beth is tied to tunnels, and tunnel imagery. Emily’s name in the opening credits first and last appeared in a tunnel. The tunnel photo appeared when Emily was promoted to main cast member.

Also Norman, when referring to what Beth Greene was to D@ryl, said she was his “light at the end of the tunnel”. He has said this in more then one interview, and recently as well. In my opinion, it looks like in these photos Emily is looking at the light at the end of the tunnel.

I think it is really interesting that Emily has done a photo shoot in a tunnel a few weeks before the Season 7 finale. The photographer also tagged the photos The W@lking Dead, but that could be to get more views on his photos. Emily is also dressed casual, not wearing a lot of makeup, and her hair is natural like she would be in the zombie apocalypse.

Let me know what you all think, thanks for reading! xo

Episode 5x06 “Consumed” Foreshadowing Beth’s Return

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since I have made a TD post and I do apologize for that. It’s not because I have a lack of things to say, it’s because I don’t have any time to conduct what I want to say! I’m not sure if you have seen my other posts, but I recently got a new job that’s full time and when I get a break I like to relax. With that being said, I really want to start getting some of my theories out again!

So, I’m bringing you guys a new theory today! This one is something I caught while re-watching Episode 5x06 “Consumed”. It’s the episode where C@rol and Daryl are tracking Beth in Atlanta. I saw some parallels and possible foreshadowing in the episode that relates to Beth’s return and story line.

I’m sure you all remember this episode pretty well, but if you don’t basically C@rol and Daryl are trying to track the black car with the white cross that stole Beth. They track it to Atlanta, and they come across Noah, who says he can lead them to Beth. Well, C@rol ends up getting hit by one of the Grady cop cars and gets taken by them. 

This is the part that was interesting to me. After C@rol gets taken by the Grady cops we see a random shot of a garbage container (dumpster) with walkers surrounding it. 

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So a friend of mine sent me a meme earlier this week that said: “I didn’t choose the fandom life. The fandom life grabbed me by the hand and whispered, “Run.” 
I then shared this meme in my Bethyl Facebook group.
Well… my fellow Bethyler friend @katkhaos
saw it and said that I should take this meme’s message and customize it for the Bethyl fandom. I thought this was a brilliant idea so here are THREE collage edits that I made. The first one utilizes the same whispered word as the original meme–“Run.” The second and third edits I made use two other whispered statements that were suggested by Kat. Which edit do you like the best??? I’m curious! Please comment and/or reblog to let me know.
Thanks! 😁