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the other night i tried to make a curry and i got chilli burns all over my face, so i thought to myself ‘hang on, doesn’t milk soothe chilli burns? it does’ and i couldn’t google because i couldn’t see so i just had to blindly feel my way to the fridge and pour out a bowl of milk, and then plant my face in the bowl of milk, anyway at that point the rice cooker went off and triggered a power surge which turned my electricity off, which i didn’t notice at first because i had my face in a bowl of milk and when i did emerge from the dairy prison i thought i had gone blind with chilli burns. so no i don’t really cook much.

Man, look at that Doc Rick. It’s like he slowly went from a circle with no brows to an oval with a unibrow. Also look at that show color and socks. <3 At least the color palette for the rest of him is largely the same. 


hogwarts memes

- everyone answering “no, i’m fred” to “are you [insert Y/N]” even hermione
- everything draco does ever
- calling blast ended skrewts “power bottoms”
- calling newt scamander bad variations of his name like nerd sandwicher etc
- colin creevey using that one picture he managed to get of hermione punching draco as a reaction image
- shouting “spank me daddy” at the whomping willow
- [pointing at random object] that’s a portkey
- every single cat is professor mcgonagall


Stanchez Appreciation Week Day 2: Adventures in the Multiverse

I chose all my favorite AU’s for this one : D Technically they are all canon since Multiverse Theory.

Cryptid and Kill Bill AU- @stanchez-sloppy-seconds

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas AU- @engelen and @heckpuppy 

(I dunno if they came up with it. Lots of people drew it and they are the first that comes in the search)

Modern Magic AU- Me

The others are either, I have no idea who came up with them or it was a generic/collective au everyone ever had a part in : D

australian gothic

- we all refer to the prime minister by their first name. we know them well, and they know us. all of us.

- there’s a man on the street corner who never leaves. “just waiting for a mate,” he says. you realise he is on every corner, of every street.

- you are swooped by a magpie in the same place, at the same time, every single day. “it’s swooping season!” says your neighbour. it has always been swooping season.

- sometimes you hear a woman whispering late at night - or early in the morning. “rage” she hisses. “rage”.

- the prime minister never seems to last long and often disappears through no discernible democratic process. one of them eats a raw onion in an attempt to assimilate. he is gone by morning, replaced by another.

How Season 3 will start:

Morty, Beth, and Summer: Alright guys it’s time to stop waiting around!  Let’s break Rick out of prison!



Post Pocket Mortys Series: Morticia

Morticia’s Honesty Hour Story


Look who’s slow? lol anyways, pretty small update this week but we’re leading up to some character interactions I know half of you have asked me about. I haven’t answered those asks cause I don’t wanna spoil lol.

OH yeah! Special thanks to my British friend who takes time out of his busy life to check my grammar. c: