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ngl when Yeon Joo first started looking at Chul’s hand during lunch I thought she was staring in horror at the expensive ass wristwatch he bought courtesy of poor Soo Bong’s wallet. did you really need that watch Chul. be honest

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outfit post <9 to 5>

monday morning and it’s off to work i go. even if the work force demands a more polished look there is still some room to bend the rules. in today’s ootd i replaced a blazer with a gray cardigan trimmed in camel and exchanged silk blouse for chambray shirt which gives my outfit a more relaxed tone. i opted for a brown belt to tie in with the sweater, added a few pearls (my favorite gemstone by the way) and i am ready to face the day.

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My Thoughts on the Beth Greene Action Figure

1) I am so freaking excited for this thing!  Like, you guys do not understand my excitement!  Good luck purchasing yours, because I am going to buy every single one of these Beth Greene action figures!  I will have an entire room filled with these things!  (Okay, okay…I may be exaggerating a little.  But I am sooooo excited that there is finally a Beth Greene action figure!)

2) Her hair.  Her hair is the exact same as her hair in her season 5 character portrait.

3) Her outfit.  I am so happy that they put her in this outfit.  It is the Beth Greene outfit.  It is the outfit that she was in when she was last happy…when she was with Daryl in the funeral home, and it’s the last outfit that we ever saw her wearing…as Daryl carried her out of the hospital.  I just love this outfit.

4. Assault rifle?  Why?  That’s not her signature weapon.

5. Assault rifle and that outfit?  We never saw Beth carrying an assault rifle while wearing that outfit.  The only time we ever saw her carrying an assault rifle was in “Too Far Gone,” when she was in her tank top that she later ditched for the yellow polo.

6. Her weapon is an assault rifle.  Her knife isn’t included.  Why?  Where is her knife?  Well, on the show, a certain man known as Mr. Dixon still has it.  So I find it fitting that they didn’t give her action figure her knife.  Maybe some day they’ll make a Daryl Dixon figure with her knife.


So, yeah, those are my initial thoughts on the Beth Greene action figure.


Ignore numbers 5 and 6.

SHE IS HOLDING A KNIFE!!!!!!  *dances around in pure joy*