beth young

So Rick used to worry about young Beth coming across a neighbor or a defenseless animal. At her request, he invented tons of creepy things to keep her busy, including Floopyland itself. One of the items he made for her was “a teddy bear with anatomically correct organs” or something along those lines.

Hey, who’s just now realizing Beth didn’t become a surgeon because she’s smart, she became a surgeon because she likes CUTTING THINGS OPEN AND PLAYING WITH THEIR INSIDES?

So I was listening to the Interdimensional RSS: the Unofficial Rick and Morty podcast earlier today and they had the art director, Bryan Newton on with them, discussing the most recent episode- Morty’s Mind Blowers! 

Newton was talking about the different pitches they were throwing around, and he said this: 

“Here’s another huge one that got wiped out- one of the original endings that they were playing around with…There was gonna be a deep Morty memory from when Morty was a baby, and that memory was gonna be with a young Rick, a young Summer–who would have been about 3 at the time– and a young Beth and Jerry. And it was basically gonna be Rick being there and consoling or talking to baby Morty and like ‘you’re gonna be my little Morty, Morty, you’re gonna be the best Morty ever, we’re gonna go on all types of adventures!’, and then Summer comes in and sees Rick, and Rick takes off through a portal, and then Beth and Jerry come in and are like ‘what’s going on, honey?’ and Summer’s like ‘the weird man showed up again!’…So it was gonna be a big thing where we see them all young and Rick being like the fuckin’ boogyman, keeping tabs on Morty.” 

Of course, this technically isn’t canon because it never made it to the show, but–I found it very interesting and wanted to share it with you guys! 


“Please don’t leave me again.”

“I never will, baby.”

Ahhh it’s finally done! If you think that you’ve seen this before, then you probably have as a sketch! I’m so happy with how this turned out, even if I had to guess around with a few colors (but they look okay, right?)! I hope you like it!!


And here’s where it all went wrong. This really fucking messes with my head because I know he said it was a fake origin story, but why would he make this up? It just doesn’t seem like him. Maybe it didn’t happen exactly like that, but I think he at least reimagined Dianne and Beth accurately.

You can see Rick falling to the ground in the back, he looks so defeated. Yeah, I get acting and playing it up, but again, it just doesn’t seem very him. It seems more likely he forced himself to relive that terrible moment to give him a little extra boost to help him destroy the gov.

I’m probably wrong, but I think this is accurate. Up until after the bomb, I think it’s all true. And it breaks my heart.

This sweet innocent man having his life riped apart in front of his eyes. He just wanted to be happy!


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