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when i posted this i then got this off the lovely Jarod 

He played the cop called Officer Tanaka.

Soon after he replied to me, i then got the well known Erik Jenson (Dr Edwards) liking and retweeting my post too. 

this isn’t TD, but i thought i’d just show you that the actors are STILL liking and retweeting and follow up on TWD. why? if the grady story is over? hmm. I also tagged in officer Shepherd actress and the other cop Officer Licari. I hope they will too see this :). 

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Some food for thought...

I was thinking about Slabtown and started looking through screenshots of it. I discovered the following.

First, let’s look at Joan’s arm. This is the first shot we ever get of her arm before anything else. Before we even see her face, we see this:

It’s the walker bite on her arm. It’s quite gruesome, I know! But I think that the fact we saw that first should tell us that it’s important in some way.

The next interesting screenshot I found was this, which I lightened a bit to so it was easier to see:

Take a look at where her bite is. It’s on her forearm just under her wrist, right? Who do we know that has an injury in that general area?

That’s right!! Beth!! Notice the area her cast is covering. If she had a bite in the same location as Joan’s, it would be well covered by the cast.

When Beth is helping to hold Joan down, a lot of people pointed out how awkwardly Beth is holding her arm:

Super awkwardly, right? Come on. Who would hold someone like that? That right there is the most difficult way you could hold someone down. Why would Beth be holding her arm like that?

I think it’s because it helps us realize something. We realize that not only does Beth have an injury on her arm in a similar place, but it’s on the same arm. If Beth’s hand were actually holding onto Joan, which would be the normal thing to do, it might not strike anyone as strange. This does.

Next, I thought about Noah. I remembered that he showed Beth his leg while telling her about how he came to the hospital. He said that he and his dad were pretty injured when they were found by people from Grady but they could only take one of them. Since his father was strong, they took Noah.

That’s when he pulls up his pant leg to reveal this long, jagged cut (I had to lighten this A LOT btw):

That’s a pretty nasty cut!! Obviously it has since healed, but this is the reason why he limps. Not from falling down the elevator shaft, though that wouldn’t have been comfortable either.

It looks to me that that cut would’ve been a pretty open wound, probably cut down to the muscle layer. It would have bled A LOT. His dad was “pretty messed up” too. I assume that means his father was also bleeding profusely.

With that much blood, surely there would have been lots of walkers surrounding Noah and his dad, right? Would it be that farfetched to think that Noah could have been bitten, too? Or, at least, so drained of blood that he almost turned? I don’t think so.

Like Beth, Noah had an injured leg (the same leg, IIRC) and wouldn’t have been able to defend himself as well as he normally could. It would have been difficult for him to fend off a walker or Grady cops.

What I’m thinking is, is that when Dawn says to Beth that if they hadn’t saved her, she would be “one of them” now, maybe that applies to all of the wards at the hospital. Maybe the injuries of the two wards we really get to know are supposed to mirror hers.

I just wanted to put this stuff out there!!! I wanted to tag these lovely people to see what their thoughts are on this: bethgreenewarriorprincess the-walkingwinchesters onlyforbeth dixonloving Feel free to tag anyone else who might want to take a look!! And feel free to use these pictures in any theories you guys come up with!!

Grady, Dr Edwards, Beth, ASZ

My ask box randomly deleted all messages I had. Delightful, but anyway. I had a nonny tell me how long of a journey it is from ASZ back to Atlanta and how there are doctors closer to ASZ and how the distance makes all the difference.

So nonny: First of all hello and thank you for not being rude or anything, I appreciate it.
Now, I actually agree with most of what you say, but I’m not sure what your goal is here: hear me out or convince me of something or what? Anyway I would really like to hear from you again after this and see what your thoughts are, so feel free to drop by any time :)
I am sorry, this got big.

Grady, Dr Edwards, Beth, ASZ

There is a constant war going on in my mind between what I really really reeeaally want to believe and what my last little bits of sanity are telling me.

Want to believe

They need a doctor. Pete is dead. And people need a doctor. Especially ASZ citizens because they are so helpless. They are used to be cared after. They are probably panicking. So where find a doctor?

Sure, Carol and Maggie can try to help, but their knowledge is not enough.

Going into big cities (including Washington DC) is way too risky. People are very unpredictable now. People are the risk. Plus Rick probably remembers all glory of being in Atlanta surrounded by walkers and psychopaths. I am honestly not sure he would risk being in such situation again anytime soon.

Now, he knows for sure where there is a living breathing doctor. And I don’t think Rick would even consider going back if he were still with only team Family. But he decided to run ASZ. And ASZ people will want a doctor. And Rick knows where to find one.

Have to consider

Like you said, it’s a very long trip. But they also have cars and supplies now.

  • Also Aaron said he’d been tracking them for two or three weeks. That means he and Erik got very close to Georgia looking for recruits. 

The biggest problem I have with going back for dr Edwards: will he be willing to go, will grady cops let him go, what happens with everyone there.

The biggest encouragement I have: Grady was a waste of everyone’s time and money if we’re not going back.

So now about Grady Memorial Hospital

Let’s start from the beginning. It’s season 4. Beth gets kidnapped. Daryl runs the whole night. Then some little things keep reminding us of her. (And don’t worry I’m not making this all about Beth, I just want to set the scene and try to present the full picture. It’ll make sense, I promise) Daryl almost covering Len’s body, like they did with richbitch. Then Daryl saying there are in fact good people, when he sees Rick, Michonne and Carl getting ambushed by Joe, echoing the “I don’t think the good ones survive”. Then he reunites with his whole original team prison in the train car and realizes that they are all alive, not “Everyone you know is dead. You ain’t never gonna see them again”. And then we get flashbacks. If you think about it, Beth didn’t have to be in them. Not at all. Rick could’ve laughed about Carl’s farmers-hat and Hershel would’ve said “It can be like this all the time” just the same. So why show her?

Because viewers needed to remember. Because everyone got crazy. Because everyone ended up crawling up the walls during last year’s hiatus. Everyone needed to know what happened to her. You can say that only Beth fans did, but you are wrong. There were dozens of pretty nasty jokes going around, mocking her disappearance, saying that she’s getting grilled at terminus or that she became whatever in a new group of bad men. Stuff like that means that people cared enough to sit down, open photoshop and copy Beth’s face onto the grill. They didn’t anticipate her return, but they had plenty of fun discussing ridiculous things over and over again for many months before July.

It’s July now. SDCC announces that Emily Kinney will be a part of this year’s TWD panel. They show the trailer - all of it totally misleading. We all thought Rick would team up with Gareth and go to Washington. We saw how that played out. So the trailer is over, the screen goes black and suddenly we hear an unfamiliar woman’s voice. And bam! 20 seconds of Beth’s own storyline.

That is when it gets really interesting.

We realize that in season 5 we will be introduced to a whole new location and just via one character. (That is before Carol gets there of course.) And what I find curious - the trailer kinda gives everything away. It’s like a huge spoiler itself, because we see that she’s there. There is a new villain. She tries to escape. We see her firing a gun. We see her running outside. So when we go into episode 4 and see her wake up and see all those terrible things going on, we are already prepared for her attempt to escape. I don’t get it to be honest. But ok whatever.

The most important thing is - she alone gets an independent story line with a new location and her own villain.

Then come the promotional posters. Do you know which ones?

  • “Where is Beth?” 
  • “Will Daryl find Beth?”
  • “Is Beth getting a reunion?”
  • “What happened to Beth?”

They literally tried to get everyone’s attention to this new amazing storyline. “Beth is still alive and there’s a reason for that”. “You’re going to dig Beth’s story this season”.

So for filming they:

  • Found a hospital
  • Rented and set up a whole new location
  • Figured out how to film there (they said it was challenging to figure all the equipment placement out)
  • Built a new safe elevator shaft
  • Brought tons of equipment there
  • Hired basically a new cast (Dawn+Edwards+Cops with lines)
  • Hired people to just be there as patients
  • Promoted the heck out of it

Then Coda rolls in. We didn’t “dig” the story. All the reviews are terrible, explaining how Grady is a total waste. Beth doesn’t get a reunion like at all. No one accepts Rick’s offer to come with him.

Sure, they introduce Noah. Guess what? He dies 4 episodes later.

So much money and effort were spent on Grady. Why?

Also there is not a single story line that was left open like that. Vatos had a closure (deleted scene), first camp, CDC, Farm, Woodbury, Prison, Terminus all were dealt with. Gone and left behind.

We never saw what happened to Sam - we got him back in 5x01. We never saw what happened to Morgan after Clear. We got him back in season 5.

We never saw what happened with Morales. There are rumors and speculations that we will see him again. I believe them. 

TWD always pays it’s debts ties it’s loose ends.

Grady: dozens of people still there, a doctor still there, we never saw how the group left Grady, we never saw Beth’s funeral, we saw the group running flashbacks in WHaWGO but no explanation. Grady Memorial Hospital is one hell of a loose end.

We have: Unsatisfied viewers, shit ton of lies about cool story and reunions, a wasted story line, huge amount of unanswered questions, a lot of lost money and time, an abandoned filming location.

And then Kirkman makes a joke about how terrible the idea to kill Beth was, and Hurd says that if we liked this season, next one is going to be even better. Well I sure hope so.

So yeah, I understand that it’s a long trip back to Grady. I understand that it will be hard to force any of the story to make sense. And there might be other reasons. But honestly? There are so many more arguments for going back. 

Last night before I went to bed, a quote from Norman from last month caught my eye.  I’ve read it a few times in the past, but this time, a part of it stood out to me.  I’m paraphrasing, but basically he said that the only thing that stopped Daryl from killing all the Grady people after Beth is shot is Carol putting her hand on his shoulder.  Huh.

This got me thinking, and I know it’s been discussed how incredibly OOC it was of both Daryl and Rick to let everyone in that hallway live and just walk away, but has it ever been discussed as to why?  (And how even more OOC it was for Rick to offer to take people with them).

Team family just doesn’t walk away from a perceived threat.  We saw Rick kill prisoners in season 3 without hesitation and it was no holds bar in 408 against the governor’s group, but they just walk away from Grady after they kill the woman Daryl loves?  Please…  A bloody massacre would have been more in character and given the fanboys something to squeal about.

That got me thinking.  501 saw not one, but two incidents where a threat wasn’t completely dealt with.  The first was Tyreese’s inability to kill Martin and the second was the group talking Rick out of going back and killing all the termites.  Both times, this failure to completely take care of a threat came back to be a part of the story in a future episode.  Martin reunites with his cohorts, Bob’s leg gets eaten, and then eventually team family kills them all.  That story line is wrapped up in a bloody little bow, on to the next one.

But, with Grady, we have a story line left open ended and I’m racking my brain for other story lines left opened that went unresolved, but I’ve got nothing.  So, there must be a reason TPTB chose to leave it that way.  It means we are going to see Grady again.  The Grady people had to to be spared and the hospital left functioning so that TPTB have a way to explain how Beth survives.  It has long been my theory that Beth’s body got left behind at the hospital, only to be discovered alive.  They need a plausible way to explain Beth’s surviving a head shot and they wouldn’t have that without a fully functioning hospital.  And while Rick and Daryl’s failure to act in this instance is OOC, I get it now.  We’re going back to Grady and our girl is alive.

Something Fishy this Way Comes!

So, I’ve been pondering and thinking some more about Shady Grady. And something that keeps coming up, besides the guinea pig, is the elevator shaft. 

Yes, this was a great way for Beth and Noah to escape, but that’s not what I’m thinking about. I’m thinking about all the walkers down there feeding on dead corpses (morbid I know - what isn’t in this show). 

{The staff disposes of dead bodies by dumping them down an elevator shaft.} We know that the wards disposes of the dead bodies this way…but why? Obviously to make sure no one “turns,” or just maintain safety to not have to go outside to bury/burn the dead. 

But I don’t buy it. 

They have emphasized that damn elevator way too often. We saw countless images of this thing during the episodes, even Beth pondering over it before she met her demise. 

I think that Dawn and the others (Edwards), didn’t want the wards “guinea pigs” to know they were testing on them. If they didn’t think people would survive the injections, they would dump them…not even wasting time or energy. Who knows, maybe there was a process before elimination happened? I’m not sure. But maybe they knew who could possibly survive and who they thought was valuable. 

  • Noah was valuable to Grady
  • Beth was valuable to Grady

That much we know. I believe that C@rol was valuable as well, but maybe more for Beth’s happiness, because after all, Dawn figured out that they knew each other. She went to great lengths to save her…yet not a lot of others. WHY? Just to get Beth’s trust? Exactly. I think she wanted to do anything she could to make Beth want to stay and be with them. I think she was waiting for the perfect moment to tell Beth, when she truly trusted her, what exactly was going on at Grady and what scientists were trying to accomplish as well.

I think they found something and it ties with not only Noah, but Beth. There was a huge reason that Dawn wanted Noah back, which I’ve mentioned before. I don’t know if Noah knows the truth or not, but I doubt it. He was scared of the walkers enough to take C@rol and Daryl’s weapons away from them…but maybe he did. Maybe he wanted to get back to his family to tell them the truth to what was happening out there and what Grady found.

If the people were weak and shoved down the elevator shaft, the others would never truly find out what was going on. Because maybe they would investigate and see bites. I think the cops were purposely keeping those walkers around. I think they were just what they needed to do their tests. 

I still think that Beth has a bite on her arm. 

External image

She was “fighting off a walker and then everything went black.” Hmm..I wonder why. Oh, maybe because you quickly got hit by a car at the precise moment you were out in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. I’m sorry, but if you don’t think the whole black car with a cross on it in the middle of nowhere isn’t weird as all hell, then I think you need to re-evaluate the situation. 

  • Random weird ass car
  • Drives like a bat out of hell away from Daryl. Don’t tell me they didn’t hear him or see him running after them for days. Please. They leave the strong behind. 
  • How did they know that Beth was weak? Because they were watching her. 
  • Beth can’t remember anything
  • Huge gauge on face/bruises
  • Gorman creeper found her…stalker much. EXACTLY. 
  • What really happened under that cast? I don’t buy the “fracture” bit. Nah…something is under that cast, and the writers/producers made sure it didn’t come off, even when Beth was in normal clothes. 
  • Dawn, “You OWE us.” For what exactly? You saw she was bit and she turned into your guinea pig instantly. That’s why they left the walker still walking around (the one Daryl walks right past). But owe you…hmm…did they truly save her?
  • Is Beth immune now?
  • Did Beth know the truth when she stabbed Dawn? “I get it now." There is power in that statement, and people have been really trying to figure it out. Gimple never truly explained what that meant. Get what now? That there are bad people…not good? That Dawn was never going to let them go? Or that Beth took the chance of possibly getting herself and others hurt by doing something she thought was self-sacrificing for the "greater good” ? But what is the greater good? Noah? I know Noah was her friend, but she already sacrificed herself for him once to get out…I think this time it was something bigger. Part of me thinks that Beth caught on. 
    External image

    ^Trying to understand what’s down there. Escape route. 
    External image

    ^I feel like she knows something here. Something she didn’t know before. Some people say she gave up hope here, but I don’t see it that way. I think she’s getting the significance of this thing. That something doesn’t add up about this place. 

Was that why Beth was pondering as she looked down the elevator shaft? 

There are so many weird signs flashing before our eyes, and I’m trying to make sense of it. All I know is that they focused way too much on the elevator for it to mean just a dumping ground for dead bodies. There has to be a bigger purpose to it. It’s a sign. 

Just like Grady Memorial Hospital is actually a sign.

Beth's cast is a sign. 

Dr. Edwards is a sign I believe. He knows TOO much. And he’s killing other doctors? Not because he’s weak, nope…because he doesn’t want to let others in on the secrets of this shady place. 

Dawn going on and on about the “greater good." 

Wanting Noah back.

The clocks. 

Joan’s character and amputating her bitten arm…um…is that a coincidence that the cast is on the same arm as Joan’s bitten arm? Nope. I think it represents something. They made a point of showing it.

The fact that their shady about eating guinea pig…it’s weird, but I think it’s trying to show us that the real guinea pigs are the patients. 

*If someone is used as a guinea pig, new ideas or products are tested on them*

That’s what I think the whole point of telling us they were "eating” guinea pigs was all about…it was an egg. A hidden egg Gimple played out - a KEY WORD. THEY ARE THE GUINEA PIGS BEING TESTED ON.

So you might ask, what’s the point of Beth and the elevator and the guinea pigs? Well, there is a point. The point is that we don’t know half the story behind Grady Memorial Hospital. The point is that why would we focus 5a on a location if it was just to kill a character off and to have patients work for cops? I’m sorry, but that would be super lame writing on their part of that’s it. The point is that they kept showing us the elevator shaft for a reason. The point is we don’t know half the rooms in that hospital and what’s really in them. The point is Beth was healing. We still don’t know what truly happened at the funeral home…but it was something shady. We’re going to get a flashback of what really happened, I just know it! The point is I think Beth knew something…why else would she sacrifice seeing her sister again…or Daryl and the rest of her family for someone she barely knew? Scissors. Really? Is really immune? That’s the main point. What happened to Beth? What truly happened? Not some lame ass story that Dawn and Gorman told us. Why did Dawn look so shocked and distraught after Beth was shot. Dawn looked frantic…and I don’t believe it was just because she was scared for her life. Did someone else really shoot Beth? Why did Dawn want Noah back so bad? She sent people to go look for him. 

Keep your eyes open everyone! DETECTIVE TIME because we’re getting towards the end. I’m seriously. Quotes, pictures, images…everything starts overlapping. LOOK FOR THE SIGNS. They’re everywhere. And I don’t believe they’d show us certain scenes for no reason. Why waste the money of the shot? Everything has a purpose. 

That’s what I believe. 

9- What’s happened is that they left “dead” Beth in a car. Morgan finds Beth in the car. and basically she asks, “What happened,” and “What’s going on?” because someone clearly doesn’t remember what truly happened at Grady. Daryl and Maggie are extremely distraught. Daryl tries to locate her.

10- Prison Family finds people from Alexandria; meanwhile Morgan is with Beth. He finds out she was bitten but never changed. Start to piece it back to them…Grady Memorial Hospital (Shady Grady and the lab rats).

11- Distance between team family and team Bethgan! Also distance to Alexandria. Many obstacles on the way.

12- Remembering who they were before all of this. That they were people…that they didn’t let this change them. Remembering Beth and what her hope brings. Memorial service for beth and any other fallen members of the group (Tyreese).

…last few minutes of season finale…two new people enter Alexandria: Morgan &…Beth.

Here are my reservations about jumping behind the Grady Cure
  • Having the cure be found in Atlanta, or in Georgia in general isolates the story. 
  • From a storytelling standpoint it doesn’t make sense, because they’ve already touched on it when they go to the CDC, and there is no cure there.
  • Rehashing this story again would be fine but it would HAVE TO BE somewhere else. 
  • We know they are leaving Georgia. The story is moving forward. They will not take the story back here. Georgia is done.
  • Going back to Georgia at any point would create a stagnant storyline, because we’ve spent the last five seasons there. We gotta move on. We have to see what is happening everywhere else. 
  • We already know from the comics they have not found the cure. 
  • We also know that they’ve stated they would be following the comics closely this season and moving forward.
  • Grady does not have the resources to fund a project such as the cure. 
  • They would need more wards/test subjects than we’ve seen and they have very, very limited resources. 
  • If we do see a cure plot-line again, it will be somewhere else where they still have an infrastructure in place, and many more resources at hand. 
  • Beth’s bandages have been changed while she was there and if she had been *bitten* she would have seen the marks while her arm was being rewrapped. 
  • Edwards makes the remarks that he “used to be drowning in research” but now he’s “bored.” If he had testing going on for the cure. This statement would not be true, but from what we’ve seen Edwards is very much *around*. There is no *sneaking off into secret rooms*
  • Grady is under new management now that dawn is dead, we would hardly expect Shepherd to run the hospital in the same way it was previously.
  • If there was some sort of cure plot line happening in the near future I really feel like they would have eluded to it more at Grady. 
  • A lot of the actors from Grady have moved onto other projects. If they were set for a longterm arc this wouldn’t be the case. 
  • I’m not saying we wont see a cure plot-line, I just don’t believe this is the time or place for it. 
  • In the timeline for the story there hasn’t been enough time for a viable cure to be found without the resources needed to isolate strains and if a place like the CDC couldn’t find it, I doubt a place like Grady with far less technology will be able to do it in just a little more time. 
  • I believe something more may be going on at Grady, but I don’t suspect the arc for it to linger much longer than the rest of 5B

CNN had an article listing the top six shows to watch and TWD finale was #1 (which wouldn’t make sense if it’s as disappointing as the spoilers make it sound). They quote Sonequa as saying how it’s so jam packed and full of some unexpected twists and how it gets deep but it’s something she can be proud of.

So pretty much everything she and the other cast members have said completely contradict the overall dull tone of the spoilers which either means that they’re all lying (I did get on them for hyping up episodes like 5.09 and 5.10 that definitely did not deliver) or more likely, the spoilers are fake and/or incomplete. I’m certainly hoping for the second one.

anonymous asked:

about your beth post- i think it was entirely possible that she could've found out about jennifer; however, jennifer probably dropped out of sight when she went into dyad for treatment (dyad would've done something.) tony seemed pretty off the radar, so i doubt that one. i'm also 100% convinced she knew about sarah from the start, but couldn't/didn't contact her for reasons unknown.

I totally agree, and I’m sure that Beth knew about at least one (if not all) of the clones beyond Alison and Cosima. 

My prevailing theory is that Beth knew about all of them and planned on contacting them. She ran the software, and six matches came up in addition to the four Euros she’d learned about from Katja.

  • We have Alison Hendrix, essentially in her own backyard.
  • We have Cosima Niehaus, sciencey gal over in Minnesota.
  • We have Sarah Manning in the not!Toronto area, with her outstanding record of petty theft and assault. 
  • We have Tony Sawicki in Ohio, and frankly I wouldn’t doubt that he also has a record. Dude’s been up to some not so legal stuff.
  • We have JFitz over in the midwest (or no record of her thanks to Dyad’s casual erasure.) This really would depend on where the timeline falls, because JFitz declined over the course of six months leading up to the start of s2 on our timeline, there is a great likelihood that Beth just barely missed her before Dyad swallowed her into it’s depths.

If I was Beth Childs in this instance, I’d prioritize who I contacted. Beth Childs is trying to find resources, Beth Childs is assembling the team. Beth Childs is Nick Fury assembling the Clone Avengers.

“I’m here to tell you about the Cloneclub initiative”

So first she goes to the safest one, Alison. They get in contact, they meet, stuff happens. Gun range stuff. Next up she knows she needs science answers, so she goes to Cosima. We get sassy emails and an excited and nerdy Cosima. Then she tries to contact Sarah but remember that Sarah disappeared for ten months prior to the start of season 1. So Sarah’s not around.

Meanwhile, Beth’s keeping the cards to herself. Beth is suspicious. Maybe Beth accidentally overheard some Castor stuff from Paul during this time, maybe Beth accidentally witnesses some shady Castor stuff between S and Paul when she’s trying to contact Sarah. (Though I do support the notion that S didn’t know Sarah was a clone, and thus probably didn’t actually meet Beth in person. That doesn’t mean Beth didn’t do some A+ level police spying on S though.)

So Beth isn’t keen to go sharing all of the deets with Alison and Cosima quite yet. She takes a solo trip down to Ohio to find Tony, and finds Sammy instead along with more Castor connections. Sammy convinces her to leave Tony be for the time being, so Beth goes off the trail and returns home to the not!Toronto area cloneclub. She digs into Castor some more, digs into the Proletheans, digs into Maggie Chen. All without telling Alison or Cosima anything because she’d taking on some sort of hero’s solo quest.


Seriously, I could headcanon about Beth Childs’ past for all time. Just try me.