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OK @mamrie, it’s officially your turn…


It’s a hotel room review and a slumber party, all in one video! Note: it’s SCARY! 


Oliva Pope & Carrie Mathison React To Beyoncé | A Scandal Homeland Parody (by chescaleigh)


*Hartbig AU*

Beth setting Grace up with Hannah..

“I think you’ll like her” Beth declared, as she smiled at Grace.

“I don’t know Beth,.. being set up.. really? What are we 15?” Grace replied shaking her head slightly and sounding unsure of this whole idea.

“At least look at these pictures of her, I’ve heard Hannah is a real charmer” Beth held her phone out and smirked before winking at her friend.

“Oh.. she’s um..  yeah, yeah okay, maybe I’ll give her a call later..” Grace muttered sheepishly, her cheeks blushing crimson as she leaned back in her chair.

“I get full credit for this” Beth joked as she pocketed her phone.

“Whatever Beth, come on we’re live in 5” Grace mumbled, flipping Beth off before smiling in spite of herself and walking towards the MyDamnChannel Live set. The butterflies in her stomach fluttering at the thought of calling the younger brunette later.