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On day one there were two people with it, and then there were four, and then it was sixteen and you think you’ve got it in front of you. But next it’s two hundred and fifty six and then it’s sixty five thousand and it’s behind you and above you and all around you. In thirty steps, it’s a billion sick. Three months. It’s a math problem you can do on napkin. And that’s where we’re headed! And that’s why you won’t even tell us the number of the dead, will you, Dr. Cheever? But you tell your friends when to get out of Chicago before anyone else has a chance.

Contagion [2011] dir. Steven Soderbergh

You're a Sexist Pig!
  • [Scene: Beth, age 8, is sitting in a chair while I blow-dry her hair...]
  • Beth: [suddenly] "You're a sexist pig!"
  • Me: "What?!"
  • Beth: "You're a sexist pig!"
  • Me: [turns off hairdryer] "Do you know what that means?"
  • Beth: "No."
  • Me: "Where did you hear it?"
  • Beth: "Max says it to Iggy in the book I'm reading." [points to the book /Maximum Ride #3/ on her desk]
  • Me: "Hmm. Do you know what 'sexist' means?"
  • Beth: [thinking] "It means that you think girls are just supposed to be pretty and can't do anything, right?"
  • Me: "Pretty close. Sexism is when someone thinks you are dumber or weaker or less useful just because of your gender. Or that you must think a certain way because of your gender. Or that you're only good for doing some jobs and not others. Usually it refers to how women are treated."
  • Beth: "But... what is a sexist pig? What do farm animals have to do with it?"
  • Me: "People use the word 'pig' to describe someone who is especially gross or dirty or smelly. So, a 'sexist pig' would be a person who is not just a little sexist, but really sexist."
  • Beth: "So... pigs aren't sexist animals?"
  • Me: "Uh... I don't know if you can call animals sexist. I'm not sure pigs have beliefs about gender or much else."
  • Beth: "There aren't sexist cows or chickens, right?"
  • Me: "Well, technically, cows and chickens are females, instead of bulls and roosters, but even women can be sexist to other women."
  • Beth: "Like how [G...] buys me pink stuff even though I hate pink?"
  • Me: "Right. No matter how many times we say so, she's got the idea that girls must like pink. It doesn't matter what /you/ actually like."
  • Beth: "What kind of noise do sexist pigs make? Like Pink-Oink? Poink? Poink-Poink!" [begins snorting]
  • Me: "Hey, pigs are pink, so maybe that works."

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khan is always always protective of his arthur, but one time arthur decides to protect khan instead and ends up getting hurt, and khan is trembling as he bandages up arthur's battered body, his warm, freckly skin dusted painfully with blood and bruises. and once khan is finished, he tips forward and presses his forehead to arthur's, his breathing shaky as he kisses arthur's face over and over, while arthur closes his eyes and smiles, comforting his khan softly

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For the playlist ask, Magdalena :3 thank you in advance! (hugs)

Hello! Lovely name, here you go :D

Midnight Blues - Gary Moore
As Long As I Have A Song - Beth Hart
Georgiana - Dario Marianelli
Distance - Zero Cult
At Last - Etta James
La Mer - Veronneau
Escape - Rupert Holmes
Nothing But Time - Magic Red
À quai - Yann Tiersen

Send me your name and I’ll make a playlist from its letters

Porque eu estarei cultivando aqui dentro de mim o brilho das estrelas até que não seja mais possível. E ficarei lembrando da tua boca, teus braços e tuas palavras – de uma forma tão pura que só poderei rir. Desenharei com os dedos teus passos de mel em caminhos de flores e guardarei esta magia aqui comigo. Significa “criar laços”.

G. Beth Invitti