beth earl


George and Olivia Harrison, with Dhani and Beth Earl, Goodwood Cartier Lunch, 26 June 2000

Photos: Richard Young/ Features

“[George Harrison] was cutting up veggies and cooking lunch [in the kitchen]… I’ll never forget the atmosphere of graciousness that surrounded us in the kitchen that day.” - Ken Mansfield, The White Book [x]

“Rather than go to restaurants, he did a lot of the cooking during our holiday. Using Indian spices brought from home, he cooked up some very tasty Indian meals. At any given evening at sunset, you could smell incense wafting from our villa, along with spicy aromas of Indian vegetarian delicacies, mixing with Indian ragas played on the sound system from his large collection of music. Pure magic.” - Gary Wright on vacationing in Portugal with George Harrison in the early 1970’s, Dream Weaver: Music, Meditation And My Friendship With George Harrison [x]

“There was a serene and calming presence that George and Olivia gave off. George had fresh flowers placed in the home and there was incense burning, pictures of holy men, the smell of curried rice dishes - long-grain rice - wafting in from the kitchen. They’re both health food eaters.” - A “friend” on George and Olivia in 1976, from a 1977 publication [x]

“At the Lodge - much smaller than the main house [at Friar Park] but still a mansion in itself - [George] Harrison prepared a pot of coffee, and [Olivia] Arias stopped by with a plate of cookies - ’American cookies,’ she emphasized, her years in California coming to the fore.” - Anthony DeCurtis, Rolling Stone, 17 January 2002 [x]

“‘I want to show you something,’ a gleeful [George] Harrison told his guest [Timothy White] at Friar Park one radiant June afternoon in 1999, the soil-covered singer taking a break from his gardening chores to lure the visitor off the splendid expanse of frant lawn seen stretching out behind Harrison in Barry Feinstein’s famous photo on the cover of All Things Must Pass. Leading the way across the veranda and through a glass door into the large kitchen on the right side of the Victorian Gothic house, Harrison stopped beside a handsome, oven-fresh spice cake cooling on the counter.
‘Olivia and the cook just put the yogurt icing on this,’ he whispered, his eyes twinkling. 'It’s really meant to be for dessert after dinner tonight, but teatime is in a half-hour, and I think we can each have a piece then.’
For all he had gained or stood to lose in his remarkable life, Harrison never failed to exhibit either the common touch or the ordinary enthusiasms that enriched it. He saw love, eternity, and God-decreed fragility of the human experience in every flower bed he weeded and every sweet that emerged from the family stove. And he had the wisdom to bow with a full heart before all that was good.” - Billboard, 15 December 2001 [x]