beth doodles


The sheer amount of guilt that Josh showed in his hallucinations meant to me that… he must’ve been a quite sweet brother. Also, I think Josh would’ve been a smart little cookie from his childhood.

p.s. I know I’ve said I’m gonna do a longer comic to a few of you guys.. but this is not the one I was talking about. I only have time to do a short one this weekend  :‘ / 

((Felt like drawing my genderswapped people - especially given that I’ve never shaped my fem!Jerry and male!Beth properly. This version of female Morty I’ve made before Pocket Mortys happened, so yeah, it’s not Morticia;

So, they’re all here! August, Jenny, Erica, Monty, Bert and Scratches. Finally all together on one doodle! Yay!))


They definitely strike me as the kind of family where Beth would force everyone to dress up (take off ur labcoat for 2 seconds…please) and go get a family portrait done at walmart. And then it ends up a huge mess and everyone is pissed at each other and the day is ruined. The photo ends up decent but everyone hates it except Rick who secretly keeps a copy even though he pretended not to care.