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Catherine Destivelle free soloing El Matador (5.10d 5 pitches 250′) Devil’s Tower, Wyoming - look ma, no hands

photo: Beth Wald

This climb went from trad solo to free solo half way up the route. Very bold!

setting up self-belay at the base…

a kink in the rope jamming the belay device…

untying the rope and letting go…

…free soloing to the top!



she was the kind of girl a hurricane would be named after   her smile would infect a person,    not the way wild fires spread,    but the way a candle slowly burns down the house that holds it.    hers were eyes that would capture not only the heart,    but the soul,   the mind,    the whole being.    if the GODS had a garden,    it was hidden in her eyes.   sweet muses of the sonnets whispered her name in prayer,     and devoted epics to her worship.  and yet,    she was uncommonly kind,    and not taken by vanity or self-devotion.    SWEET MOTHER EARTH would often smile,     and whisper the words.

                                             “  this is my daughter.  ”   

                                  ( sophie describes beth as a character. )

happy birthday beth!!   i am so happy that i have met you,    so happy to call you my friend,  so happy to have you in my life.   you are one of my absolute favourite people on this site and i truly do treasure you.   thank you for being the one person i can salt to without fear of repercussion.   thank you for being the ian to my phil.   thank you for being you. 

there’s two more presents to come through the day,   but for now —- i love you.   happy birthday angel.  // @bcbrave

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my darling @bcbrave // @mxncipium.     you know what,    i hope that everyone in the world knows how deeply i adore beth.    she’s actually one of the closest friends i have on this site and i have been blessed from the very first moment that we met.    she is one of the kindest,  sweetest people on this site and she is always there for everyone who needs her.    beth is the person i can salt to without any fear of repercussions and just helps my mental health around here by being around.    she is the ian to my phil,    and the one person who adores my typos in the way that they should be adored.    this angel of a girl is such a caring,    doting person on this site and you should all follow and be blessed.   

// send  🌌 for someone to get positivity.  always accepting.  @narcissamilfoy

The calm before the storm Part 15

Divergent fanfiction: Eric/OC

Mature content and strong language

I don’t own any part of Divergent

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Eric had threw open his door and kicked it shut starting to hyperventilate. He turned punching the hard unforgiving wall several times. Taking two more steps he fell to his knees releasing a strangled unhuman sounding sob. Then he just let the darkness take over.

“Oh good. Where did you find my wayward soldier? Was he alone,” Jeanine curtly questioned Max.

“By the Chasm. Um, no, I’m pretty sure he threw her over…… because she was pregnant.” Max felt like he was going to be sick.

“Finally. About time that boy got inline with the way things work,” Jeanine purred.

It grated on Max like nails on a chalk board. It sent a wave of ice down his spine. This woman was truly despicable.

“Now, send him, Chiva and Alley to me,” Jeanine demanded.

“No,” Max spoke ahead of himself.

“No? Are you sure about that choice of word Max,” she quietly demanded, her voice as chilly as a Chicago blizzard.

“He said you are to leave him alone until morning or he will shoot your ass himself. Give him a break Jeanine. I will send them all in the morning,” he spat back like bitter cold coffee.

“Fine. No excuses come tomorrow,” Jeanine huffed slamming the receiver in his ear.

You would think the wack job was in love with him herself, Max thought to himself. Even worse maybe she was. Max shuddered at the vile thought. Eric hated her. She just manipulated his life to no end to make him such a compliant, sick, destructive soldier. Who was about to become the devil incarnate. Beth kept Eric somewhat tame and grounded. Without Beth Eric was about to become down right diabolical. Nobody was looking forward to it.

Three days later Beth was still in a hayes at Amity. The whole thing had been a blur. After Eric shoved her off the Chasm her back hit a small net that Four and Amar reeled in immediately. She saw George roll a body covered in blood, auburn hair and other bodily things over the small ledge. Beth went to scream again but Amar clapped a firm hand over her mouth. He picked her up and quickly carried her into a dark corridor. Tris appeared out of nowhere and began to help strip her down out of her Dauntless regulation clothes and was all but shoving her into Amity regulation clothes. The hat was removed along with her combat boots and replaced with a brown bonnet and some brown farm like boots.

“Beth, Beth look at me damn it,” Tris whispered slightly shaking her.

Beth was so dazed she couldn’t even focus.

“He killed me,” she whispered incoherently. Her eyes fading into a glazed look.

“No he didn’t you crazy woman. You’re still alive. Beth get it the hell together. You have to go now! Amar and George will get you to Amity. Take care of yourself,” Tris quickly hugged her than shoved her into Amar’s arms.

Everything else had been one big incoherent blur until this morning. Johanna had come and let herself into the cottage she and Eric had claimed for her. She had a tray of food and a light silver chain with Eric’s ring.

At the sight of his ring Beth burst into tears. Johanna sat next to her and put her arms around her gently rocking her.

“Let it all baby,” the woman cooed in her ear.

“You have to let out and move forward child. Eric didn’t do all of this for nothing. You need to emerge and blend in for this to work sweetie,” although her voice was stern Johanna was still gentle with the broken girl.

“I know,” Beth whispered sitting up picking up the chain.

“You need to switch your ring to your right hand too love. They are heirlooms from your grandparents that where you deceased parents from Erudite if anyone asked. You where raised Abenegation ok?”

Beth nodded and blinked realizing Beth was dead and Liz was officially born.

My Ghost - Josh Washington x Reader

Originally posted by justjcshingya

{Credit to gif creator}

Fandom- Until Dawn 

Character- Josh Washington {Includes other Until Dawn characters}

Word Counter- 2939 Words

Persona- Female, friend to the group

Warnings- Language. Things get a little heated in parts. 

A/N- So, the idea is that you’re kind of like Josh’s Friend with benefits, and he doesn’t really take notice of you in school and things, so it fits the song: 

Ghost by Halsey 

I’m searching for something that I can’t reach.

You held tightly onto your books as you travelled towards your locker. You looked over your shoulder and saw Josh, Chris, Matt and Mike all walking your way after they’d been watching Matt running around the track for awhile. The girls were no where to be seen. You looked instantly at Josh. You thought he was too good for you, he was handsome, sweet, a gentleman…Most the time. But you were just a…Friend with benefits to him. You gave him a smile when he glanced at you and his eyes fluttered away instantly, looking over some girl at her locker across from you. 

“Looking at the new girls?” Chris asks him and Josh laughs. 

“You know where my heart lies, bro,” Josh says, punching his arm jokingly. 

You wished his heart lay with yours. 

“Hey (Y/N),” You were distracted by voice beside you. 

“Ashley, hey,” You say and she holds out a book. 

“Here you are, thank you for letting me borrow it,” She smiles and you take it off her. 

“It’s not a problem,” You smile before heading off on your own to lunch. 

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then love until we bleed // a tauradonna fanmix
dedicated to the tragic love the idealistic beauty & the monstrous beast shared

I’m Not An Angel | Halestorm // How to Save a Life | Tyler Ward & Max Schneider // Wrecking Ball | Jasmine Thompson // Words I Never Said | Lupe Fiasco ft. Skylar Grey // Warrior | Beth Crowley // Seven Devils | Florence + the Machine // Until We Bleed | Lykke Li // When the Darkness Comes | Colbie Caillat // Bad Romance | Halestorm // Love The Way You Lie | Skylar Grey // Decode | Paramore // Alseep | Emily Browning // Nature of Inviting | IAMX // Almost Lover | Jasmine Thompson // What If This Storm Ends | Snow Patrol // Fearless (250 and Dark Stars) | Falling Up // Breaking The Habit | Linkin Park // Mess I Made | Parachute // Hurricane | 30 Seconds to Mars // Somebody That I Used To Know | Mayday Parade ft. Vic Fuentes 

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“When Daryl comes back to her room and says “He’s gone,” and she says “Daryl, I don’t cry anymore,” it was special. That scene… it’s one of my favorite scenes of the episode. Because she hugs Daryl. He looks uncomfortable, and he touches her elbow. When I cut that episode together, I wanted to make sure that he looked uncomfortable. When she looks up at him with her big eyes and her sweater falls off her shoulder and she pulls her sweater back up, it’s such a beautiful connection between the two of them. I love that in the middle of her momentary grief, she looks at Daryl and says, “Are you okay?” It’s such a beautiful moment.” - Greg Nicotero