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Beyond the Obstructed View

A study of the infamous cut-off vids and obscured images of these two sweeties.

Top: What most likely happened.

Bottom: What the more romantic shippers wished/imagined happened.

Disclaimer: I was in no way, shape, or form, physically present at this Normily con WSC 2015 Orlando

Summer of Bethyl Prompt - Comic Con

Last minute entry. 

Noah was originally meant to die in Crossed, Beth wasn’t supposed to stab Dawn to protect him and she was not supposed to be shot. GUYS THAT SCENE WAS A LATE REWRITE. I firmly believe they wouldn’t write a character out last second just for shock, I still believe in the writers. I believe they know what they are doing and everything will be fixed soon. Everything gets a return.

I’m thinking that the finale will either be a huge letdown or (and this is what I’m hoping for) it could be so ridiculous and unexpected and imaginative and great that it would make up for this lack luster season. We all know they’re capable of doing this and they did say that they were taking risks (which I have yet to see-but what could be more of w risk than resetting the entire season?).

I’ve been thinking that they did these past boring, predictable episodes as a way to show what happens when they blindly follow the comic book word for word (which resulted in some terrible episodes). But I’m hoping that the finale will be TPTB showing “okay, we followed the comic book but now see what we can really do” and then have a great finale that’s actually surprising and suspenseful and imaginative (we all know they’re capable of it and they are kinda lining themselves up for what could be an amazing episode).

Lori, Andrea, and Beth were all characters that (in my mind) had unfinished stories and deserved much more.

The difference here is that with both Lori and Andrea we were given nods to their burial sites.  The last shot of Andrea’s death episode was of the cross on her burial.

And it still eats at me that Scott himself re-wrote Andrea’s death and did that last shot so there was closure.  Andrea’s death, yes, was pretty crappy, but he made it better so at least we could get that damn closure.

So why not for Beth?  Why doesn’t Beth get her burial nod as well?

We can argue that her death was last minute, but Scott could have easily done a quick shot of a burial at the end of the episode, as he did with Andrea.

Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmm


Limbo theory

Once again, sorry for my english, guys. I wish I had more language skills so I could explain my thoughts more clearly and gramatically correct.

So for a lot of people — including me — “Coda” somehow seems very off or even surreal. A few days ago, I posted some of my thoughts about visual technique in cinematography known as “dutch angle”. bethuschrist said that someone on tumblr talked about this some time ago. I’m pretty much new to tumblr and I don’t entirely understand how it works, so I can’t find this post. I would like to apologize if I say something that was already discussed before.

Yesterday I finished re-whatching season 5. And some new thoughts about Beth’s “death” crossed my mind.

Remember how in “Still” Beth says, “That’s how unbelievable stupid I am. I wish I could just change.” Daryl says that she did, but Beth insists — not enough. And she’s kind of right. If she had stayed with Daryl, he would protect her at any cost. But just like a butterfly she has to go through a full life cycle to become a new — more strong — person. And this is why she needs a push to see “the reality”, to learn how to deal with this new world on her own.

Grady – it’s her solo journey. Grady is the place her parents probably warned her about. It’s full of selfish, dysfunctional people and people who experience terrible suffering before death. It’s also full of bad people who once were good. They’re all literally lost souls; they’re all stuck in this place. And this place is testing them. They’re either choosing a good or bad side. And there is no way out until you choose who you really are. I try to explain. Dawn, cops, Dr. Edwards and others believe they “save” people. And I don’t even think they truly understand what kind of damage they’re doing to each other. They can’t admit to themselves they’re the ones who messed up, that they are all just full of shit.

So I think that Grady can symbolically (!!!) represent Limbo.

Limbo — it’s a place between Heaven and Hell, where the soul is not bad enough to be sent to an eternity of damnation in Hell, nor saved enough for Heaven.

The explanation given in the Oxford English Dictionary:

“Any unfavourable place or condition, likened to Limbo; especially a condition of neglect or oblivion to which persons or things are consigned when regarded as outworn, useless, or absurd.” 

As an alternative phrasing: 

a place to which persons or things are regarded as being relegated when cast aside, forgotten, past, or out of date.

prison, jail, or confinement.

-phrase- in limbo, in a situation characterised by uncertainty, as when waiting for a decision to be made.

All the Grady scenes reminds me of Groundhog Day. Beth kind of finds herself stuck in time, forced to repeat over and over again the same day. And at the end of every day every person at Grady has to choose the side. She does bad thing – “day” repeating. For example, Beth kills a patient who turned out to be a doctor (even if she was tricked). Same situation kind of goes on over and over again.

Then she helps Noah and Carol and this is a huge bonus to her karma or whatherever, because this is her true self – helping other people/mentoring them. At this point she is very close to “leave” Limbo. She became stronger; she changed, but not enough. By stabbing Dawn she made the wrong choice again. The thing is she can’t be her old self and she can’t be like Rick or Dawn (switching her humanity/logic on and off). She didn’t finished her personal development, so this is the reason why she can’t leave Grady aka Limbo.

The new world needs more positive souls like Morgan’s and hers. I mean the new Morgan is very Zen, and he can kick ass. She’s just not quite all the way there yet. She should choose more slowly and carefully, asking the “prices” for each decision because, “all life is precious.”

By the way, remember how Tyreese said to the Governor while having hallucinations, “I’m not giving up, you hear me? People like me… they can live”. He were absolutely right. They can live, but only if they’re upgrate. 

Also, I find it interesting that Beth was unconscious when cops brought her to Grady after being separated from Daryl. And she also were unconscious/dead when Daryl carried her out of the hospital. This + dutch angles + surreal storyline + tunnel in opening credit/hallways of hospital and etc makes me very suspicious and delusional as fuck. Any thoughts?