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The Lounge - A Walking Dead AU + Fanmix

All Beth Greene wants to do is sing and perform. But she’s never gonna get anywhere in her little Georgia hometown with her brother and sister hovering after their parents death. So packing up as much as she can into her Ford and tugging all her hidden away savings out, Beth - nineteen and ready to chase her dream and make her own path - makes a dash to Atlanta to start over… And lands in the crazy world of The Lounge, a place where “shit gets wild real quick.”

i.pony – ginuwine || ii.what’s up – 4 non blondes || dirty – jason derulo || iv.dirrty – christina aguilera, redman || v.grind with me – pretty ricky || vi.gorilla – bruno mars || vii.waiting for a girl like you – foreigner || viii.blow – ke$ha || ix.dip it low – christina milian, fabolous ||’s raining men – countre black || xi.she wolf – shakira || xii.almost paradise – mike reno, ann wilson || xiii.roxanne – the police || are a girl’s best friend (swing cats mix)– marilyn monroe and jane russell || xv.these boots are made for walking – jessica simpson || xvi.goody two shoes – adam ant || a virgin – madonna || xviii.let’s go – travis barker, yelawolf, twista, busta rhymes, lil jon || xix.smooth operator – sade ||’ve really got a hold on me – the miracles


xxi.the girls gone wild – travis tritt || xxii.99 problems – hugo || xxiii.yes – merry clayton || you girls – franz ferdinand || xxv.p.y.t - michael jackson


Inspired by bethgreenesgirlgang and the fact I keep watching Burlesque and Magic Mike and Coyote Ugly and Dirty Dancing lately. I just really like the idea of mixing this shit into one fun piece. And yes I am - little by little - working on it. I’ve got a job I work everyday for eight hours or more at a time so It’s finding time between that’s been a bitch. But I’m working it!

Wild Ones

Beth Greene is the youngest of Hershel Greene, packmaster of the Georgia mountain lion pack. Born from his marriage to a human and true Mate, she is unlike any shifter before her. Unable to shift into her animal form she is shunned by her pack and labeled an outsider. When someone begins to kill their own kind, Hershel brings all the shifter clans together in an effort to put an end to the murders. Among them is the rogue wolf, Daryl Dixon. In Daryl Beth feels a kinship and a connection unlike any she has ever known. Little do they know, that together they might be the only way to stop the evil decimating their kind.

fanfiction // ao3


Can we just talk about this for a second. I know this is an older picture but….

Scott Wilson is just staring at Emily and Norman like an overprotective father.

Like Norman is kissing Emily on the neck, being so cute and adorable. And Emily is just loving it.

Then there’s Scott, and he’s looking at them like what the hell are you doing. Norman you are touching my TV daughter. You need to lay off.

Don’t forget Andrew Lincoln in the back, causally pointing at Normily. Like “Yes. This is my OTP!”

Me on last two episodes of THE WALKING DEAD

Daryl and Beth surviving

Daryl and Beth finding drink

Daryl and Beth playing drinking game

Daryl lossing it 

Beth Hugging Daryl

Daryl and Beth sharing stories

Daryl teaching Beth 

Daryl  carries Beth on back 

Daryl and Beth holds hands 

Daryl checking on Beths ankel 

Daryl carrying  her to kitchen in his arms  

Daryl asks Beth to sing

Daryl and Beths conversation on What Changed his mind

Zombie attack “ I wont leave you”

Daryl running after car searching for beth

Daryl sitting on road 

Am i ready for this ship ???