“I gotta the say the one with Beth, ‘Still.’ I gotta say that one. Emily and I, we bonded so much on that episode and I had never really worked one-on-one with Emily before. I’d worked with everybody but Emily pretty much. Doing that…It was those two characters learning about each other as those two actors learned about each other all on the spot. It was really interesting and I loved watching her get that opportunity to just explode like that.” - Norman Reedus on his favorite episode.

Reblog if your still on TD

ok so I am here for my TD family that were let down by to night. But I was never 100% convinced the Bethyl reunion would happen in the finale any way. SG had too much going on. Think about it? why squeeze it in last minute? sure a cliff hanger with Beth might have broke the Internet but we’d have spent all the hiatus with more waiting. I’m still TD & I think she’ll be back S6 when SG has more time to give us a real emotional reunion. all those signs and that for shadowing for Beth couldn’t be for nothing. so if you agree reblog. I want to see how many TDers are still out there.

Fucking Bethsters...

Beth is dead. Stahp with the “BETH IS ALIVE” she’s dead. Bullet to the head. Really just stop lol. And the season finale was AMAZING. So don’t say the season finale was shit because Beth wasn’t alive.

And you’re also ruining the show for every other walking dead fan by running into the twd tags with “BETH IS ALIVE! SHES GONNA BE THE SPECIAL GUEST STAR” Nope guys. Dead. Kirkman needs to put an end to this 


If I can find one post about Beth coming back that does not mention Daryl or is not tagged with Bethyl than I might actually believe that you don’t want her to inexplicably avoid death just to come back and snog Daryl. And I really want to believe that.

But for those of you who honestly think she was pining over Daryl and not her dead father or her lost sister, or her freedom, then you’re really missed the point. 

My thoughts/feelings on Conquer..

Okay Team Delusional,we did not see Beth this episode but you know what else we didn’t get? Closure

Sasha buried random walkers,they got a better funeral than Beth,whom need I remind you thinks funerals are beautiful bc “it does matter.” She was robbed of that closure,and so were we tbh. The season is over and we are left here to wonder yet again,where’s Beth?

What I don’t understand is the fact that this episode was said to be “shocking” and would have us “yelling at our tvs” and “needing kleenex” I for one did yell at my tv,out of anger that they still haven’t given us an once of closure.

As for the episode being shocking,I’m not sure where they got that from. We knew the Wolves were near by,so that’s not particularly shocking that they showed up. We already knew Morgan was near and looking for any sign of Rick,so him turning up wasn’t shocking nor beautiful. It was expected.

However when Morgan is confronted by the wolves I found the word choice interesting. One of the wolves said “Be still” he could have said “don’t move” or “stay where you are” but no,he said “be still.” (I may just be grasping at straws since I’m getting desperate) but him saying “be still” reminded me of Beth. (I know it might not have been intentional) but that made me think of the episode Still,which as we all know is a Daryl-Beth-centric episode

Another thing that jumped out at me was the music box. The scene with Carl and Judith was absolutely unnecessary,all it had was them standing and looking at the music box. So why include such a simple scene when clearly all the action was happening elsewhere? To remind us,the music is still playing. The music lives. Beth lives. 

If we think about Beth’s wound we can obviously assume it will take awhile for her to get back on her feet. They said there were 17 days in between CODA and the ep after. I’m not a doctor but if a broken bone takes at least a month to heal a severe head injury probably takes longer. We still don’t know what happened in that time frame but assuming the writers know what they are doing they wouldn’t have included all the symbols,parallels and easter eggs without them actually having any real meaning. 

Now that the porch dick,Pete is dead we can assume Alexandria will need a new doctor. Where better to find one,than at Grady? Someone will have to go to Grady to try and recruit the remainders there to come to Alexandria,who are the recruiters again? Oh yea..Daryl and Aaron. What better way to find Beth than the place they meant to rescue her from in the first place? 

They spend a lot of money on the sets for this show,Beth dying then Noah dying would literally make the entire Grady plot completely useless and a massive waste of money,unless Dr.Edwards went back to Alexandria with TF but he didn’t so what was the point? The only thing I can think of that would make it relevant is if they decided to go back and recruit Dr.Edwards. 

A lot of Team Delusional members said if Beth isn’t back on the finale then they are certain we won’t get closure,but wouldn’t everyone losing hope just make it more shocking when a certain bloody blonde is found when they go to recruit Dr.Edwards? This show loves to shock it’s viewers,what better way to do that than making everyone finally lose hope in Beth’s survival and then bring her back when they are no longer expecting it.

Those are just some thoughts I had on tonights episode,Beth or no Beth I’m pretty sure team delusional isn’t going anywhere. I’ll be here on TD until I see her buried or alive and well and not a moment sooner.

Also how hot did Daryl look whipping the chain around?

We have a long wait ahead of us,stay strong like Beth. 

“Wouldn’t kill you to have a little faith.”