Glenn Rhee.

Glenn Rhee went home tonight to his parents and siblings. To his friends from before the fall and the ones after. He’s holding Beth and Hershel and letting them know how strong Maggie is and how she is going to be an amazing mother to their baby and she’ll look after Enid. He’s telling Lori all about Judith and Carl getting to grow up. Glenn and Merle finally get to make up and put the past behind them. He gets to see Andrea, Amy and his best friend Dale again. It will be likes things never fell apart. Glenn Rhee will sit with Abraham Ford and look over the ones they love and the ones that are left behind. Glenn and Abraham will never be cold or hungry again. They will never be lost. They have found home. They just have to wait for their family to join them.

Galaxy Face Marking

Cute Galaxy Facepaint! :) Let me know if there are any problems!

Tag me if you use this in a photo! I will reblog it. Tag: sul–sul

========= INFO =========  

  • Female & Male
  • Teen - Elder
  • Found under face paint
  • Few swatches

========= TERMS OF USE =========  

  • Don’t reupload
  • Texture was converted, I take no credit for texture.
  • Credit if you recolor
  • Don’t upload to pay sites
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In Coda, Beth risked her life to make a stand against Dawn.

In tonight’s episode, Daryl risked his life to make a stand against Negan.

He had no idea that Negan would turn around and punish someone else for his actions. Thats the worst part. People are forgetting that he was ready to die for doing what no one else would do. He didnt know that glenn would pay the price.

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Babysitters (M) ~ Chanyeol x Reader
Comfort (A/F) ~ D.O x Reader
Coincidentally (F) ~ Kai x Reader
In Those Arms That Aren’t Mine (A) ~ Sehun x Reader
Should Have Been An Oral Doctor (S) ~ Suho x Reader

Jealousy (F) ~ Yugyeom x Reader

A Rainy Day With Tae (F) ~ V x Reader


Lightsaber ~ Star Wars x EXO Crossover

Adore U ~ Wonwoo x Reader x Mingyu


Finding Out You Have an Idol Brother

You Running Your Hands Through their Hair when You’re in the Mood
They Have A Crush On You And You Change Your Shirt In Front of Them
They Think You’ve Been Cheating On Them Because of False Rumors
Your Younger Sister Flirts With Them
You Snap At Them During A Full Moon
Biting Them On The Shoulder During Sex To Keep Yourself Quiet
When You Get Leg Cramps From Trying New Sex Positions
Surprising Them In The Studio By Back Hugging Them

Reacting To Their Girlfriend constantly Screaming about Spiders (Dream)
They Find Out You Have A Secret Tattoo (127)
EXO Flirting With You
They Find Out Your Big Bro Is An EXO Member

Finding Out You Have an Idol Brother

Monsta X:
When You Play In The Sea On Your Date

Waking Them Up To A BJ

An NCT Member Flirts With You While They’re On A Music Show


Boyfriend Taeyong Snaps
Little Brother Jisung (Snaps & Texts)
Cute Boyfriend Ten (Snaps)

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EXO K Sending You Star Wars Pick Up Lines (Snaps)
When You Reply With “K.” (Texts)
Your Ex Boyfriend Is Another EXO Member // Xiumin, D.O & Sehun (Texts)
Boyfriend!D.O Asking you to Take Over Maknae Duty (Texts)
Teasing Your Boyfriend Chanyeol
D.O Trying to Confess To You (Texts)
EXO M Sending You Harry Potter Pick Up Lines
Happy Birthday Chen! (Snaps & Texts)
When They See Their Girlfriend On TV With Another Idol (EXO M)
When They See Their Girlfriend On TV With Another Idol (EXO K)
Naughty and Fluffy Yixing (Snaps & Texts)
Dealing With Your Ex (Texts) ~ EXO M // EXO K
Jealous Chanyeol ~ When You Sing Trouble Maker with Someone Else (Snaps)
Daddy/Jealous!Xiumin Texts
Happy Birthday Lay! (Snaps & Texts)
Dominant/Daddy!Chanyeol (Snaps)

Best Friend Jeonghan (Snaps & Texts)
Suggestive Seventeen ~ Performance Unit (Snaps & Texts)
Poly Relationship With Meanie *WonWoo and Mingyu* (Snaps)
Random and Fluffy Woozi (Snaps)
Dom!Woozi (Snaps)

Sending You Cheesy Pick Up Lines (Snaps)
Leo as Your Boyfriend (Snaps)
Ravi As Your Boyfriend (Snaps & Texts)

Monsta X:
Jooheon Boyfriend Snaps
The Boys Teasing You About Your Crush On Jooheon

Boyfriend Xero Snaps

Boyfriend Jaebum (Snaps/Texts)
Teasing A Needy Mark Tuan (Snaps)

Horny Hope (Snaps)
Daddy Suga (Snaps)
Smutty Seokjin (Snaps)

Block B:
Needy/Fluffy Boyfriend Zico (Snaps)

They’re Horny/Needy and Need Your Help


Millionaire/City Boy: Kris / Sehun / Tao / Suho / Chen / Lay / D.O / Xiumin / Chanyeol /Luhan / Baekhyun / Kai

Fantasy/Fairy Tale: Luhan / Lay / Kris / Chen / Tao / Xiumin

~ Coming Soon ~

Royal AU: Joshua / WonWoo

Monsta X:
Street Racing/Gang AU: ~ To Be Posted ~

Random Spin-offs:

If BTS Were Colors
Husband Jungkook
MTL: To Get Jealous

MTL: To Show Affection in Public


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Seriously, I run a mediocre simblr that I’m only semi-active on

Thank you. I started this Tumblr as a place to reblog all of my custom content (mostly for my own sanity, it’s not like anybody was interested in seeing that) but it slowly became the home of my favorite sim family of all time. I’m really grateful that you guys love them too.