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Everything Changed (Liam Dunbar ft Brett Imagine)

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Request; liamxreader ft brett prompt: its been a long time since y/n Talbot (bretts younger sister) and liam have seen and she’s changed. not only has she lost her baby fat, swapped glasses for contacts, and become the first freshman head cheerleader , but while she was away at boarding school, her werewolfness started changing. it was harder to be in water without feeling pain and recently she has noticed her golden eyes turning teal and her claws become webbed hands. she was turning into a mermaid.

 A/n: sorry it took so long, i didn’t have any wifi to post anything. Beter laat dan nooit(beter late than never, hahah). I don’t really now how school/boarding school there work so sorry if i mess anything up. Also i kind of changed it a bit, hope you don’t mind. But i hope you like it! Remember to request something x

My whole childhood i was always the chubby dorky girl. No one actually bothered talking to me. I didn’t really have alot of friends growing up. They only knew me as Brett Talbot baby sister. For him life was great, everyone liked him. He was the good looking kid, the one who could do anything. Well that’s thanks to his werewolf powers. But even though he was always the popular one, he still cared about me. He was my only friend. Until one day in elementary school when this new kid came to town. Liam Dunbar.

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Movie Review: Beauty And The Beast

Long overdue, but beter late than never. Here is my review of the live-action Beauty And The Beast!


I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I have seen the original over 10 times, maybe even 20 (it has been my sister her favorite since she was little and it is one of my all time favorite Disney movies as well). I think Disney knew what they were getting themselves into when they decided to make a live-action version of a tale as old as time.

What I loved and didn’t love

I’m going to be honest. I had some doubts and some doubts that I had were completely gone after I saw it and some weren’t.

Let’s get the aspects that I’m not a big fan of out of the way. 
Now, I know that Emma Watson is not a professional singer and for trying I give her a lot of credit. It is not that she sounds bad, she really doesn’t. It’s just not as good as I had hoped. 
That was the biggest thing for me, the rest are just little details I wished they had kept the same. Like “Marie, the baguettes, hurry up!” or some more funny interactions between Lumière and Cogsworth (one of my favorite aspects of the original).

Let’s get to the good stuff.

First up, the story. I think they did a great job with it. Keeping with the original story and lines, but adding things that make the story more clear. You learn about Belle’s mom, you see the Beast in his human form before he was transformed into a beast (really enjoyed seeing that). One thing that I liked as well was that you learned more about the backstory of almost all of the characters. 

The characters were amazing. Belle (Emma Watson) is a strong woman, still loves her books and still wants adventure n the great wide somewhere. That was really captured throughout the whole movie. I loved that you saw more of the Beast (Dan Stevens), especially the part I just mentioned. They also showed more of Belle and Beast together, I enjoyed that a lot! Gaston and LeFou were great. Gaston (Luke Evans) was really a villain in this one. My gosh, he was ruthless, especially when he tied Maurice to that tree. LeFou (Josh Gad) was lovely. Josh Gad was honestly the perfect pick. LeFou is Disney’s first openly gay character and I think they handled it very well in the movie. LeFou gets his happy ending in the end! Maurice (Kevin Kline) was not an inventor here, but an artist. He draws, paints and makes music boxes. I liked it, I don’t think it added anything extra, but Maurice was great. Nothing negative to say about him! Especially liked that scene when he first got to the castle and just made himself comfortable and was really scared by Chip.
Now the castle staff are my favorites in the original and I thought they were all amazing. Lumière (Ewan McGregor) and Cogsworth (Ian McKellen) were amazing, I loved them. They were still bickering with each other in a funny way (wished there was more). Mrs. Potts (Emma Thompson) and Chip (Nathan Mack) were so cute. Did miss Mrs. Potts’ accent from the original, haha. I loved, loved, loved Madame de Garderobe (Audra McDonald), she was spot on! What a voice! There was also a new character, Maestro Cadenza (Stanley Tucci). He was Madame de Garderobe ‘s lover! They were great together! 

Next up, visuals. Absolutely stunning. The castle was gorgeous with all the gold accents (LOVE)! The Beast was beautifully made, seriously. The Castle staff?! Oh my, incredible. They looked amazing and really matched with the interior of the castle. 

We have to talk music here. The original Beauty And The Beast soundtrack is definitely in my top 3 favorite Disney Soundtracks. All the songs are just iconic. I picked out 3 from the Live-Action that stood out.
Firstly, Gaston. I liked this whole scene more than I should have. Josh Gad was just spot on! I adored it. The dancing scene on the tables was everything. 

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Second, Be Our Guest. I just needed them to not mess this up. The whole movie could have been bad, but Be Our Guest had to be good. And guess what, it did not disappoint in the slightest. Ewan McGregor did amazing! I think the best part were the visuals. Gorgeous.

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Last but not least, Beauty And The Beast! The most iconic song of this movie. Emma Thompson did good. I’m just so used to Angela Lansbury’s (the original Mrs. Potts) version it’s almost weird hearing someone else sing it. Besides the song itself, the scene was stunning. Belle’s dress was gorgeous, just flowing around in that beautiful ballroom. I got emotional, because it was magical.

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The last thing I want to mention is the ending. They added some stuff in there that had me bawling my eyes out in the movie theater (why do you do this to me Disney?) In the original, the last petal falls just after Belle says she loves the Beast. In this one, the last petal falls before Belle says it. Which means that the castle staff turns into antiques. And they do. And it made me cry, very hard. Yes I cried when a talking clock and candelabra turn into an actual clock and candelabra. But then the enchantress sees that Belle really loves Beast and she breaks the curse and everyone turns back into their human form. It was emotional, so I cried some more (I didn’t even recover from the last scene, jeez Disney, the nerve.) It can’t any more beautiful can it? Yes, it can. Just when you think it’s over, Madame de Garderobe and Mrs. Potts sing a new version of Beauty And The Beast while there is a celebration going on. I was so touched by the song and still not fully recovered from the last 10 minutes, so guess what? I was still crying. After that scene the movie ends and I’m an emotional mess. But then Disney decides to make me cry some more and during the credits they play Celine Dion’s version of How Does A Moment Last Forever and that’s when I heard for the first time and I cried. Again. When that was over, I left the theater with a feeling of contentment, while looking like an actual mess.

I highly recommend this movie, even if you just want to watch it for old time’s sake. 

Best moment: The Ballroom scene
Most tear-jerking moment: The last 20 minutes + credits
Favorite songs: Gaston, Beauty And The Beast (Finale), How Does A Moment Last Forever (Celine Dion) and Evermore (Josh Groban & Dan Stevens)
Rating: 7,5/10

Thank you so much for reading my review of Beauty And The Beast. I hope you enjoyed it. My next review will be of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Don’t forget to follow me, so you’ll know when it’s posted.



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artistcezziechin  asked:

Why GrayLu?

I love them because their relationship is natural and simple. They are the same while being differen., I will add they match each other. Everything is subtle between them. 

In my opinion, Gray is a kind of man that fears to love someone else. His parents were killed by a monster and that monster also “killed” Ur, his master. It’s traumatic. It’s not easy for him to open his heart. I think he needs a woman who can be patient with him. He doesn’t need to be pushed or to feel pressed. If he had to be in a love relationship, that should go slowly, step by step. 

And I think Lucy is the perfect girl for him. She knows him, she understands his fears. She knows how is it to lose someone important. 

People tend to think because of that, they can’t be together. Two people that broken can’t have a fulfilling relationship. I don’t agree with that point. 

I know it’s terrible what happen to Lucy but we can’t compare her past to Gray’s. She’s not as broken as Gray is. Yes, she was lonely when she was young and she lost her mother and now her father. But Gray saw a freaking monster killed his parents ! It’s 1000 times worst. And if we talk about loneliness, Natsu, Juvia, Gajeel and other people have lived the same think. But people are okay to ship and Gru.via. 

Lucy is cheerful and sweet. She can help Gray to get over his fear. They don’t need to rush. It’s beautiful because they take their time.

In the other hand, Gray can be the man Lucy needs. Someone that can protect her and genuinely cares about her. Someone she can rely on. Someone that can compliment her, cheer her up, help her, understand her feelings, ect. I think she needs someone mature enough to suit her, not a kid-like man. 

Sorry if it’s very long explanation ^^” I know I answer to your question late, but beter late than never ?